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A last Chance and A last Dance... (chapter 5)
cat=pink, Jasdero=royalblue, Debitto=darkblue, Mizu=green, Tyki=olive,earl=darkred, road=purple, Howard Link=gray Malcom Leverier=red (don't ask why he's in it) Komui=orange Hevlaska=yellow, Komurin MAX=lightgreen, Kiyuki=cyan,General Cross=brown (maybe I'll let him die this time *evil horns appear), Allen Walker=softgray() is in his/her thoughts
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Did you ever hear your heartbeat become quieter after some time? It sounds horrible... Jasdero... why couldn't you resist the Earl? Why did you froze me? Did you thought that I had forgotten about you when I hugged Tyki? What is it? Tell me! ... I need a familiar voice... Your voice... Your embrace... Your smile...
(Oi, you okay?)
(C'mon, don't be stubborn, or I'll let the tease eat you!)
(Tyki!? How? Where?)
(I'm talking to you with telepathy. Normally it only works with akuma...)
(I...I can't move...)
(Guess the kid froze you, us... But don't worry. You'll defrost soon enough.)
(I feel faint too... But, where are you?)
(I escaped out of the ice, though the Earl thinks I'm still trapped... He'll find out and then I need to hide for a while...)
(I just was... Is he going to be okay?)
(He was sad when he left you behind...)
(G-Good to know...)
(He'll never forget you...)
*a bush rustled nearby Tyki*
(I have to leave! I'm discovered! Take good care of the twins!! Argh!!!)
(Tyki! Tyki!!!!)

In the Arc:
*an Akuma comes near the earl and whispers something in his ear and leaves after*
*nods* My childeren... you all have done well. But please leave me alone to talk with the akuma.
Alright Millenie! *grabs Lero* Oh, and say hi to uncle Tyki!
I will Road.
C'mon twins! I need your help to make some voodoo dolls!
*they both follow Road who left the room*

Bring him in.
*the akuma bows and places a restrangled Tyki at the other side of the table*
Now Tyki... We're have you been? Road was worried.
You can't keep me here! I'll escape!
Now, now, do you really want to end up like the 14th?
Why won't you let them go!? Take me instead!
*wiggles his finger* No need to. Now that the exorcists will die, they don't want to leave anymore.
*gasps* (Doesn't he know?)
Now, instead of protecting them, join us again.
*takes a sig out of his pocket and lights it* It would be a pleasure~
Very well, welcome back Tyki Mikk, Noah of Pleasure.

At the woods end:
*both Cat and Mizu are lying against the ground in a deep fog, Mizu has some burns and Cat has some frost wounds*
It's been a while since there was a thick fog... How I'll ever get to the... *trips over the girls* What the..!?
*it stays quiet for a time*
Are those....exorcists?! ... I can't leave them behind. *picks them both up and drags them towards the Black Order and swats the Tease and Tease-Diseases away* Go away nasty bugs!

At the Black Order:
*shows him the girls*
*looks at them* What are you standing there, Inspector Link!? Bring them to sickbay!
Yes, inspector!
I'll inform Supervisor Komui.
*he does what Leverier commanded him*

At the sickbay:
*slowly sits up, rubbing her head* ugh...Where am I?
You two are lucky that I found you.
That uniform... *gasps* I gotta get out of here! *winces in pain*
Lie down, please. So you can recover.
*Looks at Mizu* What happened to her?
She had some nasty burns... And you had...
I know what I had... *glares at Link*
*comes in and looks at Cat* Amazing, really amazing.
Go away!
Seems like you remember me. You would've been a great student if you weren't expelled.
I was the worst student ever! I hated the school and the teachers! D&
*looks at her claws* Seems like it evolved a couple of times already. *blinks* But...what's that?
*Looks too*
0.0 The Noah's pentacle!
*storms inside* I adore new exorcists! Especially because I can research them!
*he whispers to leverier* Aren't going to tell him about the pentacle?
That's not for him to hear...yet...
Hello! I'm Supervisor Komui! And welcome to the Black Order!
I know everything about you!!
0.0 Y-You do?!
Yes! You're Kiara Foxami, previous member of the Black order school and you knocked out one of our teacher! Nobody ever knocked them out!
*pokes Komui* Supervisor, can you research them now, please?
Does it hurt?
Oh no! It doesn't!

