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The story I made up, tell me what you think?

Resident evil Catastrophe- Code named S virus
I am trapped in my closet with no hope; weird flesh eating men have invaded my home, and I was forced to hide into my closest unable to grab my daughter in time. I hear screaming and I believe it’s my daughter but even if I wanted to leave this closet those men are still out there lurking, and who knows what else they’re capable of doing to me. I was deeply scratched by one of the men, and it seems whatever he was carrying is infecting me badly the pain of it is unbearable. As much as I want to get to my daughter I can’t… Not until I know the coast is clear. But I found myself wondering where did these flesh eating monsters come from? And are they truly human? Whatever that man had on him turned my arm a dark shade of green, which I assume isn’t normal for an average infection. Maybe it’s supposed to be the effect of it, I feel terrible and I believe this infection isn’t normal. Maybe I might become one of them, with their crazed hunger for flesh. I just hope my daughter is alright.
Day 1 of being trapped.
I fell asleep the other night too deep in thought; I don’t seem to hear the sound of those men. But I am still insecure about leaving this closet. As my wound gets worse and worse my vision fades, could whatever this be, be helped at all? Maybe my fate will end at being one of those flesh eating people thinks Carley holding her arm. Day 3
Another day has passed and I had awakened from a strange dream but I asked myself why am I still alive? I couldn’t hear any noises it was so quiet, so I decided to get up and finally open my closet I looked around and there was no one insight so the men did leave I said to myself. I looked out the window and saw nothing or no one outside. Hoping I’d find my daughter alive and well in her room. So I looked in her room and found nothing but her doll she always loved to carry around. Her name is Serah, and she’s only 9yrs old I’m very worried what if those men took her? I thought again to myself. I walked slowly down the steps and finally entered the kitchen, I pulled a knife out of the drawer it was the only weapon I had. After looking through the house and finding not finding anything no clues of where my daughter could be or what had happened to her and why she disappeared. I headed outside it was completely empty and quiet that you could hear a pen drop. As I was walking my body started aching because of this infection it was somehow hurting me, I found myself on the ground screaming in pain and soon I fainted. While I was knocked out I heard men talking around me or was it a dream? When I had woken up, I was lying in a helicopter and two men were inside of it. One of the men looked at me and smiled, but why was he smiling at me? He asked me ‘’Are you alright?’’ I replied ‘’Yes....’’ the other man asked a question ‘’How did you get infected?’’ I said ‘’There were men who ate flesh, and I had gotten scratched’’. The other man who smiled at me said ‘’don’t worry about that wound, we’re taking you to a safe facility that could help that’’. I looked at him and said ‘’Thank you’’. But I’m still very worried about my daughter, the man who smiled at me noticed I was deep in thought, ‘’anything wrong?’’ he asked ‘’my daughter might have been taken by flesh eating men, and I fear the worse for her.’’ The other man replied ‘’She’s gone just accept that’’. ‘’Sorry for your loss ’’ said the other. ‘’But what if she is still alive?’’ I asked the man with the more bulky and deeper voice said ‘’Then she might be infected either way she’s going to die’’. As the helicopter was quiet for a minute, I was thinking he might be right, but I was infected too so does that mean I will die?’’. The man who smiled at me had broken the silence, ‘’you’re pretty lucky to have survived.’’ I looked at him ‘’what were those things?’’ I asked. ‘’They’re called zombies, they’re succumbed to the tyrant virus either through contaminated water supply via bites and scratches from a virus carrier’’ the man with the deeper voice said. ‘’And where did they come from’’? I asked the man who smiled at me said, ‘’they started from Umbrella, the walking corpse as they call them, if you don’t know who or what the Umbrella corporation is about, I’ll gladly tell you’’. I nodded and he started to explain. ‘’The Umbrella Corporation is a organization, they operate ruthlessly meaning they don’t care what or who they operate on, they also include the pharmaceuticals and medical equipment along with top-secret operations’’. ‘’I see I said. He continued, ‘’during 1968 umbrella’s founder was Owsell E. Spencer.’’ There’s more but it would take all day to explain’’. So lady what’s your name exactly he asked’’. ‘’My name is Carley’’ I replied. ‘’Welcome aboard Carley, My name is Rider, me and James work for the BSAA James looks at them both, ‘’we were sent to find any survivors, and we found you’’ he said. I looked out the window thinking of my daughter, the long ride was quiet after awhile. We soon arrived to our destination I had fallen asleep. Rider carried me into the facility, then after a few minutes I woke up. I was lying in a hospital bed, while James and Rider was now were to be found, and a lady who looked like she could be a doctor was filling a needle with some kind of a weird liquid. She walked up to me and injected me with the shot in my arm. I felt the horrible pain of the needle and the infection. I was glad when it was over, ‘’Now you’ll be fine, just rest ok?’’ said the lady. ‘’Alright thank you’’ I said while I was laying down I was still thinking of my daughter and some good memories of her and I. Then James and Rider came into my room just to see how I was doing. ‘’Hey you alright?’’ asked Rider. ‘’Yeah I’m fine’’ I replied. Then a sudden alarm came on, and a message was sent to all ‘’Warning a Biohazard has been detected, Warning a Biohazard has been detected’’. ‘’going into shut down mode, shutting down all doors and windows, in the facility’’. ‘’What the hell is going on?’’ asked Rider. The doctor lady looks up at the nearby camera ‘’someone leaked out a biohazard, maybe’’ said the doctor. ‘’We gotta get out of here, we have a mission to attend on’’ said James. Rider looks at me, and says ‘’Carley we have to run out of here’’, Rider grabs my hand, as James and him starts to leave the building. ‘’I am not going on lock down, not today!’’ said James. We escaped the building, but why did we have to leave like this? ‘’Good thing we escaped no telling what that sad excuse of a computer would’ve done’’ Said James ‘’Yeah’’ rider agreed. ‘’What’s going to happen to all of the other people left in the building?’’ I asked. ‘’They’ll be fine, we just had to go, we have an assignment to investigate on’’. Said rider ‘’Hmph! Said James. I looked at them both puzzled, but why did they bring me with them, and what kind of an assignment are they talking about? ‘’Alright Carley, this assignment might get a little messy so stay close’’ said Rider. ‘’um alright’’ I said. ‘’We’re looking for some kind of a giant B.O.W’’ said Rider. ‘’B.O.W?’’ I asked? ‘’Bio organic weapon’’ replied James.
‘’it’s short for an Umbrella and Tricell term of a creature genetically modified using a type of mutagen, really this is me and James’s first time dealing with a giant B.O.W’’ said Rider. What am I getting myself into? Asked myself, What if...What if I die or get hurt? And then I’ll never find my daughter alive and safe. As my eyes start to get teary, Rider notices, ‘’Carley you alright?’’ ‘’y-yes I’m fine’’. I replied as I wiped my face. ‘’Alright lets head into the helicopter’’ said James. As the helicopter began to lift off the ground, I watched out the window, looking at the gray sky there was no sunshine found. James and Rider were busy talking and taking more information on their mission. Those two meant well, at least they’ll protect me. While I was looking through the window I could see a demolished town in the streets of London, and thousands of people running around like mad men maybe they’re infected. ‘’Are you sure this women can handle what we’re about to deal with?’’ asked James. Rider looked at me, and then looked at him. ‘’Maybe she just can’’. He said ‘’Alright well if she’s in trouble I’m not going after her, she’s now your reasonability got it Rider?’’ ‘’Ha yeah, she won’t be any trouble for us’’. Rider replied. ‘’You better hope you’re right, Comrade’’Said James. Rider starts looking at me ‘’Carley listen, I’m going to need you to work with us, in order to keep yourself alive you’re going to have to use this’’. Rider hands me a shot gun. ‘’But, I don’t know how to really use these’’ I said trying to hesitate. ‘’Aw come on lady, its easy just aim and shoot’’ said James. I took the gun and held it against my chest. ‘’There yah go’’ said James. I never intended for this to happen to me, why is this happening to me!? I asked myself over and over. ‘’We’re going to be at the location soon’’ said James. ‘’Hey Carley maybe if you do good enough, you can join the BSAA ‘’ said Rider Jokingly. ‘’Ah’’ Said James. I kept looking out the window and seeing how pitiful and miserable everything looked. I couldn’t bare it, memories flashing of me and my daughter. I know she’s still out there. …Serah her beautiful soft skin and long red hair. ..Mommy misses you... I said to myself. I held the shot gun tighter to my chest. ‘’Hey Rider, you know anything about the S-virus?’’ said James. ‘’No, not much I just know it’s new around here and it’s pretty effective’’. Rider replies. ‘’Humph’’ says James. I looked at them both, what was the S-virus? ‘’heh well Rider that’s one of our main objectives, to investigate this new virus’’ says James. ‘’Looks like we got our whole day planned ahead of us’’ says Rider. ‘’I’m going to see if anyone might have any kind of information on this virus’’ Says James. ‘’This is James Lloyd, asking on information on the S-virus’’ James says over the dispatcher. A static noise comes out and a women’s voice answers. ‘’Well Mr. James Lloyd, that’s not quite important, besides James we have no further information on this virus, you and Rider must look into this’’. The woman giggles and turns off the dispatcher. ‘’Well that was a nice answer’’ says Rider, James started to look very troubled, ‘’what’s wrong James?’’ ‘’it’s nothing...Just that these people need to know more things about our missions....idiots’’ says James. ‘’Maybe it was just her who didn’t know, we should ask again?’’ ‘’No, says James, We’ll look into it ourselves. ‘’Alright Rider replied. The sky got a bit lighter from the sun. ‘’Alright well looks like we’re here, time to find that B.O.W’’ says James. ‘’Right’’ replies Rider. ‘’Carley let’s get a move on’’ demanded James, I lifted up from my seat and walked with them both. I was shaking a bit, because I didn’t know what to expect from a B.O.W,’’ This place looks abandoned’’ says Rider. ‘’Don’t be fooled by all of the quietness, there’s something out here’ ’says James. James and Rider started to make sure each path was clear, aiming their guns around. There was blood everywhere, and dead corpse lying around. Rider looks at the dead corps, ‘’these guys had to be mulled by something big ‘says Rider. ‘’ Yeah so keep a sharp eye out ‘James says. Rider’s Dispatcher turns on automatically and a static noise is heard. ‘’Hello…Anyone there?’’ asked Rider. ….’’Here says a women’s voice, as more static covers her voice. Then we felt the shaking of the ground like something big was coming. ‘’There it is!’’ yelled James. A Giant man with several arms and legs came out, ‘’this should be fun’’ says James. The giant starts to throw cars and other objects towards our way. ‘’Damn! This thing is strong just as they said’’ Rider said. Rider and James starts to fire their weapons on the B.O.W. ‘’don’t make it too mad haha’ says James. Suddenly the B.O.W starts to look at me, and starts charging after me, but why? ‘’Carley look out!’’ yells Rider. I backed up slowly, holding my Gun as tight as I could. I closed my eyes, and felt as if this was the end for me. Then Rider came running for me, he grabbed me as fast as he could and moved me out of the way. I fell on the ground, and Rider was instantly hit by the giant B.O.W, but he wasn’t badly hurt. I was so scared I hid behind a nearby car. ‘’Rider! You alright?’’ asked James, Rider gets up and limps a little, ‘’Yeah it was nothing as he spits out blood. ‘’I told you that women would bring nothing but trouble’’ says James, ‘’Just...Focus James’’ says Rider. The giant starts to let out a loud roar as black crows filled the sky. I looked into the sky, and felt the cold wind blow. ‘’We may need to call for backup!’’ yelled James, James and Rider kept shooting at the B.O.W. ‘’it seems he’s not even getting hit by our shots!’’ Rider says. I over hear them both, they sounded like they were about to give up. I stood up and walked behind the B.O.W as I carefully aimed my shot gun at it. ‘’Carley! What are you doing?!’’ asks James. I began firing shots at the giant and aiming for his head, my heart began to pound very fast. ‘’Rider call for backup!’’ suggested James. ‘’The dispatcher is offline!’’ Rider yells. ‘’Damn!’’ says James. ‘’Looks like this is up to us’’ ‘’All of you aim at his head it’s his weak spot! Non stop!!’’ James says. We all kept shooting the giant the best we could, until he fell to his knees and fell on the ground. Rider walks up the giant and notices a tattoo on it, ‘’hey James, look at this’’ he says. ‘’That’s weird it says L.T., but what does it stand for?’’ asked James. ‘’I wonder if that women has a connection to this giant and why the dispatcher as offline’’ says Rider. ‘’You can bet so’’ says James. ‘’Carley, you did alright’’ said Rider. I sat on the ground in fear and thinking deeply. ‘’Let’s try and see if we can get this dispatcher back online’’ said Rider. ‘’Alright I did managed to get the dispatchers back online’’ said James. ‘’Lets report to the BSAA and let them know what we found’’ said Rider. ‘’Rider Kenneth reporting on a giant B.O.W we managed to take it down, but we found something interesting on it, it’s a tattoo with some kind of initials L.T.’’ ‘’We’ll snap pictures on it ASAP. ‘’Roger that Kenneth’’ replied a man, ‘’another thing why was the dispatcher offline?’’ asked Rider ‘’we were disconnected our connection somehow became vulnerable replied the man on the dispatcher. ‘’Aright if that’s all, we’re here if you need us’’. Rider turns off the dispatcher, I sat there I looking at Rider and James. ‘’Lets continue to look around this place’’ said James. I got back on my feet, as I wondered again if I’m scared then how can I ever save my daughter. I need to let go of my fears just like Rider and James, they aren’t afraid of anything. If I’m going to get my daughter then I have to stay strong. There isn’t an easy way, I looked uneasy. Rider and James looked at me. ‘’Alright let’s see what we can dig up about this L.T. and the S-virus perhaps they both might have a connection’’ said James. ‘’Right’’ said Rider. All three of us started walking, and up ahead of us there was a huge building that looked like there had been some recent activity there. ‘’I say we look in their’’ says James. We all walked up to the front doors, and blood was everywhere. ‘’This place looks like it was lit up’’ Said Rider ‘’Just keep your guard up’’ said James. ‘’Carley, don’t worry we got your back’’ said Rider. ‘’So Carley, you don’t talk much, do you?’’ asked James. ‘’I just don’t have much to say’’ I answered. ‘’I wouldn’t have much to say either if I went through the same thing you did’’ said Rider. ‘’It’s getting pretty dark in here’’ James says, ‘’there must be a light switch somewhere’’. While we’re walking I thought I saw a blur or something run past in another room, but it could’ve only been me, so I didn’t bother to say anything about it. ‘’Ah Big doors, always the best place to look around’’ said James. He and Rider opened the door, and a cold breeze of wind came out, James and Rider grabbed their guns out and went inside of the dark room. ‘’There’s gotta be a switch somewhere’’ said Rider ‘’Found it!’’ said James. When James hit the switch the whole room was filled with pictures of children men and women. Blood was on the walls, the floor, and on the computers. ‘’I wonder where all this blood is coming from’’ said James. ‘’I mean there’s no bodies lying around’’. ‘’We should check these computers out’’ Suggested Rider. Rider turned one of them on,’’ maybe this has something to do with L.T. he said’’. ‘’This is probably where that giant B.O.W came from’’ said Carley. ‘’Finally you spoke words’’ Said James. ‘’Easy James’’ Said Rider. ‘’You know she might just be on to something’’ said James. Rider starts to type on the computer L.T., and the computer denies their access, ‘’weird it gave me access a second ago’’. ‘’Not until you searched up L.T.’’ said James. ‘’The picture of these people, I believe they might have been tested on’’ said Rider. ‘’You think?’’ said James, I started to wonder off, into another dark room. I opened the doors, and I walked in. Rider and James didn’t notice I was gone. ‘’Let’s try every computer here, there has to be one that’ll grant us full access.’’ Said Rider, ‘’or we can hack into the computers’’ said James. ‘’Yeah that too’’ said Rider. As for me I looked around for a switch, but I felt something was near me or someone was just breathing on me. ‘’I found a computer that gave me access, but it shows something much more interesting’’ said Rider ‘’There’s a man it says his name is Randall Mills, and it also says he’s the founder of this place and other places just like this across the globe’’ said Rider ‘’I wouldn’t be surprised if Randall didn’t have anything to do with the initials L.T or trying to bring back the dead Umbrella’’ Said James. ‘’I’ll search that up too’’. As Rider begins to type L.T. the computer still denies his access. ‘’There’s something someone doesn’t want us to know ’’said James. As the two stood to think, they heard a scream from the other room. ‘’That had to be Carley?’’ said James. ‘’Carley!!’’ yelled Rider. The two came into the room where Carley was, there stood another B.O.W, but it wasn’t quite a huge one. ‘’Carley get out of the way!’’ yelled James. I got out of there way, as the two began to shoot at the B.O.W. ‘’someone set us up!’’ said Rider. ‘’You figure?’’ said James. The two finished and managed to defeat the B.O.W. ‘’you alright Carley?’’ Said Rider, ‘’Yeah I’m okay’’ I answered. ‘’Someone was here, a few minutes after we came, and shut everything down and also left a little surprise’’ said James. Suddenly we heard several sounds of moaning, and screaming. ‘’And here’s another surprise’’ said James. ‘’There must be tons of them’’ said Rider. ‘’We can’t take them all at once, we have to flee’’ said James. ‘’But they’re all covering the exits and entrances’’ said Carley. ‘’Damn!’’ said James. ‘’Look at it this way, at least we get a sneak peak of the S-virus and what it truly does to humans’’ said Rider. ‘’True, but still we can’t observe long, we don’t actually know what the S-virus does’’ said James. ‘’Let’s try to at least make it out of here’’ said Rider. I noticed a green smoke coming from the vents, ‘’Yeah, we should get out of here, and get out of here fast. There’s green smoke, coming from the ceiling vents’’ said Carley. ‘’They’re really trying hard to kill us aren’t