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My Life
PLAN... tht won't work
ok ya i do have a plan... i mean i dont like mitch but i really want him 2 make him regret his decision... so i am going 2 pop up in his life EVERYWHERE i can control... so im going 2 the ymca everyother day and im bound 2 c him at one point... muhahahhah. then i could b like ya... we never saw eachother rolleyes hahahahhahahahhahaha then he'd b like DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG. hahahhahahahahaa i dont think he likes me but i mite just b able 2 rub this all in his face and feel so much better about everything... 1st day of school 100% Kristen... who looks so much better than usual... hahahahahhahahah xd xd xd xd and im gonna act like NOTHING happened and were still besties... hahahhahahaha and im gonna b all... heyyyy mittccchhh.. in my smexy green top... sleeveless btw (greens his favorite color) lol it'll catch his attention... and maybe his frands... lololololoooolllllllll hahahhahaha amanda when u read this dont kill me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sad hahhaha im not desperate im doing this fo myself... and it'll work IN MY HEAD. hah. i really did like this guy... psh o well... him and lauren look cuter together anywayyyy.

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commentCommented on: Wed Aug 05, 2009 @ 11:59pm
u go girl! xd

commentCommented on: Fri Aug 07, 2009 @ 04:23am
Kristen. This is physcotic. Don't even say it isn't, because if you do its denial xd . But seriously. I mean I understand the looking good part, but you don't have to be all stalkerish. I mean YOU know and I know your only going to the YMCA to see Mitch. Thats your main reason. I'm purposly being harsh by the way. I'm trying to force some sense into your girly little head of yours.

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