At Komui's lab:
Enter and sit in the chair.
*nods* Right! *carefully sits down and looks around* (Looks like a hospital...)
Alright! Let's get started. *he binds her to the chair*
Um....Komui why do I have to be...
*is holding a large drill* What?
*starts researching*
*shrieks in horror , pain and anything else that's bad of what you can think of*
*is standing outside with Link* It's begun.
I wonder if she would survive Hevlaska...
Supervisor Link. Follow her after Hevlaska's visit and report everything you find out to me.

Road's room:
C'mon!! Make a voodoo dollie of it!!
It's not that easy!
*is playing with a chickie* Hee~
Try harder!! scream
Alright, alright, jeez... stare *he whispers some spells* It's done...you happy now?
*swings it around* No! Now do all these dollies!!
You're joking right?
Just make voodoo dollies!!
okay...*does the same spells and hands hem to Road*
*his thoughts drift of when he looks at Road's smile* Cat...
*looks at Dero, making a "Don't worry" face*
*holds up 2 dollies that she recently made that look exacly like Cat and Mizu* Aren't they good looking? Devi voodoo them!
*the both stare at the dollies*
W-we need to go!
To see if the exorcists have died, hee~
*they both run off*
Jasdevi is lame stare

Back at the order:
*is shivering like crazy*
Hevlaska! There's a new exorcist!
Who's Hevlaska anyway? *white looking arms suddenly picks her up*
Thank you Komui, for bringing her here.
What is that!? Lemme go!!! *activates Innocence but it all looks beaten and crushed, and screams in pain*
Calm down, dear... I'm just checking. Synch rate at 69%.
That's quite high after the rough time she had.
Wait! What's this!? *gasps as she sees the pentacle in Cat's neck*
*looks confused*
*quickly puts Cat down* Komui! bring me the other exorcist!
What's wrong, Hevlaska?
Bring the other exorcist!

Road's Room:
*walks in* Yo Road!
Uncle Tyki! *clings* I missed you~
I missed you too, Road *pets her* Where are the Twins?
They left a while ago, to check on the heavily wounded exorcists.
*pokes his arm* You look hurt!
Hehehe. Worried? *smiles at her*

In the Orders Halls:
(What was that with Hevlaska?)
*ignores Cat and opens the door of the sickbay* Ayane Mizuki?
*spots Mizu and smiles* I'm glad you're fine.
It still hurt but I'm okay. I see that you can walk again.
*comes closer to Mizu* Welcome to the Black Order, I'm Supervisor Komui.
One thing, supervisor. Don't call me Ayane, it's Mizu!
*nods* Understood, but first I have to do a research, so if you would follow me?
Cat-chan. Stay here for the time being.
Okay, supervisor.
*they both leave*
*sighs deeply and sits on her bed*
Huh? *looks around*
*appears from behind a curtain*
0.0 Are you a perv!?
It's my order to spy on you.
*glares* It still doesn't give you the right to call me a traitor.
Don't you know about what I'm talking? It's this. *comes closer and wants to point at her neck*
One more step and it'll be my duty to wound you!
Wait! *grabs a mirror and hands it over* Look at your neck.
It better be worth it! *looks and spots the pentacle and freezes* (What's that? I thought that my innocence would take the venom away...)
It's called The Noah's Pentacle. It shows that you are a traitor, that you have hugged a Noah at free will.
*looks quite shocked* (That's why Hevlaska freaked out...)
But! Normally the pentacle should be red. Did you...
Why should you care? *looks away*
*sits aside a carefully touches her arm* The Noah are our enemies... We just don't want you to get hurt again...
*stands up, pushing his hand away* Jasdero wouldn't hurt me!!
But he did, didn't he?
*growls softly with tears in her eyes*

Komui's lab (again):
Sit down in the chair, Mizu.
So....a research... does it hurt?
Oh no, it doesn't! *binds Mizu to the chair*
*grabs his drill* Let's get started!
*outside the lab again* I haven't checked you yet, but I suppose you won't be any diffrence...

