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so i have been putting lyrics/poems in my arenas and people started liking and my score was going higher then i put in some paint pics, and people were too harsh, people are like that on gaia most of them are snots, even some of my friends, but the friends i can talk to like them, no body realizes that i have a dislocated wrist that has been dislocated ever since 6th grade, so it is hard to keep my hand so delicated to make shading and all, and these people dont even care, it hurts so bad, but i willing to have pain to make art

plus a special therory is said that a picture is never done because no picture can be done only depends on how you think

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Wed Jul 01, 2009 @ 08:25pm

Then i put in some paint pics, and people were too harsh

Uh-huh... do go on...

people are like that on gaia most of them are snots

Coincidental that this happened to be published the same day I decided to review one of your artworks? I did not step your puppy. I did not do anything evil.
If you are going to call me something, especially over the internet, do to my face. You are acting as if I'm some kind of serial killer and you're the helpless victim.
Do you want me to apologize for giving you tips on what to improve? Is that what you want from me? I swear, I'll apologize for it, even if I don't mean it, just to solve this petty like grudge you obviously hold against me for it. You apparently have something against me because I didn't tell you, "Oh, good job, lol." I told you something called criticism. You wanted comments on your picture. This is where the phrase, beggars can't be choosers comes into play.
I don't understand why you harbor ill feelings towards me. I know I didn't tread on thin ice because I sure as hell didn't go, "You fail, lol -39/4". Please, enlighten me, what did I do wrong?
I keep telling you over and over again I helped you. I'm sorry your fragile little ego was hurt in the process but I'm not going to praise you for work you can improve on. I don't get why I'm being singled out all of a sudden. I can't possibly fathom it. How was my comment harsh!? I don't' understand! Since you apparently know everything, please, tell me! Point out the evilness in it, all might one!

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