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1. We are the Academy...
...... Eyes fluttering open with the light of the morning, Hearts #270, a.k.a: John, stumbled his way out of bed to get ready for his morning classes. Joshn was the smartest, top-of-the-class, sixteen-year-old in the Empire. He was often the one people either sought help from or just cheated off of.
......His intelligence earned him popularity and friends. His appearance, also, played a roll in that. John was five foot, six inches with, intentionally, messy hair and dark brown eyes. Although popular, he treated everyone as equals. He wasn't called "Hearts" for nothing.
......The ones belonging to the title of 'hearts' were the individuals with a control over the fire element. This is the hardest one to be in. Fire isn't easily controled. Fire became 'hearts' title due to how fire could stand for passion.
......Running a brush through his red hair, Joshn wanted to look good today. Better than usual, at least/ He wanted to ask a girl to the Shanic Ball that was coming up rather fast. His best friend, Ace #421, a.k.a: Jake, the number one ladies man in the academy, probably had several girls to choose from for his date... This, somewhat, bothered him.
......Hearing his door open and shut, John peeked out of the bathroom to figure out who it was. Calmed when he saw Ace, he smiled. Apparently, it was class tiem. Jake rarely went out without his entourage of friends to prevent being bombarded by hordes of women... Althout enjoyable for some, Jake feared it.
......Jake was the head of his elemental class of Thinger elementals. Being only fourteen, Jake was wanted by, nearly, all women in the Academy. Nearly. Reguardless of all the women he could have, there was only one that he, actually, wanted. Downside was that the feeling wasn't mutual. She was beautiful... and prone to his charms...
......Ace's hair was a beautiful shade of brown and his eyes were an endless blue. Same height as John, only Jake had a better toned body and was a lot paler. John was his all-time best friends. Thunder and fire... Cause and effect...
......"Morning, Jake." John said as he grabbed his books.
......"Morning. ugh... I hate mornings." He said before looking to John. "Wow... Someone's looking snazzy. What's the occasion?"
......"I'm asking Meredith to the Shanic Ball."
......"Good for you!"
......"Are you going to ask Wild Card #360, again, today?"
......"I'm going to keep asking until she says yes."
......"You know that won't happen, right? She hates you."
......"Hate's a strong and hurtful word, John... Why would you say that?" He said as they headed to Joker #359's [a.k.a: Andrew] room.
......"Because it's true?"
......"Still hurtful..." He said as Andrew joined them on their way to class.
......"What's hurtful?" He asked.
......"How Wild Card #360 hates him, and yet, he's still going to ask her to the ball until she says yes, which will never happen."
......"Can you blame him for being persistant?"
...... "I guess not..."
......Andrew was the more laid back one of the three. Top of the Wind elemental class, Andrew specializes in speed and stealth. He has russet skin, green eyes, black hair, and one, peculiar, wing. Andrew only stands at five foot three inches at the age of fourteen.
......Getting to class, they all sat together in the l arge room. Jake sat in a spot where he could see Wild Card #360 without her best friend blocking the view. John and Andrew had long since given up on stopping him.
......Wild Card #360 was someone only Wild Card #450 knew more about that Jake. She was the top of her elemental class of Water. Her real name is rumored to be "Jessica" but no one but 450 [Libby] knew for sure. Her hair was long and red-brown with emerald eyes on her, according to Jake, "goddes-like" features. She's pale and five-foot three inches at the age of fourteen. Tho Jake, she is the image of perfection, yet so much colder than cold...
......Taking out some paper, Jake wrote out his persistant plea for her to got with him and placed a small rose on it as he placed it before her before sitting back at his seat. John and Andrew shook their heads, knowing what was coming.
......Reading the note before looking at the rose, Jake watched her. Using her power over water, she levitated the rose before he rface before ripping the water from it, causing it's petals to explode from it, the stem to twist and turn black... She sent the water to Jake, splashing him in the face.
......This cruel, and heartless, gesture should have been enough to make Jake give up, but it didnt'. He'd just ask again tomorrow... Every day, he tried to find new and creative was to ask her. He wanted, so badly, to go with her, but she was good at resisting.
......The Shanic ball was, kind of, like a modern day prom. it happened every year, but everyone was invited. Everyone dressed their best and had a great time. Jake had been trying to go with her since he'd met her, but ended up going with other women... This year was going to be different... he wasn't taking no for an answer...
......After class, John caught up with Meredith, grabbing her by the hand. With the ball only days away, he wanted to ask her now. He'd had his eye on her for months, so none dared to touch her.
......"Meredith? You know, the Shanic Ball is this Friday, right?" He smiled dazzlingly at her.
......"Yeah, what about it?"
......"I was wondering if you'll go with me."
......"With you? You're kidding me, right?"
......"I kid you not. So, will you?"
......"Well, yeah!"
......"Great, I'll pick you up at six on Friday. See you then." He winked and walked off to his next class.
......Sitting beside Jake a she plotted out how he was going to ask Wild Card next, John sighed. Takin gpitty on his friend, he helped him out. John knew what Jake would do for this girl, so he decided to help.
......"Dude, you're related to the kinf og the light. You're his uncle, Jake. Just got ask Shane to trick her into meeting you somewhere private." John suggested. Jake never thought of this.
......"And that's one of the reasons why you're my best friend."
......"Because I'm awesome?"
......After class, Jake went to Shane, the eleven-year-old king of the light, after the old kind was assumed dead after a two year disappearance. Jake explaiend his idea to Shane, asking for his help. After explaining the plan, Shane agreed to help his uncle.
......"Seriously? You'll do it?" Jake asked excitedly.
......"You're my uncle... Sha makes you happy, so yes."
......Shane was a small boy who stood at four feet at the age of eleven. Reguardless of his age, Shane was a grea, benevolent, ruler. He was wise beyond his years. A blonde-haired, blue-eyed, light elemental with endless smarts and power... That is how we define Shane...

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