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Fox News: Emo/scean population hated
The f*cking Fox News had a report on 'emo' and 'scean' kids being killed and beaten by other kids of
around the same ages(some even a lot older than the victoms - victoms being the 'emos') on the streets.
They had this whole thing about 'emo' and 'scean' and 'gangster' and all of the labels. It was f*cking retarded,
because only 'emo/scean' kids are being hated.

Plus, the haters don't even have a good f*cking reason, just that they know they want to fit in, and need to be
popular, so they decide to go with the crowd and hate the 'emo/scean' population.

The 'emo/scean' ARE outcasts, but only because people fear the unknown, and the mysterious,
so therefore they decide to pick on them, so they feel better.

It's pretty much the same as animals and some humans.
Some people beat animals so they feel better, manlier, and stronger.
Like if there was a big horse, someone would beat it to feel bigger and manlier.
Pathetic, and disgusting in my opinion..

But back to the report; I actually cried.. they had a lot of really horrible clips that were filmed from
people's phones during the huge mob fight that broke out in the streets everywhere.

Like, for one example: it showed this 'gangster' guy slice an 'emo' guy's neck so he couldn't move, then beat the sh!t
out of him by kicking him, then the 'gangster' guy's friend came and ran over the 'emo' guy's head...

*gags* It was really horrible. crying
Plus, people who use knives in fights are wimps. They know they would be beaten if they faught fair. Further proof
that they were wimps, is that it took ALL the clique's gangs to go against one small 'emo/scean' comunity. Sad is what it is..

Also.. to make matters worse, 6 of my friends were involved in it!
And they were on the 'emo/scean' side, so it wasn't great.
They are all still alive though, so I am very glad.

Anyway.. To conclude this entry; if anyone would like to comment their opinion, feel free to do so.

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Unbeatable Ross
Community Member

Thu Aug 27, 2009 @ 03:45am

who were they?

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