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Heheh, I'm actually kinda surprised I pulled this out, but if you guys wanna know how I really feel about all this live action drama going on with CN fans, then here ya go:

CN: Real is failing in the ratings. It's currently on for six hours or so a week.

The Othersiders - Off the schedule and canceled.
Survive This - Off the schedule and canceled
Destroy Build Destroy - Renewed, but only on once a week (the only CN Real show that's gotten decent ratings)
Brainrush - Renewed
Slam Ball - Off the schedule and canceled
Bobby Says - Still premiering
Dude What Would Happen - Still premiering

As far as I know, there are no further plans for CN to acquire more reality television. Both Snyder and Scorcher agree that CN Real is failing. There's no denying it at this point. So I anticipate the entire block being phased out eventually, or at least most of it (Snyder loves W.K. too much to cancel Destroy Build Destroy when it's probably their most successful CN Real show). So ya know what, you guys have nothing to complain about.

Everyone forget about Out of Jimmy's Head or the channel's name, or whatever is making you people so violently against live action on CN and give it a chance. CN is not tossing cartoons out the window by any means, both Snyder and Scorcher have said they have never had any intention of doing that and they're probably going to play it safe with the live action until it's proven to do well, but they've also said that they're not giving up on live action this easily. That being said, look at the shows they're getting. See how they aren't reality TV shows? See how they're dramas? See how teens often eat up similar stuff on Nick and Disney, but at the same time how it's a currently pretty untapped market in America, seeing as Nick and Disney have shifted over to a purely comedic approach (part of why I think Degrassi gets such amazing ratings. Hey, maybe CN could cash in on that, only from the male side of the spectrum)? Give it a chance. And until then, quit your bitching.

Live action != bad. CN has a few Cartoons in the makings and has even renewed Chowder and Flapjack, amongst other things. They have had a bit of a change of heart, they are trying to preserve more of their cartoons, and they are acknowledging that live action isn't working for them as well as they thought it would. Yes Scorcher is a power-hungry, egotistical douche, and Snyder doesn't know the first thing about leading a company, but get over it. Your cartoons are perfectly safe, so just try to enjoy the live action. Who knows, maybe you'll even find something you like there? None of you have tried it, so you people are acting like idiots by being so vehemently against it.

Again, these shows will NOT be in the same vain as CN Real. CN Real is NOT a valid argument against these shows and you people have NOT seen what CN is capable of as far as teen dramas go. You people have NO reason to complain here and I'm sick of constantly hearing this s**t about live action not belonging on CN, because it's a giant load.

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