At the woods end:
Where are they!?
Look! *points at the ground with still has some tracks*
Let's go, Jasdero!
Right! Hee~
*they follow the tracks*

Hevlaska's place:
(I just hope Hevlaska has calmed down...)
Where are we going?
You'll see ^-^
Huh? *suddenly is picked up* Hey! What's!?
I'm Hevlaska.
I-I'm Mizu.
Don't be affraid my child.
I'm not!
Hm... Synch rate: 64%.
So so.
*looks at mizu's neck and quickly puts her down* They both! No!
Hevlaska! What's wrong!!
Komui! Bring her away! *fades away*
What is it with her lately?

Road's room:
They're long gone... *stands up to leave*
Tickie!!! I wanne come with you!
Sorry Road.
Why can't I ever get my fun!? D&
It's personal.
I'm family! Tell me!
*crouches and lays his hand on her head* If you are older then I'll tell you...
I'm older then you! I'm the first-born Noah!!
I just can't tell you, Road. *stands up and leaves*
It's just not fair!!! D&

*is hugging Cat to cheer her up* It'll all be okay...
*comes in with Mizu and Komui* Ahum!
I-Inspector! *sweatdrops and releases her*
Come with me, Inspector Link! *walks outside*
Mizu, Cat, stay here. *also leaves*
They know about us...Jasdevi...
What!? How!?
There's a pentacle in our necks... *shows her*
Shall....we run?
We have to stop running... we can't escape our fate...

*still folowing the tracks*
Kids! Wait!
*appears out of nowhere* Do you want the earl to find out?
Jasdevi doesn't love them anymore! Hee~
Then why do you two follow their paths?
Didn't Road tell you? We wanted to check if our preys are dead.
Yea, teehee~
Though I want to believe that but is that what you really feel?
*is quite pissed* YEAH THAT'S WHAT I FEEL!!! *storms away*
Debitto wait!! *follows*
*shakes head*
*has heard everything from behind a bush* =o

Hevlaska's room:
Hevlaska, have you seen it?
So you do know too...
As you see they aren't a treat to the Order.
Sillence! I shall not consider the question why that you were hugging our enemy!
Enemy!? Those two exorcists are recovering from a fight with the Noah!
Those two exorcists are traitors!
Hevlaska! Is that true!?
Komui... have you looked at their necks?
It's probably a pentacle from the akuma's poison.
Please, Komui. Even you know better that that is a lie!
I understand... So...what's their fate?
Because they are exorcists, they shall not be eliminated. Unless they become a Noah theirselves. Inspector Link shall follow them everywhere they go.
But what if they split up!?
Follow the one that's most suspicious. By those meanings, Kiara.

The Earl's table:
*comes in and sits down*
Hello Road.
*stares at the table and ignores him*
Huh? *looks up*
You know something that I don't know... Why won't you tell me, my child?
... *stands up and leaves*
Perhaps, Tyki knows more of this.

*enters the room and stares at the girls*
You two are lucky, for now.
Whadda ya mean for now!?
We don't know when but it'll happen eventually. For that time being, I shall follow you everywhere you go.
*rolls her eyes* Great instead a perv, he's become a stalking perv! xD
I'm not a stalker! Nor a perv!! But! *turns around and picks up a giant pile of cakes and smiles*
What's the catch? stare
*steals the plate and munches* No catch!! *eats them one by one*
*sweatdrops* Quite an appetite! sweatdrop
Yea, you get used to it. ^^

yea, Jasdero?
Why did Devi was that mean against Tyki?
I'm bad in expressing my feelings, alright?
Does Devi really don't like Mizu anymore?
Jasdero..Even if we love them, we couldn't be together anymore. Or do you wanne hurt her again?
So...then why is Jasdevi going to the Order?
To check on them *smiles softly*
Teehee~ devi cares! *he hugs his brother*
*hugs back* We better go quickly, it's getting dark...

