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this is a journal where i like to share all my MYSTERIOUS and PUZZLING things around me. Maybe sometimes even a practical joke. XD you can never guess. FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKES MYSTERIES AND LAUGHS!!!
my friend's secret admirer! (part 1)
It all started when my friend, Clemitino-amethyst, got a little gift from a anonymous person. The gift was a 4th Amigo Lucki Hat, and the message inside was very....WEIRD. This is what it said sad i got it from my friend)

Hello. I am giving you this present since we have just met. I hope you will like it because it is a marvelous gift and is perfect for you. You needn't give anything back; this is a beautiful gift...for a beautiful you.

After hearing that, my friend thought the whoever very kind. But i felt sick. XD She even said that on her profile. She had first thought me that person, playing a prank on her. Or my mom. LOL!!! Like my MOM would do anything like that. I told her she had a secret admirer, but instead of being scared, she was HAPPY of getting gifts. When i heard that little message, i laughed my head off! XD XD XD XD But at least we got some clues on who the person might be.

1) he/she XD likes to use very formal and um....BIG WORDS.
2) he/she likes to compliment my friend.

and im saying she too cuz u never know. XD though, my friend's a girl and shes no lesbian. XD This happened 2 or 3 days ago, 27th, 28th or 29th, july.


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