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The Difference Really the only thing I will say about this Journal is that I like to Debate, ask questions, and write poems, to, with, about myself and myself.

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My Debate
Okay, First Journal entry. *Yippee* Let's get started shall we?
I'm 12, A female. Bisexual, My Name is Hannah. I love Cats, I like to eat pie aqnd kinder eggs. My favorite number is 8, I am currently single. And I tend to debate about almost everything.
Yesterday was my last day of classes before Chrismas Holiday. But it was rather boring. We watched a Christmas movie with Tim Allen in it, So that was pretty much a waste of $24.oo. But in another view, it was interesting. I wore some socks, and started to run aorun d in the snow with a few of my buds. I think I may have gotten frost bite.
But I've got to stay on topic. (Bad issue for me sorry).
I had about 5 debates, 1 of which is still happeneing.
The first depbate was with my science teacher, I am very good in science so.. The debate was about Freezing-Melting points. This went on for about an hour, but eventually I brought up such a good point that he quit, Hr just thought he was a failure, and he couldn't live wiht the guilt of having a student beat him in a debate.
The Second debate was about war, it was with a friend,. Who told me he wanted to join the army. I can't tell you how long thing went on, or how many times I had to crack my knuckles (Because I was typing A LOT). I brought up some good points, And I felt soo bad, he told me he didn't want o join. It's just...When I start a debate I NEEED to finish it. Whether that may be winning or losing. I just need to finish a debate. I just felt soo bad for it.
Third was about religion, I won't go to much into detail about that one, but let me just say it's still going on. Fourth was about me having a cat, it was with a family. I lost that one, CRASH AND BURN!! U.U And my favorite one was about the house that my parenst just bought. I promised that I would lose a few pounds if you they did but it. It was a farm, and the person who is selling it to us. Said they wil l leave the horses there for out enjoyment. YAY
Anyway. I huess my point is that if you want to debate about something I'm the girl to talk to =D
OHH I forggot to mentiion that I will be writing about the night befire. EVER DAY!! (Hopefully) Because I'm not a person to write in diarys about the same day. I'm just not like that anymore.

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