*they already sat there for a couple of hours*
I'm outta here...
No! You must stay here to recover! That's the nurse's order!
Chill, Link. Komui gave me a room. I'm going to sleep there.
I'll be awake really soon in the morning. Come by if you REALLY need to check on me. Bye Mizu ^^ *leaves*
I'm gonna sleep here. *points at the door*
*nods and leaves*

Road's room:
*is playing with some dolls when Tyki comes in*
Yo Road.
Hi... did you see the Twins?
Yeah *sits down in a couch and lights a sig*
*glares at Tyki*
What's the matter, Road?
That you kept Jasdevi's secret for youself!! D&
Jealous maybe?
*crosses arms* if the Earl knows this!
If you keep it to yourself, then you'll get a nice big lolly!
Don't try to rip me off!! D&
I'll tell you were Allen Walker is.
0w0 Roadie goes hush!
*Lero was listening too*

Cat's room:
*deeply sighs and drops herself on her bed* Tired... *and falls asleep*
*some hours pass by*
*they reach the front of the Order*

I'm going to search for Mizu. Let's get back here in an hour or when you hear an alarm.
Right, heehee~ *he searches and searches untill he finds her room and he softly pushes the door open and it squeaked quietly*
*is still in her bed sleeping*
*tip-toes inside and sits beside her, looking at her face and he whispers her name* Cat~
*she rolls over like she could heard him and hugs*
*hugs tightly back and sniffles* Jasdero is so happy that Cat is fine...
*softly winces from the wounds and whispers his name in her sleep* Jasdero...
*hears some footsteps and runs of, giving her a final look*
Hm? *slowly awakes and looks around* Jasdero? *shrugs and removes some bandages* stupid extra weight... gotta get rid of it.
*pulls of her shirts and only has a pants and bra on, looks out of the window and does some push-ups on one hand*

Sickbay (Mizu's side):
*is asleep*
*some hours pass by*
*they reach the front of the Order*

I'm going to search for Mizu. Let's get back here in an hour or when you hear an alarm.
Right, heehee~
*finds her quickly* Mizu... *pokes her*
*wakes up and blinks*
You're awake ^-^
*makes a fist and hits him* That's for setting me on fire!!
Ouch... *rubs his cheek when he's on the floor* Was that really neccesary?!
Yes, it was! *crosses arms*
*slowly gets up* Hey! I'm really sorry, you know?!
Hmph!*closes eyes*
*grabs her face with both hands and looks her straight in the eyes*
0///0 D-Debitto?
*smiles and hears some footsteps* Sorry Mizu, I have to go... *leaves*

Where's Jasdero?
*comes running* Dero is sorry. Dero couldn't leave Cat alone...
It's okay. Let's get back to the arc soon, before the Earl finds out.
Yeah! Heehee~
*a door appears in front of them and it opens*
*walks out of it while, nibbling on a lolly*
*sweatdrops* Road!
Are you coming or not?
*nods* Alright! *pulls Devi with him*
*the door closes after that they entered and fades away*

Cat's room (morning):
*still doing the push-ups* 4308....4309....4410... Guess no record today... 4415...4416...
*just enters without knocking and looks at Cat while blushing*
Hm? *looks at the door and collapses when she spots Link* 0////0 Get out!!!
*closes the door* I'm sorry, I'm sorry!!
*quickly puts a shirt on* Never heard of knocking!?
Y-You said I could check on you, early in the morning!
*Opens the door* If you had knocked, this wouldn't have happened!! scream
I said I was sorry! *holds up a plate full with cakes*
I'm not hungry... *slams the door closed*
*blinks* Small fuse, I guess... *goes towards sickbay*

The arc:
*yawns and stretches* Morning Earl. *sits down*
Yea! Heehee~ *does the same*
Good morning, Twins.
*comes in, staring at Jasdevi* Hi Millenie &3
*and right after Road, tipps his hat* Good morning, Earl. *sits down*
Hello Road and Tyki.
*Lero whispers something to the Earl*
*Everyone looks at him*
Why Lero, did you really think I didn't know?
I know where Jasdevi went to. I even know why they went!
*everyone else at the table look shocked but Jasdevi the most*
Nobody can hide anything from the Earl!
*whispers to Tyki* Did you tell him?
I told nobody... Road found out herself. And she didn't tell anyone too...
That means that the exorcists are going to die, right....
My dear Jasdero, no they aren't. And I know that you two know their names.
Ooooooh are they going to be my new dollies? *wiggles the dolls of Cat and Mizu*
(Luckily I haven't put voodoo magic on those dolls...)
No Road, no new dolls.
They'll come in handy later.

