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Poems I Admire/Wrote
-I love the ocean
-I hate to talk about the bad things i've done in the past
-I have a learning disability
-I love to listen to music
-I'm not good at lying
-When I was little I've always wanted to be a fighter pilot and a bmx pro and compete in the x games...
-I want to be a marine science teacher
-I day dream ALOT (Mostly bad things)
-I'm shy but i'm trying to change that
-I can be anti social at times
-I would not have graduated if it wasn't for hawkins
-I move alot when im asleep
-When i'm nervous I tend to shake alot, studder, say um alot.
-I love to cuddle
-I love to get cuddle
-I'm not into anime anymore
-I wish I should of told my grandmother goodbye
-I've ACCIDENLTY killed a kitten before..
-I don't answer my phone if I don't know the number
-I don't drink, because I'm afraid I'll do/say something I'll regret...
-I don't like taking medicine sometimes if I have a headache
-At times I have a head time swallowing pills
-I love big dogs (Great danes, golden retrievers, St. Barnards, etc.)
-I love mac and cheese with gravy
-I don't eat healthy
-I love to go on long walks and bike rides
-I like to go to the beach at night
-I've swam with a dolphin before and pet a killer whale
-I hate it when my parents yell
-I tried sneaking out at night just to go to dairy queen when I was 5 or 6
-I Always make sure my phone never dies
-I use to be afraid of the queen of hearts at disney when I was lil
-I use to take my pink care bear everywhere I went when I was lil
-I've once throw my pink care bear out the window car and cried and made my dad stop and get her when I was lil...
-I'm a tomboy
-I use to climb trees
-I use to play soccer at my sisters special olympics event to help my sisters team out
-I use to live in the Ghetto
-I've once tried to do a backflip on a bmx bike and almost broke my neck
-I sweat like a guy
-I use to do backflips on a trampoline
-I've seen my sister have a seizure
-I hate it when someone I know is in the hospital
-I get sad if I accidently kill a frog, lizard, or snake as I cut grass
-I love to go to aquariums
-I love cuban coffee with cuban bread
-I use to have alot of friends
-I like to star gaze (I rarely make wishes on a shooting star)
-I tried to fight with a black girl cause I didn't like her when I was lil
-I've thrown a football in someones face(really hard too)
-Ive been burned by a lawn mower on my left leg
-My left leg is cursed
-I've never broken a bone before
-I have the weirdest dreams sometimes
-I listen to music when I go to sleep at times
-I'm actually doing something with my life now
-When i'm extremely depressed I rarely eat just the smell of food makes me wanna puke.
-I do have asthma
-I tend to push myself to keep going even if my asthma kicks in
-Just sitting by the water for hours doesn't bore me at all
-I like to read poems
-I've had surgery before (appendix)
-I've been cheated on
-I've been used
-I like to write poems when I feel like it...
-When I was lil I could never say Publix..
-Ever since I got my touch screen phone I've only dropped it once...
-I want to swim with a whale shark
-I have played DDR(Dance Dance Revolution) for 4-6 hours straight
-I can be competitive at times
-I love roller coasters
-I use to love broccoli but now I don't
-I love New York
-I would love to go to California
-I love to play pool
-I would love to sky dive one day
-Orchids are my favorite kind of flowers
-I use to play the clarinet for 4 years
-I want to start playing the guitar again
-I takes alot for me to lose control
-I don't drink
-I don't smoke
-You may get hurt if you try to wake me up
-I love my dogs Navi and Bella
-I miss playing football
-I space out alot
-I've had stitches before
-I don't like seafood
-When I get sad I like to go on long walks and listen to music around my neighborhood
-My parents argue mostly everyday
-One of my favorite movie is enchanted smile
-I try to forget my past
-I never knew my grandmother from my moms side
-When I was little I LOVED dalmations
-The first time I kissed a girl was when I was little
-I've seen one of my neighbors house burn down
-I love walking around my dark neighborhood
-I would like to die as a hero
-I usually have a habit of dropping my phones
-I love taking photos
-I hate going to alligator alley
-I've stepped on a nail barefooted
-When I was younger I walked funny
-The smell of tire makes me sick
-I wish I had a different eye color
-I've once had a black eye before
-I was so quiet in elementary school that a teacher of mine thought I didn't speak english..
-I use to tell my sister that I wish she was dead...
-If I feel like giving up usually listening to fighting by yellowcard gives me confident
-I've lived in florida my whole life
-My chest hurts when I eat fast food once in a while
-I hate grill cheese
-When I listen to some certain songs they make me cry
-It usually takes me 30mins or hour and a half to go to sleep at night.
-Usually if someone does "..." at the end of there sentence all the time usually I'll think somethings wrong
-I think way too much
-I never bite my nails
-I freak out if I see a spider and get someone to kill it
-It takes me a while to get over things
-I hate saying goodbye
-Sometimes I think I should just stop trying to help people out...
-You're cute when you scream is a good senses fail song
-Sometimes I'm good at hiding my feeling
-I like to write poems...
-I can't stand the smell of pesticide(SP?)
-I actually am glad that I didn't join the military...
-I'm glad that I went back to school
-Sometimes I think you deserve better than me
-I like to go clubbing
-I like cooking desserts
adding more later

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