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.....something from my story
befor i write it i want u to meet Dark/zac,tenyou,and christine
my lil part has to dill with dark,and christine in a dark room thats not real it was created by his brother tenyou to test dark's skills with no use of his weapons-his eyes,or his sword he must find christine as she runs with a fake wound on her neck
see wat happens next when u read hehehe wink enjoy!!

LOST 1 part
(christine,christine were r u? please dont run from me i wont bite u i'm a half vampire please believe me. ) said Dark worried.Christine began to walk on not knowing were she was going then she hit a couner and began to walk beside the wall holding her neck as she was in pain biteing her upper lip as she walk on.Dark could hear christine walking it was faint but it seem she was near.Smelling the blood from her wound made it clear as he began to walk towards her scent of blood.Christine felt anouther couner and desided to stay there.She began to hear foot steps coming near her as they got near she started to get scared then something grabbed her and she began to scream.(Shhhhhh its ok its me Dark.) said Dark.(Now then were dose it hurt?I could smell ur blood.) said Dark woundering.(My neck it hurts bad.) said christine panicing.(Fine i will check) said Dark smelling and feeling the wound on her neck.Christine let out a scream.(Shhhh it dosent seem deep maybe i can lick the extra blood off to clean it.) Dark said beganing to lick it.He turned christines head trying to kiss christine with a mouth full of blood.She turned away blushing(I'm sorry i just ruined the moment.) said christine.swallowing the blood (No ur not the moment is still here.)said Dark grabbing christine's hand and kissing her on the lips as her heart began to beat faster.(My heart is beating raceing.)she said blushing.(My hearts beating fast to here feel.)Dark said putting christines hand on his chest and smiling.(Very good lil brother u passed.) said Tenyou steping out of the dark as the room went down and disapear.(Tenyou u did this? Y?) said Dark mad.(Why to test ur skills braveness,and careing to others.My wat do we have here a fine young lady like ur self should not be with him.Wat ur name princess?Would u care to go to a party with me?)said Tenyou lowering his eyes.(Its christine and I'd love to go just let me change into something.)said Christine happy.Dark grabbed christine by the belly and grew his wings then flying off to christines house.Christine ran inside to change.
Christine's out fit- User Image
Runing out the door she was shocked Dark and Tenyou were already dressed.
Dark's outfit-User Image
Tenyou's outfit-User Image

(Wow ur sexy in that dress christine.Dark let me takes christine i want to hold her in my arms and take her to the party) said tenyou looking at christine (No i'm takeing her u think ur so hot with that charm u use and u get every girl she's mine and i'm takeing her) said Dark mad and grabbing christine's belly and growing his wings again then takeing off. Makeing tenyou follow behind.When they arrived and walk in the manshion that dark lived in.IT was dark and depessing now full of life.As they walk in the door to the stair case.(Please welcome our honerble guest Dark,and tenyou i say whos this young lady with u?) said the butler.(oh our loveable guest christine)said both tenyou and dark.(oh and their loveable guest christine all bow to them) said the butler.Everyone bowed to them and proceeded on with their conversation.As they walk down the stairs(DARK,DARK,DARK over here plz) said a strang voice yet familer to dark seeing a hand in the air and began to run towards it.Out of the crowed came a girl the same age as dark.It was isabella his friend from child hood.
Isabella-User Image she ran lung at dark huging around his neck.He pulled her off.(Christine this is isabella my child hood friend.)dark said looking at christine.(oh hi.)said isabella giving an evil look at christine.(Maybe i should just leave them alone let them catch up.)said christine in her mind then out loud.as christine walk away(oh yes walk away darks my man) said isabella smileing showing her fangs and hissing at her.(Isabella how dare u hiss at her.) said dark mad.(shes in my way u r my man not hers.) she said hissing at dark showing her fangs and dark hissed and showing his fangs back(i'm not ur man) he said walking away.Christine began to look around seeing the place was full of vampires.Her first ever vampier party.As she walk on she could here the other quest gossiping about her saying things like (She's a strange one) and(Where the heck did dark and tenyou get this one?)Christine felt so asheme of saying yes to go to this party.She began to cry and started running for a flight of stairs to the secon floor when she reach the top of the stair case she ran threw a door and went down a hall way she opened a secon door that lead outside on a balcouny.She stared out to the moon.It was a full moon she mostly like new moons.(Ahhh there you r christine i've been looking for u every were tell me wats these tears u shed for?)Tenyou said walking out of the darkness of the night.(Well i over heard some ladies talking about me witch made me upset and i needed to get away.)Said christine wipeing the tears from her face.(Dont worry i'm here for anytime sooo i would love to get to know u more.)Said tenyou lowering his eyes and smileing at christine.(Well i'm a human,18,and i have a thing for vampires like ur self.I love to read,write,and make stuff.How about you?)said christine smileing back.(Oh mm..haha i'm 3,000 years old but lets say i'm 18 also,i love blood,and i also love to read and write.)Tenyou said smileing back and putting one arm around christine as they looked at the stars.

LOST 2part
They could here the music change to a more slower dance.(Would u care to dance?) said tenyou bowing at christine.(Yes i would love to.)Christine said as tenyou walk her down stairsand they began to dance.Christine kep steping on tenyou's foot and said sorry many of times.(It's ok your getting better just keep going.)Said tenyou smileing

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