Sickbay (morning):
*knocks on the door since he doesn't want another scene*
*opens the door* ...
Ms.Mizuki, I...
*Walks past him and ignores*
*walks toward Link* Anything to report?
*still holding the plate with cakes* Nothing odd to report, Inspector!
How strange... I've heard voices in Ms.Foxami and Ms.Mizuki room this night but when I peeked, nobody else was inside except for themselves. *grabs a cakes and munches* Mmm!

Komui's office:
*is already sitting in front of his desk* Hi Mizu...
*sits down too* Hi Cat...
*eventually comes in too* Good morning, Cat and Mizu. *spots that cat doesn't have any bandages anymore* Did you have premission of the nurse for removing the bandages?
Don't need them...
How did you get those bruises anyway?
I rather not tell sweatdrop
Anyway, why I called you here. It may be early but, I want you two to infiltrate the Noah's arc.
0.0 *falls of her chair*
Yes. We need to know when the Noah's are going to attack the Order. And since you two know the Noah, you shall infiltrate.
B-But Komui!
You'll get a new uniform which shall protect you from fire and ice.
Komui! Listen!
Go meet up with Inspector Leverrier to pick up your uniforms. Bye bye ^-^
*they both leave*
(Has he gone mad?)
(Oh boy, we're screwed...)

*some time passes by*

*hands the uniforms over* (They are going to betray us again...)
(I hope I don't need to follow them.)
*takes the uniform and her tummy growls* Um... sweatdrop
You hungry again?
*nods* ^^;;
Can we eat before we leave?
We don't want our exorcists to strave, do we? *suspicious smile*
*comes running* Look! Look! I made a new Komurin!
*it appears*
I call it: Komurin MAX!!!
You sure that this one is harmless?
No need to worry! Komurin is updated to the latest technology! It can clean, cook and many other things! &3
Insert Order.
I'll have a terriaki Beef, please.
New goal: Cook Terriaki Beef. *does so and a plate comes out of its chest with Terriaki Beef on it*
*grabs the plate and eats* ^-^ Not bad! Not bad at all!
Insert Order.
Um... I'll have koi, soba, potaties au gratin, dry curry, french fries, mapo tofu, beef stew, meat pie, calpaccho, nashigoren, chicken with tuna salad, rice,... *keeps on continuing*
Maybe you should stop ordering, Kiara-chan ^^;;
It's alright! Komurin MAX can handle it all! *hits it hard*
Bzzzz... Does not compete.....bzzz...
Searching for next target...bzzzz.
Is it broken, supervisor?
Komurin isn't broke, it's analysing ^^
Start analysing procedure.
*waves her hand in front of it* Hello?
Locked on new target. I shall undo her from her body injuries. Her cat like tail en ears shall be removed. So will her claws.
Eh? *blinks* 0_0
Kiara-chan, run!!!
W-where to?
As far away from Komurin! *grabs a gun*
NOOOOOOO!! Not my Komurin!!! *pulls at Link's arm*
*finishes her Terriaki Beef and grabs her scythe* Haaaaa!!! Eh? *falls asleep*
*shot a sleeping dart at Mizu*
He has a blow-gun!
Get it!! D&
*is running in the halls*
*right behind her*
Worst break-fast ever!! *continues running*
Catch Kiara Foxami. Bzzz.
It must have a weak spot. *stops and jumps*
*grabs her leg* Capture Kiara Foxami, complete. Start surgery procedure now.
*wants to slash but suddenly gets a dart in her neck that paralyses her* Damn Komui...
Get it!!!
I c-can't move...
Surgery! Surgery! Surgery!
*slowly wakes up and spots Cat*
Ugh... *is pulled inside the Komurin*
Cat! *grabs her scythe and destroys the Komurin*
NOOOOOO! My beloved Komurin! gonk TT~~TT
(Why does he makes such monsters?) =_="

