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Sebs Stuffs

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My Deepest Self. (READ THIS if you know me really well)
There once was nothing. It was only nothing in Itself. It started as nothing, but It would not end as nothing. It didn't even know what would happen at the end, and It barely knew what happened at the beggining. It just wasn't. And then it was. It became something. It existed in an instant, as a human baby. It was now "born". With no emotions to begin with, HE had to learn what "their" actions and emotions meant. What anything "they" did meant. HE would always feel different though. HE was different. HE would never fully understand "them". HE learned "their" "emotions" over 12 years. HE eventually acheived "personality", aside from the simple one HE used around HIS "family" and other certain "people". Eventually, HE missed being non-existant. And so HE sat alone, "pretending" not to exist. HE still wanted to be accepted, of course, now that he had "their" emotions and a beggining personality, but HE would always miss being nothing. HE never asked to become "someone". HE didn't have a choice. Even if HE did, HE couldn't have used it. HE would have just not been. But as it turned out, HE met two others. Others who weren't exactly like HIM, but by nothing other than "destiny" as he guessed, they were meant to know each other. There was a strange connection between the three of them. The one who was forced. The one who was curious. The one who just was. They met "others". Not others like them, but other "people". Some of them were strange. They needed "people" to be around. So they could learn more about "them". And so, it began. The one who was forced decided to try to "become" one of "them". The one who was curious left and really did "become" one of "them", just like SHE always wanted. The one who was was "forgetting" and "becoming" more and more like "them". The one who was forced would never "forget". HE was the one who was interested in "emotion". The one who was curious was interested in "them" and their existance. The one who was was interested in the unusual qualities of "their" world, like "dreams". They could never tell anyone. Who would understand? Even of their new "friends", who they were very attached to because of their new "emotions". They could even feel "love" just like "them". Now they had to live and die with them. They had no choice. It was already done. And none of them knew what would happen after they "died". Could they go to the place called "Heaven"? Or did this thing called "religion" really even matter? They would have to live and die to find out. The one who was forced finally decided to just "pretend" to be one of "them". And that is how it remains.

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