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just some stuff that i wanted to put down. random stuff.

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The Legend of the Princess and the Goblins
Name of the Charaters:
The Good smile
The Bad mad
Goblin King-Nigh
Goblin Prince-Quill
Goblin Knight-Shira
Dark Elf-Adrian

Plot: In the beginning of this story we see the king telling a story to the princess about "The Legend of the Princess and the Goblins". The king finished the story and said "That is why we named you Irene”. The king and the Princess where so happy together. Next morning the King gave his little Princess a Hug and a kiss, and told her knight to "keep her safe". Then he went his way.
Not knowing what was to happen to her latter. You see during the time of Princess Irene the first, the Goblin named Prince Groglip made a plan to marry the princess and make slaves of what they call the "Sun People". They wanted revenge for what the sun people did to them. A few years passed, most of the goblins have gone extinct. For them to live, they would have to marry some to the sun people and take their kids that look more goblins then the sun people. Years after this they start to look like the sun people, but they always have a few goblin traits that give them away.

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comment Commented on: Wed Apr 06, 2011 @ 03:06am
[In the first scene, we see the top of the castle and it slides down to stop at a window. We look into the window to see Princess Irene II, and King Ansom finishing a book about “The Legend of the Princess and the Goblins.]

King-That is why we named you Irene.
Princess-Daddy, are the Goblins in the book real?
King-Yes, but not just the Goblins. There are many things that we can’t explain but yet many people have claimed to see Goblins, Fairies, and Elves. So who knows, I guess you just have to go out and see for yourself.
Princess-Are there any good Goblins?
King-You know what, there are some good Goblins in fact there are some good ones that are playful and helpful. Princess-oh, daddy I wish you didn’t have to go.
King-I’m sorry, Princess. I must go, it’s for our people.
[Princess Irene II Sighed. then looked up at her father and smiled]

Princess-okay, just be safe when you come home.

comment Commented on: Wed Apr 06, 2011 @ 04:12am
[Later in the afternoon Princess Irene II, Knight Sai, and King Ansom are at the entrance of the gate. Saying there good byes.]
Princess-Remember daddy to come back safe.
Men 1-Don’t worry Irene, after all your father is one tuff man.
Men 2-Ya! In fact I bet your father will win this war with one hand tied to his back!

King-Thanks men. Well we better get going.
Sai-I wish you well sir!
King-{smiles} Thank you Sai, I know you really want to go, but you must stay and keep her safe.
Princess-D~a~d~d~y~ {blush}
{King Ansom laughs a gene}
King-All right I’m off! Oh, and Sai!
Sai-yes, sir!?
King-you keep her safe! I don’t want to come back and see that I’m a grandfather! Got It!?{As he rides off with his men smiling}
Both Sai-Your highness! {Blush} and Princess-Daddy! {Bush}

{King is gone; both Princess Irene II and her knight look at each other then looked away.}

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