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My Journal Hello. If you want to know some stuff about me you've come to the right place.

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ive been working on a story and i decided to put it in my journal. tell me how you like it.its pretty long but here it is.

Naomi sat in her cold, damp cell. she didn’t really care though.
she was used to damp places. she normally was soaring through
the air right now. with her dragon wings she flew right through
the clouds soaking her body from head to toe from the moisture.
she unfurled her wings slightly but couldn’t stretch them out
anymore without damaging them any further than they already were.
her long, brown hair was very unruly and hair stuck out every here
and there along her back. her wings weren’t in much better shape either.
her wings were usually ice white with the very edges of them like a swirl
of blue and white making it look like someone had just poured paint
together were smudged with blood and sweat from her struggle in the
cage. she would have just picked the locks but with the shackles she
couldn’t reach through the iron bars to get to the key hole. she had tried
picking the lock on her shackles but the plan had failed when one of
the guards caught her unlocking them and punished her with lashes
from the whip. she couldn’t let them take away her dagger though. if
they caught her with it then she would lose all hope of even trying to
escape. she would have nothing to protect herself with other than her
fire that she controlled through her palms. she had tried melting the
bars but all it did was make the cage smell and her sensitive nose
coudn’t handle that. she only had one more chance to escape and
that was tonight. the guards switched posts tonight and they all
took a quick break in between switching out. they only took about
fifteen minutes but that was all the time she needed. she just hoped
her wings would be strong enough to get her out of this place.
Naomi had been waiting all night and now her chance at freedom
had finally come. in just a couple minutes the guards would go on break
and she would escape from this hell hole. she had dozed off a couple of
times while waiting but she couldn’t afford to rest now. if she slept too
long she would miss her chance and be stuck in this place even longer,
which she knew even she couldn’t handle. she would go insane from the
pain of not being able to stretch her wings. she watched as the guard
stood up and started to leave the room. she even noticed that the
guard had left the key sitting right there next to his chair. she couldn’t
help but feel sorry for all of the other girls that she would be leaving here
to either be sold or would just sit there and go crazy until they finally
starved themselves to death just so that they wouldn’t have to endure
the pain any longer. she had grown skinny in the cage. even she couldn’t
stand to stay in there any longer. she carefully stretched her wing out as
far as she could and hooked the small claw at the end to the circular handle
of her dagger. she had made this dagger herself just for stuff like this. Naomi
curved her wing around her chained up body and dropped the dagger into
her hand. she had to get out of here no matter what. she stretched her
hand desperately trying to reach the lock on her other hand so that she
could free herself. the cold metal dug deep into her wrist. tears flowed
down her cheeks as she pushed her body past the normal limitation of
willingness. she finally managed to get the dagger into the lock and twisted
until it unlocked. she took the other side off and quickly unlocked the
shackles on her legs. Naomi slid her hand through the iron bars and
brought her dagger around to where the lock to the cage was. she
carefully opened the cage door trying to make as little sound as possible.
luckily the cages had been recently greased so that when they were fed
it didn’t make that much of a racket. she hobbled out of the cage flapping
her wings slightly to keep her balance. once she could control her legs
better she crept over to the chair that the guard had previously been
keeping watch on and grabbed the keys. I cant leave them all here to die
she thought. Naomi went as fast as she could unlock all the cages.
she franticly ran through the rows of cages making sure she had gotten
everyone. "Everybody, keep close to me and you should be okay." she
said. she led the way to a small airshaft. she could see the outside
already. Naomi stayed in back making sure that no one was left
behind. as the last girl crawled through she put the keys back
exactly as they had been before, hoping that would at least distract
the guard for a couple minutes when he came. she quietly crawled
through the airshaft curling her wings up tight against her body to
make more room. as she ducked in she shut the vent behind her.
most of the girls had already crawled out the other side. a cool
breeze blew across her face as she stepped out. she looked up at
the sky. it looked like it was about to rain but she could still fly
in this. she needed to stretch out her wings and make sure they
weren’t damaged too badly. she stretched her wings out to full size.
they glistened even with the clouds slowly engulfing the sky. they
seemed to be fine. at least she hoped so. suddenly she heard muffled
screams. when she turned around almost all of the girls that had just
been there a minute ago had disappeared. the girls that were left all
had scared expressions on their faces. she knew what had happened
though. the guards had caught up to them.
Naomi spun around trying to detect some sort of sound. her ears
picked up sounds incredibly. all of a sudden she picked up the sound
of rustling. she pulled out her dagger prepared to fight or die trying.
she would give anything to never see that place again. she flapped her
wings and leaped up into a nearby tree ready to attack once the person
came within striking range. she scanned the bushes below for any sign of
movement. Naomi didn’t see anyone below so she decided now was the best
time to test out her wings. she took a few big flaps and leaped into the air.
her wings faltered a little bit but she righted herself quickly. she felt free as
the rain started to mist across her face but she knew it wasn’t quite over yet.
she swooped lower to search for any of the guards. as she dove lower she
thought she saw the edge of a wing. Naomi spread her wings like a canopy
to slow her descent. when she finally stopped she rushed over to the bush
where she had seen the wing. the rain was starting to come down heavier
and it was making it hard for her to see and hear well. she strained to try
to hear something, anything. she had to find out what that was. then she
heard a very faint flapping sound. she leaped into the air again, this time
more gracefully. she raced over as fast as she could to the spot where she
had heard it, whatever it was. she landed on a nearby treetop and cupped
her hands together. as her hands came together sparks of red and orange
and white light started to form. Naomi brought her face close to the light
and blew softly on it. it started to scatter over the treetops and seep
through the branches. it was supposed to be a way for her to see
anything living in the area. she leaped up and started to slowly glide
across the treetops hoping that the trick her father had taught her
would work. her father used to be a dragon. he was transformed into a
human for protection from humans that would stop at nothing to hunt
his kind down and kill every last dragon that they came across.
Naomi swooped down lower and glided through a cloud of the light.
as soon as she flew through it her vision suddenly changed. she felt like
she was looking at an x-ray. everything had also been magnified. she
scanned through the trees hoping to find that mysterious creature
she had seen before. maybe she could get the creature to join her
in freeing the slaves. as she landed she saw it. her enhanced vision
had faded and she was seeing in color again now. it was just like her
only the creature's wings were black with an orange tinge. Naomi
cautiously stepped up to the creature. the creature was almost a
split image of her. its hair was brown and slightly shorter than
Naomi's hair. it was dressed in a red kimono and had two small
dragons that followed where ever it went. it also two swords that
hung on its back. "who are you?" Naomi asked as she inched
closer to the other dragon girl. "I am Suki No Tenshi." she said.
"But you can call me Suki." Naomi stooped within arms length
of Suki. It seems like I'm just looking in a mirror Naomi thought.
She gazed at Suki's wings. Suki had them spread out at full length
and they seemed to swallow up the surrounding light. from where
Suki was standing you couldn’t see Naomi's wings. Naomi had been
so sure that there couldn’t be anyone like her. she had never had
the problem of hiding her wings in school when she was younger
but at around age 10 was when they started to develop. her dad
took her out of school and she had been home-schooled ever since.
she had never met her mother before. she wasn’t sure if her mother
was still alive. she wasn’t even sure if her dad was still alive. she still
couldn’t remember much from when she was captured. Naomi spread
out her wings slightly revealing the various blood stains and bruises
from being locked up. the rain had started to wash away some of
the blood which made the blood ooze. she still was in a little bit of
pain from the cage and winced as they opened.

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