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I'm no one else but myself
My name is my own just like my home. They can use my own name but it won't be their own; they can live in my home but it won't be their home. They won't be happy with my life and neither I, if I was in theirs.

White, black, and brown. They all are the same, yet all are different. They're colors. Just plain colors. In a world without color, everyone appears the same. Colorless. No matter, I'm still me no matter the color.

She looks like me, and he looks like me, and they look like me, but they still aren't me. She wears the same clothes and so does he and so do they, but they still aren't me. There's a millions of people in this world, there's bound to be someone that looks like me and still won't be me.

People talk. Small talk. Pointless talk. Nothing significant. The general complain about themselves and blame their life, their home, their finance, their significant other, their appearance, and their insecurities for all the troubles in the world. But no sir, my life may be difficult but so is everyone else's. No one else but me can face my own troubles. Everyone else can listen to what I may talk about, but in the end I'm the only one left at the end of the day to finish it.

No body's perfect. No one's superior nor inferior. It's society that makes the norm. It matters not to me at all. Nor should it matter to anyone either. Everyone is different--no. Unique.

One word to describe it all, unique. I'm no one else but myself. I wouldn't change it for the world no matter the challenges. Take Pride. There's only one ME and so is the rest of the world.

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