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- D o z z e m -'s Journal
Music RP
At Musique High School every student belongs somewhere. Not in a club or a special kind of class but with a special group of other students, and something they all have in common. Their taste in music.

Each group of these students are at war with the other groups to prove that their type of music is best. They are very defensive of their music and many fights break out because of it. Very student has a rival and a person they want a relationship with. Just as normal teenagers do, they will cheat on each other, fall in love with each other and hate each other. Basic high school drama but with bullying and violence over the music.


- No killing other students
- This can be a mixture of straight, gay, and lesbian. If you aren't comfortable being part of a gay couple, talk with the rest of us and we can work something out
- No god-modding
- Put a picture of your favorite meme in your application post so I know you read the rules :3
- Don't be afraid to start fight with everyone, even people in your own group
- To help keep the characters straight, please post a picture of your character in every post, it helps!
- All the students are human!
- If you're going to leave the roleplay, let me know and we will kill off your charter > biggrin
- No sexual post! If you want you can carry it into the PMs
- Respect others
- HAVE FUN biggrin


There must be a female and a male of each type of music below but they do not have to be couples.


:: To Become One of Us::

[b]Music Role:[/b]
[b]Sexual Orientation:[/b]
[b]What Has Happened In My Pass:[/b]

- Reminder: They are in high school so the ages must be 15-18
- Please come up with a picture of your charter and a description of the appearance

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