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Yellow's Precious Thought-bin
Icing On The Cake

Oh... Oh my ******** god... K-Kay... is that really you...?

For the moment.

Why do you say that...?

Because I will not be on for long. So for the moment, I'm here.

Why isn't this reunion as joyful as I've been dreaming of for the last few months?

I don't know... Maybe Venus is in retrograde or something...

What did you do to yourself? You have no emotions. Is this how you dealt with it?
And I trust you know everything that's been going on with your family? I left a few updates... nothing of interest happened between them really.

My family left you and they left me. But that's alright. They were never really mine, anyway. They are the Children of the Earth. They come and go as they please. And it pleased them to leave me, because they knew I no longer needed them.

Just as you no longer need me. Amanda, you have to let me go. I won't be coming back again. A lot of things have happened, and we... I don't expect we will ever see each other again. I don't mean to cause you pain, but you have to let me go. You don't need me, anymore. Let me go.

And open up to new people, would you? It won't kill you. Unless you still believe in cooties, in which case, I do this *hits you with a fly swatter*

I'll be alright. So will the Children. So will you. You just need to let me go.

What brought this on? You said so yourself that it would only be a little while and then we'd be together again. I know you have an ulterior motive for doing this. So what is it? What's causing this? Just severing all ties to the spirit world, or what?

Just let me go, Amanda. You'll probably hate me for a long time. I'd expect nothing else. But you have to let me go.

But you know I won't. I haven't, in all our lives together. I'm never going to let go. You can tell me to over and over and over again, but you know that I won't let go. I'll always check your last login date. I'll always wonder how you're doing. And you know I will.
Now tell me what's making you do this. This isn't you. This doesn't feel like you. Something's happened. Are you really so far gone that you've forgotten you can talk to me about anything?

I'm not gone, Amanda. I'm changing. You can't understand... You won't understand, no matter how much explaining I do. Just let me go. Please. Just let me go already.


Copy-pastad. Completely unfiltered, completely unaltered.
This, on top of everything else today.

You canNOT convey the depths of the misery I'm feeling right now.

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