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What happens to me on my travels.
And what happened to me in my past.
He feels aggressive.
He feels depressive.
He knows what comes.
He knows what goes.
He wants the truth.
He'll get the truth.
He wants no pain.
He'll get His pain.
He wants to bring joy.
He'll give what he can.
He doesn't need joy.
He's had enough.
He'll give it all up, for what He thinks is right.
He won't force.
He will not discourage.
He will push forward.
He wants to be reborn.
But keep what He has.
He wants to feel again.
With what He once knew.
He'll rejoice in his pain.
For what He knows is not pain.
For what he knows is knowledge.
He limits himself.
He constricts himself.
He feels no anger.
He feels no rage.
He feels but what is right and what is wrong.
He does not know.
He knows nothing.
He fears many things.
And each of those fears are slowly being realized.
He knows it.
He is confused.
He is misplaced.
He wants everything to go as planned for once.
He knows what He wants.
He needs 'It'.
But He will let 'It' go.
He will not constrict.
He will not limit.
He will take care of what is His.
He will make mistakes.
He will only bring misfortune.
He was blessed.
And now cursed.
He does not blame You.
He blames Himself.
He cares.
He loves.
He wants You to be.
He knows You can be.
He knows 'It' will go.
He sees everything, in a funny way.
He takes everything, as an obstacle.
He does everything with seeming joy.
He seems to accept everything.
He will bring confusion.
He wants to die.
But He has the will to live.
He knows he won't.
He knows you don't care.
He knows, Someone cares.
But He cares for everyone.
He will not bring discomfort.
He will not bring obligation.
He knows what goes on.
He wants to say things.
He wants to let Me out.
He knows I can help.
But He wants to keep it inside.
He trusts no one.
But He trusts You.
He feels rejected.
He knows you care.
He wants to believe.
But He can't.
He has already been betrayed.
Not by You.
But He refuses to Truly Trust.
He will Truly give.
But He will not Trust.
He knows his end is far from near.
But He knows what he cares for is being lost.
He knows He'll live his life.
He knows He'll be discouraged by it's ways.
But He thinks.
As long as 'It' and You are happy.
He can feel Joy again...

He and I, are One.

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