they?’’ said James. ‘’Let’s go!’’ said Rider. We all started to run from one room to another and fleeing from the poison like smoke...Or perhaps the S-virus. We stopped at a nearby elevator ‘’let’s take this down’’ said James. All three of us ran into the elevator, and waited for the elevator to reach its point. ‘’You sure going down can get us out of here?’’ asked Rider. ‘’There should be a garage down there’’ said James. When we finally reached down below the building, there were zombies everywhere. ‘’We can make a path out of here, but we can’t take them all’’ said Rider. James, Rider and Carley started to fire at each zombie. Trying their hardest to get rid of the best they could zombies. ‘’Now I see, the S-virus in these things’’ said James. ‘’They still have human characteristics and intelligence, but no memory of who they used to be’’. ‘’They’re also stronger than most zombies’’ said Rider. ‘’Carley watch your back!’’ said Rider. ‘’We might need to call for backup’’ said James. ‘’If you say so’’ said Rider. ‘’This is James Lloyd; we need backup in town near a white tall building! I repeat we need back up ASAP’’ said James. The dispatcher had a static reaction and cut offline. ‘’dammit!’’ said James. ‘’What’s going on now?’’ said Rider. ‘’the dispatcher is offline, probably the signal down here’’ Said James. ‘’Try to hit the cars from afar it’ll get the job done faster’’ said James. They were right these zombies had a great amount of strength, than an average human. ‘’This is a tight situation’’ said James. ‘’ Damn! I’m almost out of ammo’’ said Rider. ‘’The way is starting to clear, keep firing!’’ said James. I shot several zombies, and cars to finish them off, I wasn’t going to stand for nothing this time I’ll be strong...For Serah. James and Rider noticed my works, though it was amazing how I caught on fast. ‘’Not bad Carley’’ said James, ‘’Nice!’’ said Rider. ‘’Wadaknow this woman is actually about something’’ thought James. Finally we cleared the way, we escaped safe and sound. ‘’Man, I thought we’d never get out of there’’ said James. ‘’Check and see if the dispatcher works’’ said Rider, James checks the dispatcher ‘’Nah its still offline’’. ‘’I did pick up the information on Randall Mills’’ said James ‘’so we’re in the clear, except for that L.T. person’’. ‘’let’s head back to HQ to gear up and also report what we found’’ said Rider. We went back into the helicopter and headed back to the BSAA head quarters not too far from where we were. When we arrived back, we walked inside and there was blood everywhere. ‘’What happened here?’’ asked James. ‘’Looks like someone dropped by’’ Said Rider. ‘’no, whatever dropped by took out…everyone here’’ said James. ‘’Let’s check all rooms, everyone can’t be gone!’’ said James. All three of us looked in each room and found no survivors left. ‘’I wonder what got them’’ said Rider. ‘’Whatever it was, I think it’s still here’’ said James. ‘’Let’s morn later, and gear up now’’ said Rider. Once Rider and James geared up on weapons and ammo, ‘’we should at least try to figure out what did all this’’ said James. ‘’Alright said Rider, we all looked in the far bloodiest room of them all, and we found what we were looking for. ‘’Ah there it is’’ said James, ‘’this thing is huge’’ said Rider. ‘’you think we can handle this thing?’’ asked Rider, ‘’I have no sign of doubt’’ said James. The monster started to roar loud as it noticed us. ‘’Shoot it!’’ commanded James. The monster started to get angry at the fired shots, so it started to swing its arms trying to hit James Rider and Carley. ‘’Move out of the way!’’ said James. We all dodged its strong swings, and started to fire at it some more. The monster started to roar again, ‘’ah this thing is hard to work with’’ said James. ‘’We need a launcher!’’ said Rider ‘’I’ll go find one’’ said Carley. ‘’Be careful Carley’’ Said James. As Carley ran off to find a nearby launcher, she was headed into the weapon room. Meanwhile James and Rider, was having a tough time. ‘’What’s taking her so long?’’ asked James, ‘’She just now left’’ said Rider. Carely looked around, and finally found the weapon room, but found men with the S-virus surrounding her. She grabbed her shot gun out and started to shoot at them; she was successful and grabbed the rocket launcher. She ran back to the room where James and Rider were. She came in and threw the launcher to James in which he caught it and took the monster to its death. ‘’Look it’s that same initial L.T.’’ said Rider, ‘’whoever this L.T. is he or she knows what we’re doing’’ said James. ‘’Looks like it’s just us now, we need to figure out who this L.T. is and who is behind the s-virus’’ said Rider, ‘’Right on top of things’’ said James. We all stood there and glared at the dead monster. End of chapter 1-5

-There's more to it. Just a sample.

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