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Days and Thoughts of My Life Random thoughts of mine that I don't know how to interpret nor to store it else where in my brain o_o Reading this is not encouraged, nor suggested 0_0

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Again with the warning >_>
Reading this is not encouraged, because it contains mostly about my random thoughts that I don't know to put it else where in my brain o_o

So yeah, this is the first day of mock examinations week. =_=''
ugh yeah I felt so unmotivated since morning... I guess I'll take a break...
today's indonesian test was running up smoothly I guess, but when it comes to maths... ughhhh... I think I'm gonna faint @_@''
Tomorrow's subject are english and maths... maths as the starter, this is just great =_='' english is fine I guess, though my grammar keeps crashing down and stuff.. I hate to admit, but despite my wants to get high score in maths and chemistry, I feel rather unmotivated and sluggish..
So erm... you know what I do when I'm stressed/bored/sad..
yes i imagine a lot, many people regard me as a crazy individual because of this because people think that I have an unusually overactive imagination for a 16 year old, I do feel it too, but.. man, this is me! If I ain't imagine then my name is not Audrey! XD
So my imagination for today is...
how if I were born as a fish... I'd live under the water, swimming free, but then people would catch me and probably eat me ._.''
and how if I were born as a bird... I'd soar so high and feel the adrenaline circulates around my body as the wind passes by, but then a hunter would shoot me and I'd be a dead meat ._.''
and the weirdest thing I imagined today is that... how about.. if the world comes to an end and I reincarnated as an... alien? D:
Now I keep thinking about the intelligence I must have and the super capability and all those sophisticated technology I can make o_o
But then I came back to earth thanks to the teacher's loud voice saying "TIME'S UP!" and I was like D: wut?!
I don't know if I can survive if I keep imagining like this, because since I were a kid, I believe that small figures can move by itself at night, and I also believed that bank gives you free money, I imagined if I could have a private play house of my own with trampoline as the ground and stuffed animals scattered everywhere.. When I was a kid, I believed that this world is so perfect until I reached the age of 10 or so, then I began to realize that there are many flaws in this world I'm living in. But hey, screw that, right? I still believe that our world can be as good as it is now, and we can maintain it if we could only imagine the beautiful world of our own =p
I know I'm such a weirdo aren't I? D:

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