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Misteria Winters ~ OC
Name ~ Misteria Lavender Penelope Elizabeth Winters
Nicknames ~ Misty, Mist
Age ~ Appears 19, but is 287
Race ~ Vampire
Orientation ~ Straight
Birthday ~ 18th November 1642
Star Sign ~ Scorpio
Biography ~ Misteria was born into a rich family in London. She grew up to be a beautiful young woman who was highly respected in the community. One day, when she entered a pub her father was in to fetch him, a male vampire spotted her. Due to her beauty, he thought she'd be a perfect mate.

That night, while Misteria was grooming her white mare, Duchess, the male vampire (whose name was Antonio) snuck up on her & knocked her out. He took her to his mansion and turned her into a vampire in a matter of seconds. Misteria was still unconscious during this so she didn't feel the pain.

When she woke up, she found out she was a vampire & didn't like it one bit, unfortunately, she couldn't destroy herself, even after many attempts. She has wondered the earth since.
Personality ~ Misteria is a smart person, who is not easily fooled. She is usually up-beat, happy, excitable & joyful. She is also temperamental which means she can lose her temper if provoked.
Powers ~ Misteria's main power is shifting. Shifting is when a person can change what their wearing & what make-up and/or hairstyle they have in less then a millisecond. Misteria can also created force & counter shields. She can manipulate fire & ice. Misteria also has a rare power of speaking to animals.
Pet/s ~ A vampire Kitten Called Sooty who rides in her arms. Sooty is black with bright green eyes.
Appearance ~ Misteria is quite tall. She has a slender figure. Misteria's hair is dark black with 5 dark purple high-lights through it. It is straight & goes to her waist. Her eyes a beautiful shade of purple. She wears a dark purple tank top, black jeans & scarf. On her feet are a pair of black strap shoes. She has a silver charm bracelet on each arm and a silver pedant of a clover around her neck.
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