Jasdevi's room:
*is playing with his chickies again*
*runs in* Twins, look!! *waves a poster*
A prom?
Yeah! I though it would be good for us all to take a day off!
The ball's a masked ball! Hee~
Even the Earl would be pleased!
*takes the poster and throws it on the ground* Hell no, you getting me to that prom!
Aw!!! C'mon Devi-nii!!!
Who is going to be there? Hee~
If we go, we gotta be careful though. Some exorcists shall be there too.
Uncle Tyki can lend you two a suit and I'll make some fine masks!
Jasdevi will think about it.
Right! ^^ *runs off and is pulled into the darkness*
Oh hi Millenie &3
Road, I have a favor to ask. It's about your voodoo dolls.
0w0 I'm all ears!
You need to... *whispers*
You see, Jasdevi is becoming less...Noah-ish. And I don't want to lose them. Or we need to kill them.
B-But Millenie!
Do it for them, Road.

The Order:
(That Komui is going to be my dead someday...)
*appears in front of her* Hi!
What do you want?
I've confirmed that Komui aborted your mission. And your Sensei made you a golem.
That's a fluke! I never had a Sensei!
But he still gives you this advising golem.
*flies up* Hello. My name is Kiyuki.
((this is kiyuki --& User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. ))
Hi Kiyuki, I'm Cat. ^^
My master told me many stories about you!
But, who's your master!?
I'm sorry, I cannot tell you... If you knew...you may be mad or sad...
Or maybe happy.
*shuffles some flowers under her nose*
What the!?
*whispers* I suggest you take the flowers..
*whispers back* I don't like him.
Would you like to go to a masked prom with me?
Don't hurt his feelings.
Eh? ... I-I'll think about it! sweatdrop
Yahoo!!! *runs off*
Ew... there is no way that I'm going to the prom with cake boy! *throws the flowers away*
Aw... but you'll hurt him... He could buy you a dress!
Already have one... And who says that i'm going to that prom?
Because the Noah family will be there.
*lands on Cat's shoulder* And there may be a possibility that your Sensei is going to be there.
Hm... sounds good enough.

Tyki's Room:
We better go to that prom. If it pleases the Earl *knocks on Tyki's door*
Yea heehee~
*opens the door* Ah! I was expecting you two! Please, do come in! ^^
*they walk inside*
*is handed a tux and some time later* Look! I'm Tyki *puts on top hat*
Hahahahahha XDDD. That's good, Mini-me.
*is struggling with the jacket*
Let me help, Jasdero.
Heehee~ Thanx Tyki
*takes a step back* ^-^Now you look like real gents.

The Halls:
You should meet with Mizu, but call her Ayane. That's funny
It was nice to see you again, General Cross.
Marian's here!?
*walks outside Komui's office and spots Cat* I presume you've heard of that masked prom. *throws a rose at her* Be there... *and walks away*
*blinks* Great, instead of cake boy, I'm going with the Devil =_="
Aw c'mon! he can't be that horrible.
They had to name him general Gross
*walks by with a 'wtf just happened' face*
Oi, Mizu... You okay?
I ran into this boy and he asked me as date for the prom!!
And did you accepted?
I-I just couldn't refuse the friendly smile he gave...
What's his name?
Allen Walker.
*quietly gasps as she hears his name*

The Earl's table:
*skips in, wearing the finest dress and carrying everyone's mask* Hi Millenie!
What a fine dress Road.
*comes in pulling the Twins with him*
Now we are all ready to go. But first I have to meet up with someone. *leaves*
So do you kids have a date? *smirks*
I couldn't ask Allen stare
*the twins both keep the mounths* ...
I take that as a no. Let's go.

*meet up with Mizu and is wearina white sparkling dress* I may be going with the Devil but it doesn't mean I need to go with raggs, right?
Yea! ^-^ Let's go down. I suppose they are waiting.
*They walks down the stairs*
What are you doing here, disciple?
I could ask you the same, Master. stare
*notices the girls* And I thought you would run away.
If you behave, I will stay.
Hi Mizu, you're looking good.
Hi Allen and thanks.
Is that how you compliment your girls?
We're just friends, master. *glares*
Why do you say master to Cross anyway?
Because General Cross is my general. You don't have any debts for me this time, right? stare
For once, I have none for you.
Lucky Allen... I wish I knew my master...
Didn't Kiyuki tell you?
Do you know who it is!?
^^;; Errr...No I don't. But I'm sure that he's watching over you.
*sighs and pulls her arm* We're going now.
Let's go Allen ^-^
Hai ^^

