Today is the first expedition for my search of the Tiger Jewel. An expedition of one actually. Everyone I tried to recruit on this journey laughed in my face and said I was 'insane' or 'foolhardy' to go on a travel to find something that doesn't exist. But it does exist. My grandfather found it once before he passed away. Its in all his notes. Plus, my ears are proof that the legendary tigers and tigeress' of Leononia were real and probably did have a treasure! Well, everyone know that they're real . . . but them being real has to count for something. I'll be writting in this journal so that when I do find the treasure these notes will be evidence.

Right now I'm deep in the Jungle of Arboria and its dark. Luckily I have my night vision so writing is fine. Hopefully in the morning I'll be able to get to Aquarius Falls by sundown. Theres a lot more wildlife out there and I won't be as safe as I am now.