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Air Villages:
Mimir - An isolated city that prides itself on the wit of its Air wielding population. They have managed to stay out of the main throng of fighting, but they are confident that if they become involved that they can defeat their foes.
Vali - Located on the opposite coast of Mimir, Vali is more of a collection of small townships that work in a symbiotic manner with one another in order to survive and keep itself protected.
Vor - Vor is the only official Air village that was formed separately from the main claimed territory by the Air Users. They work closely with the neighboring members of the Water Tribe in order to try and secure a lasting peace in the North.

Water Villages:
Kafli - The northernmost Water Village. Users from Kafli are often especially skilled with snow and ice manipulation due to the climate.
Aegir - Located near the tip of the western peninsula, Aegir is an ideal training spot for many Water Users.
*Atla - The location of the Great Water Village Battle which tipped off the Organization as to the current locations of their subjects as well as their first real look at their true power and ferocity.
*Njordr - The largest Water Village that was leveled by Tabor during his five year rampage. Njordr was also the home of Serena Hexum up until the time it was destroyed.
Ragnarr - A mostly agricultural town that pools its resources with the neighboring Stori in order to stay safe and affluent.
Stori - An industrial town that had formed a trading relationship with the more agricultural Ragnarr to the west.

Fire Villages:

Forseti - The neutral influence of Valhalla and the Air Tribe has more or less mellowed this town to the point that there is very little fighting if any within its borders.
Syn - One of the more technologically advanced cities left in this part of the continent. They have a working monorail system as well as a steady supply of self-generated electricity within its boundaries.
Surtr - A mysterious town that is said to be very traditional and unwelcoming of outsiders.
Loki - A rogue Fire Tribe city that popped up in the Rhineland between the Earth and Fire strongholds. Though many attempts have been made by the opposing tribe to bury Loki, it stubbornly manages to hold its land.

Earth Villages:

Colossus - An isolated Earth Village, surrounded by land conquered and claimed by their race.
Vestarr - A very small town that seems backwards in its technology, most areas haven't had access to electricity or running water since its original founding.
*Tyr - Located on the Western edge of Earth User territory, this small town nestled in a valley is hardly known beyond the Earthen community. Tabor Schwert's hometown.
Bolverk - This particular northern town often clashes with the stray water encampments that pop up in between the defined territories. Citizens of Bolverk are very wary of outsiders, even of their own element.

Neutral Villages:
*Valhalla - The biggest neutral city to date. There is very little if any real fighting within its walls. It is controlled by a mysterious group of people, though no one will step up and take a real leadership role. There are several barracks on the outskirts of the town, this is where Phoenix Kanapima spent most of her life growing up.
Hallerna - Located between two vast expanses of Earth and Fire conquered areas, the 'neutral' village often finds itself torn by battles and has become something of a refugee camp.
Gudfrodr - One of the few cities left in this part of the world that still prides itself on the Classical studies. Jeremy's Alma Mater, St. Francis' University, is located in a nearby unaligned area near the former location of the English Channel.
Eir - Set in a very peaceful area, Eir is home to many neutral Elementals who try to live their day-to-day lives with no mention of the war.


Map & Villages by LOBOTOMYartist


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