The Earl and Leverier:
I was expecting you....brother.
I never miss an appointment.
*laughs* You haven't changed in all those years.
And your smile hasn't changed a bit. But I'm here for business.
Ah, yes. The exorcists and the Twins.
If they would co-operate, the chance that they stop us from taking over the world with Fallen Ones and Akuma, could be stopped.
Do you have any suggestions?
I can take Komurin MAX with me and upgrade it.
I have found several lvl 4 akuma who will do as I say.
Alright. Let us proceed with our plan, tonight.
Murder everyone that protects the foursome.
*they laugh*

The prom:
This party is boring!
Yeah!! heehee~
Where are the exoricts?
Late, as usual. *takes a sip form his wine*
Where's the fun!?
Calm down, mini-me. And Road, they announce the exorcists before they come in.
Where here, so don't become a bad kitty now. *clings his arm into hers*
*carefully watches them*
Must be a horrifing time with him as your master.
Hm? You'll get used to it. But...all those debts.. *pertifies for a while*
^^;; It's okay.
*they all enter and they are announced* Can we please have the attention? General Marian Cross and Miss Kiara Foxami have arrived!
(I so not going to dance with him...)
Stay close. *lights a sig*
And also, General Allen Walker and Miss Ayane Mizuki have arrived!
Finally!! 8D *looks over the balcony and gets all happy* ALLENNNN!!!!
Let's see, Allen asked Mizu, Cross asked Cat. Obvious, isn't it?
He's gonna die!/She's gonna die!
*is drooling* heehee
Maybe Jasdero is the smartest here. We can't blow our cover.
Now dance with me!
*grumbles* I dun wanne
I'll break your arm again since it hasn't healed up yet.
Fine...but only for one dance!
*dances with Mizu*
Allen... why didn't you tell us that you are a general?
Would it matter?
Not really...poor Cat.
Do you have any students?
Only one... and I've sworn that I give my life for her.
Dero wants to dance with Cat!!
Wait for the right moment, kid.
You had your dance...
Didn't you enjoy it?
stare No...
Very well. *walks away towards a group of women*
Have you seen the Noahs yet?
No...even Leverier en Link have disappeared. Not that I care for them.
Care for a dance, milady?
*offers his hand and smiles*
*they dance*
Do you still not know who your general is?
Allen....if you know, just tell me...
*pulls her close and whispers in her ears* You know, I have one student. I've followed her everywhere and didn't helped her so she could grow up...
But what has that to do with me?
That one student...
Can we have your attention please! The Millenium Earl and Inspector Malcom Leverier have arrived!
I'll send Kiyuki towards you! *runs off*
Road, kids! Make your move! The last time they came together something terrible happened!
*swings down grabs Cat and swings to an other balcony*
*clings to him* You came!
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
*grabs Mizu's arm and pulls her under the table*
Debitto! <3
We need to hide somewhere safe. Something terrible is going to happen.
Where did Allen go!?
There's no time for that!
Cat-chan! The Earl and Leverier wants to kill the four of you!
You can stop them...
Where could they be...
No matter, the akuma will find them...
Komurin MAX, search and eliminate the four children.
*escapes from under the table*
*is shot through the heart by Komurin and falls down*
Mizu!? *hugs her close*
Debitto...w-we...had a great time, didn't we? *gives a fake smile*
Don't leave me! *a teardrop runs down his face*
It....it's the first time I see you cry...
*kisses her for the last time* I love you...
*coughs* I...I love you too... *coughs and dies*
*stabs him with a knife through his heart* I never liked you Noah.
*dies too from the stab wound*
Targets eliminated.
AAAAAAHHH! MY DEAR KOMURIN!!! *deactivates it*

((Okay Gaia is being sucky because I can't get the last pieces on this page of the journal, i'll give the link for the rest. srry for this problem http://www.gaiaonline.com/journal/journal.php?mode=view&post_id=26369539&u=15137741))

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