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So you wish to escape?...........
misfits ch2 part 1
where we left off amy now found herself in a werehouse with a familar scrachy vioce ok..........[gatta get back in the mood lol]......''so ur finally awake?'' nero smirked at amy seeing her in utter fear gave him the up most pleasure. ''dude whats ur problem let me out of here and wheres mim?!'' amy was furiosly yelling ''why shes right her cutie'' nero now pionted to a lifless corpes she had just knowtest lying on the ground ''oh my god! mimi!'' there was fresh red blood smeered alll over her neck...well what remained of it. her limbs where broken so she couldnt run or try to stuggle ''u should have seen her when i devoured her, heh heh she kept beging for me to let her and u go, of couse i shall fufill half of her request.'' ''wh-.... what do u mean?'' amy didnt even really want to know what he had in store. ''iv decided to keep u alive amy heart , u shoyld be gratful to ur friend for asking...heh but by the time im done with u your ganna wish she hadnt......'' ''u funking basterd youll never get away with this my brothers going to kill you!'' nero punch amy out cold then she slowly slowly faded back into darkness................
''lulu.....lulu..........hey lulu wake up dummy!'' ''huh..wazzat?''lulu awakned to pleasantly familar face '' jeez lulu ull fall alsleep just about anywhere huh?'' rio let out a soft chuckle ''0///0 oh im sorry i didnt mean to knock out like that....i... just didnt rest to well last night...'' '' i dont blame ya.'' ''rio?....'' lulu started '' last night... it was real wasnt it...amy and mimi are gone arnt they'' lulu now started to tear up ''hey no tears!'' rio quickly wiped of lulus face '' u gatta be strong for me ok lulu?'' ''i will...but for now is it ok to cry... just for right now?'' rio sighed and huged lulu as she begain to sob in his arms [aaaaaaaaaaw whee ]

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