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Token and Erin

Her Bio/Personal Info.
Name: Token
Age: 10
Race: ? ? ?
Nationality: American
Height: 4'10''
Weight: 96 lbs
Hair Color: Creamand R.O.Y.G.B.I.V bangs
Hair Style: Pretty short. It's smooth but choppy near the tips.
Eye Color: Green
Personality: Happy, mostly
Skin Tone: Rather peachy
Clothing style: She loves bright colors and definitly shows that off with her choice in wardrobe.
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Top: Pink and is slanted at the bottom, exposing her stomach slightly.
Bottom: Denhim capris pants with the legs rolled up.
Shoes: Grey sneakers but no laces.
Hat(s): a white elastic band that is about in the middle of her head.
Accesories: An orange strap that goes from the front of her top, around her left arm and connects to the back of her shirt. A panda head clip. Two, shiny, green, marble like things on the sides of her head. A belt that is on her waist but, another one that is like a sash and is quite loose. Black and white arm warmers. One blue and one pink hair clip. Where her shoe laces should be, is a small blue orb with yellow-looking wings coming out the sides(one on each shoe). A pale red, "x" stcker on her left ear. A band-aid on her left knee.

By moi~♥



Her bio/Personal info:
Name: Erin
Age: 10
Race: Neko(no tail)
Nationality: American
Height: 4'10''
Weight: 96 lbs
Hair Color: Light purple
Hair Style: Long, and it's very messy/choppy.
Eye Color: Right eye is green and left is grey.
Personality: She's almost always edgy. The smallest thing will set her off
Skin Tone: Paler than Token but a decent peach color.
Clothing style: Just like her attitude, her clothes are very dark and Gothy. But, she does have a splash of color here and there.


Top- an black top with a high color and a white skull stitched on the front. Straps connest the shirt to the sleeves.
Bottom- Orage-pinkish shorts
Shoes- Shiny black boots
Hat(s)- A grey band on the top of her haed with big, green glow sticks on the ends.
Accessories- Oragne, cat head clip. Deep blue and dark pink hair clips. A blue star sticker on her right cheek. A stud, chain and clip on her left ear. Fishnet on her right leg. Polkadot stocking on her left leg. Gradient sleeves that go from Blue to Yellow.

By moi~♥


.:Recieved Art:.


Erin- x

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