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My litte Journal...
Rockets hit the sky

You walk into an alley, dark and unpleasant with a putrid smell. You see a woman, hair down to her waste, eyes closed so you cant see them. You have a choice- leave her and let her die or ask her whats wrong..
You choice was to leave her, as you pass her she opens her eyes and grabs hold of you're pant leg, with begging eyes asked you, " Spare money? Please... Someone raped me and took all my money and belongings. And killed my family... My mother, my niece, my brother gone...." She starts to weep into you leg.
You're very concerned but know there's nothing you are able to do, " Well, I don't have anything to give you.." You bend down and wipe off her tears, " I wish I could do something, what is you're name?"
She whimpers softly, " Rosaly, but you may call me rose...What is you're name kind sir?"
She get up and stands about 5"6 and you find out her eye color, crystal blue. You say to her, " My name is Nathaniel, and im not as kind as you think i am."
She give off a puzzled look but seems to shrug it off,"What do you mean by that, I'm sorry if i seem.. Filthy, I'm looking for a home when the robbers came into my house after they killed everyone, they burned down my house."
You give an astonished look, " You poor woman, here" you take off you're coat and wrap it around her leading her too you're car. You think to yourself, I'm late for work, but I think i can manage one day..
She looks at you, "Were y-you ever married?" Turning her head, " Do you work?"You turn the engine.
You look over at her and give a heavy sigh, "I was once married, she died of cancer, and yes I work im actually supposed to be at work right now.Though I think my boss can live if I miss a day."
"Oh... I'm so sorry... Can I help?" She questions.
You shrug and look at her and grin, "No, I don't think you can, but im going to get you home you're going to take a shower and get too bed okay?"
She nods.

After her shower she comes out in a shirt too big and sweat pants, she comes and sits down next to you, and looks over at you and smiles, " Better?"
You give a smile and nod," So much better, not that im calling you stinky or anything.."
She looks at you and nods," I knew I was, but now im better.." She scoots closer and places her hand on you'res.
You gasp and lift up her hand and kisses it.You bring her into you're room, and you guys come out an hour later.
Her hair was messed up and she was speechless, You've astonished her.

And explode like stars in the night

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