name:Kristina Nicole
birthday:july, 11th
where u were born:Austin, TX St. David
currently living:RR TX
eye colour:Brown
happy with it?:No
hair colour:Brown
happy with it?:not realy


food: Fruit! and fish, espechualy tuna~
colour:Very very dark orange, and rainbow!
drink:Root beer!!!
person:I hate pepole >;o muahaha!
celebrity: I Hate Celebritys
country: Djibouti (funny name)
game:Fiesta (online game), and of course Gaia, and Lode runner
tv show:SpongeBob
movie:I Am Legend, Coraline
song:Crank dat screamo, Ravers Fantacy,Numa Numa Remix
singer:Who ever sings for Escape the fate
band:Escape the fate, Avenged Sevenfold
clothing brand: Don't have one
shoe brand:Im not a shoe lover, i dont care what brand ether.
day of the week:Friday
fast food:Sonics tater-tots
animal: Wolf, Cat,cyote,fox
magazine:Not into magazine
book:Warriors, Eragon, Eldest, Julie of the wolfs,Brisingr((i cryed at the end D; ))
cd: No fav CD
fairytale character:Sapphira, HollyLeaf, JayFeather, BreezePaw (out of sympathy points)


name ur friendz:Leana,Sammie,Erica,Victoria,Emily,Ashley,Lezeth,Ingrid,Jasmine,Itma,Nialie ((wow, and i had no freinds last year ;D ))
ur best friendz:hmm,only just met them all realy
funniest:i dunno
dumbest:none >;o
meanest:Lezeth and erica
shyest:Ashley i would beleve ;P
outgoing:sam and deja
loudest: Deja
skinniest:deja and/or mollie
biggest nerd:lol, idk
most popular:i dunno!


coke or pepsi:Coke
cat or dog:Cat
basketball or football:Basketball
obese or anorexic:None O.o
chocolate or vanilla:Vanilla
adidas or nike:whats adidas? O.O
MTV or VH1:I don't watch TV anymore
blind or deaf:Blind (like JayFeather)
fruit or vegetables:Fruit
msn or yahoo:Yahoo
myspace or bebo:Nether
black or white:Black
money or love:Love
love or friendz:Both (I can't choose O.o)
cute or hot:I care for whats on the inside
hot or cold:Cold
rough or smooth:Smooth
color or black and white: colorfull!
sky or sea:Sky
tv or movies:TV


time u cryed:Wene i finished reading brisingr D;
person u called:Amy
person who called u:Club gen ppl
person u hugged:My lil bros.
person u kissed:No one
thing u said: ;D
song u sang:whatever plays on my playlist
song u listened to:Crank dat screamo
movie u saw:Hortan hears a who and coraline and tails of desparo
time u got drunk:Never
time u ate: Just now
time u dyed ur hair: Never
time u had a shower:long time O.o
time u cleaned ur teeth:also long time o.O


people: ;D
green:Trees ( Go Green! ;D)
guys: Dudes
homeless people:Hobos Rule All
anorexic: Damn Skinny
mirror:MORE SPARKLE!!!
hurt surprised ww D;
pillow razz ILLOW FIGHT!!
french maid:Zomg.....
kiss: i wish
christina aguilera:Whos that? XD
britney spears:WTF?


kiss ur elbow:Maby.....wait...nope
touch ur nose with ur tongue:No D:
twist ur hand all the waii around:Almost
make ur shoulder upside down...i can: how da fook u do dat!?
do body skips:Body wha...?
do frontflips:Nope
do the splitz:Nope
sing good:I duno
draw good:Jess
put ur leg over ur head:Nope
predict the future:Nope
stick ur fist in ur mouth:Nope DX
touch ur toes:well....yeah
live without ur family: Posibly not


star sign:a wha....?
height:I duno
weight:I duno
hair length:I duno
ur heritage:American,Irish,German,Hispanic, maby indan(native american/texan)
siblings?:jess 4o'dem
if so..whats there names and ages:Well Names are none of your buissness....RAPEST! see her Kate(16)Julian(8 )Jordan(4)Jeramiah[miah](2)
mums name:Virgina or Marie
mums age:I Duno
dads name:Mel
dads age:40sumthin
any pets:two
what are they biggrin og and hamster
ur clothing style:What ever looks good and or cute
if u were a crayon what colour would u be:Grey
thin or full lipz:Full, i think..
is ur room messy:Yes
fave music genre:Heavy Metal
fave gurlz name:O.O ummmm,idk.....
fave boiz name:Bob all the way woot!


are u in a relationship:Nope
first crush: Dyllion
how old were u:my age, i still like him
first kiss:Nope


skipped skool:No, i skipped first period once O.O
faked being sick:No
swore at ur parents:Almost
what about ur teachers:No
got suspended:No
if yes..for what:
killed someone:NO
read the WHOLE dictionary: Pfft i wish
started a fire:Yes, not like a building O.o
been in a fight:A verbal and small fight w/ a freind
how did it go?It was a very short one
been on tv:No
broken the law:Yes (littering XP)
been out of the country or state:No
skinny dipped:No
been on stage:Yes
bungee jumped:No
been in love:Yes
been dumped:Yes

5 people u love:

2.My lil bros
3.Mum n' Dad
4.My sis is kinda awsome
5.I dont have a 5!?!?

2 people u hate