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Ah what ever pops into my head wether it be dream avi's or poetry.
Downward Spiral

Ah I'm angry...mad...so many things...But one way to describe it is cynical...I dont look at the happy parts of life anymore. I only see the ugly dead smiles and the fake fantasy. People's 'love' is never true. everyone whines about being ignored by their girlfriend or boyfriend because they're weak and dependant. People use manipulation tactics to get the other to ask them what's wrong so they can be comforted and it sickens me. It's weak and unhanded. If you have doubts on your relationship maybe you shouldn't be dateing that person in the first place. You're just looking for love from someone who gives you attentions. You dont notice their patterns and such. I'm going into a downward spiral of being the blunt bad guy but it's better than smashing the twits head's together. I see so many idiots complaining and whineing. Grow a pair, get over it and ******** off. Stop whineing about your problems and solve them no one wants to hear relationship bullshit from you and no one wants to watch you be in a relationship that will fail. Open your eyes to reality and grow up or you'll be stuck in the world of fantasy. If you have a problem with this little rant my answer is "Listen to Better Version by Shinedown and get over it." Because I could give a flying ******** what you think about me.

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