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my so called "friend"
me and my 'friend' katy were talking on aim and this was our conversation.. see who's side you want to be on. mine, or katy's. i wont get mad if you want to say youre on katy's side bc its a two way street anyway. btw, im Mrsnoelleblack, and K4TYbuggrz is Katy. i did say some really mean things but hey, thats what i thought. i warn you, its long.
here it is:

K4TYbuggrz (4:24:35 PM): u really need to get it through ur head that when we fight, u dont talk to me.
K4TYbuggrz (4:25:02 PM): idc if u want to be all nice around amber but im not lettin this go
MrsNoelleBlack (4:25:03 PM): you need to get over yourself

Auto Response from K4TYbuggrz (4:25:03 PM): bday on saturday!!!!!!!!!! oooooooooh yea

K4TYbuggrz (4:25:54 PM): omg u are acting so bipolar!!!! during skool ur all happy and then u come home and are...UUGH dont talk to me at skool.
MrsNoelleBlack (4:26:21 PM): its called ACTING
MrsNoelleBlack (4:26:30 PM): youthink im acutally happy today?
MrsNoelleBlack (4:26:35 PM): pssh.
K4TYbuggrz (4:26:54 PM): nope im not stupid. do me a huge favor and dont waste ur time acting cuz im not acting back.
MrsNoelleBlack (4:27:03 PM): never asked you to
MrsNoelleBlack (4:27:11 PM): YOURE blowing this out of proportion
K4TYbuggrz (4:27:13 PM): i know im just letting you know.
MrsNoelleBlack (4:27:41 PM): w/e.
K4TYbuggrz (4:27:42 PM): im not blowing this out of proportion im doing what i need to to get away from you. ur not worth it.
MrsNoelleBlack (4:27:46 PM): YEA RIGHT
MrsNoelleBlack (4:27:49 PM): YOURE not?
MrsNoelleBlack (4:27:56 PM): im not doing anything WRONG
K4TYbuggrz (4:27:57 PM): idc what u think of me anymore
MrsNoelleBlack (4:28:17 PM): you think i care either?
K4TYbuggrz (4:28:25 PM): i know u dont
K4TYbuggrz (4:28:33 PM): im just setting it straight
MrsNoelleBlack (4:28:44 PM): why are you starting this all? just bc im different? that doesnt matter.
K4TYbuggrz (4:29:24 PM): i am not the one that started this. you did by giving me a freaking color how rediculous do u expect me to let this get??
MrsNoelleBlack (4:30:13 PM): wtf its a stupid color, its not like i go around making fun of people for it
MrsNoelleBlack (4:30:19 PM): i dont see the big deal
K4TYbuggrz (4:30:51 PM): um normal people dont sort out their friends by color and then deny that they ever cared about looks. its messed up noelle u need to come to reality.
MrsNoelleBlack (4:31:32 PM): few things..
1 - i dont care, if i DID care, i wouldnt be doing this and 2 - look in the mirror and THINk about what youve been fighting with me over.
K4TYbuggrz (4:31:59 PM): wat the f is this supposed to mean?!?!
MrsNoelleBlack (4:32:27 PM): im not messed up about this. you dont seem to like it that i want to go gothic or emo or w/e you wanna call it.
K4TYbuggrz (4:32:54 PM): at first no i didnt now i really dont care cuz i dont want to deal with u anymore
MrsNoelleBlack (4:33:20 PM): then WHY are you still talking to me?
K4TYbuggrz (4:34:20 PM): because i need to set this straight with you: i dont want you faking or acting or whatever it is that u call it cuz its a waste of your time. ill never go back to being yor friend so just stop.
MrsNoelleBlack (4:34:45 PM): ill do whatever the ******** i want
K4TYbuggrz (4:35:16 PM): not if i have anything to say about it now get the h away from me
K4TYbuggrz signed off at 4:35:20 PM.
K4TYbuggrz is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.
K4TYbuggrz went away at 4:36:54 PM.
MrsNoelleBlack (4:37:23 PM): w/e.. i said ill do whatever the ******** i want and you cant control me, no matter what your stupid little brain makes you think... which probably isnt much
K4TYbuggrz (4:43:51 PM): o m f g u are rediculous
MrsNoelleBlack (4:44:10 PM): better than what youre being anyway.
K4TYbuggrz (4:44:22 PM): i dont care what u think
MrsNoelleBlack (4:44:40 PM): never thought you did
K4TYbuggrz (4:46:11 PM): u no wat im not playing this game with you anymore and u can do all you want idc but i know who i am as a person and u cant change that no matter what u think.
MrsNoelleBlack (4:47:05 PM): you think this is about me trying to change YOU? YOU are the one that was trying to keep me from breaking off from you guys. and you sound SO cheesy when you say "im not playing this game anymore" its SO stupid.
K4TYbuggrz (4:47:28 PM): once again i dont care what u think
K4TYbuggrz (4:47:33 PM): im done here
K4TYbuggrz signed off at 4:47:36 PM.
K4TYbuggrz is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.
MrsNoelleBlack (4:47:37 PM): w/e b***h
K4TYbuggrz is unable to receive offline IMs.
MrsNoelleBlack (4:48:51 PM): FREAK why are you running away when YOU started the conversation?!
K4TYbuggrz is unable to receive offline IMs.

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  • User Comments: [4]
    Community Member

    Thu May 28, 2009 @ 02:15am

    Omg Raya.... xD

    Alice Hale1324
    Community Member

    Sat Jun 06, 2009 @ 09:56am

    that was the most random convo ever but i choose your side because you make the most sense and katty sounds like a b***h... yeah... ttyl selena alice w/e

    Community Member

    Sun Jun 07, 2009 @ 01:01am

    your side is kinda funny! LOL she is all like serious and your just making jokes..i agree with alice...she does sound like a b***h! and i always take your side! even if you say the sky is pink with lime green polka dots ill stilll agree..and then ask you if you are on crack....LOL!!!!:--DDDDDDDD


    Community Member

    Sun Jun 07, 2009 @ 03:12am

    .............i'm on ur side Alice Cosie cause to me ur friend just started the argument so she can win it ad is saying stuff that isnt at all in the subject

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