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Name: Gabz (Gabriela)
Age: 17
Height: 5'4"
Occupation: Student/Part time job at a mechanics garage
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Men

Attributes: She's an ordinary human girl. She's fluent in Spanish, and fairly intelligent. Because of her part-time job at a mechanical garage, she's skilled at repairing vehicals of any kind. Gabz is athletic, and enjoys physical activity.

Personality: Gabz is generally kind, though when she gets comfortable with someone, she teases them non-stop. She is generally very cautious when meeting people. She acts really friendly, and kind, but she is usually sizing someone up. It takes a while before Gabz can really trust someone.

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Full Name:: Yvonne {Yih-von} Niz {Nih-z}

Prefered Name:: Yv {Yih-v}

Age:: 17

Birthday:: August 2

Hair Color ((includes tail)):: Dark green-tinged black.

Eye Color:: Bright Red-orange.

Height:: 5'7"

Addiction:: VIDEOGAMES of all types. She owns everything from a Super Nintendo (her first console) to a PS3 and everything in between. She knows everything about each of her consoles, and hand-helds.

Withdrawal:: If Yv is not able to play videogames of anykind for longer than 4 days she goes completly mad. She withdraws into her own mind where she perceives the world to be a videogame, what kind of videogame world usually depends on what she played last. I.E, if she played Katamari Damachi last then she would try to roll things into a giant ball. Her withdrawal can dangerous in that if the last game she played was a violent one, others may be harmed ((this has lead to multiple problems through out her school days, and is also the part of the reason she dropped out. So, whenever there is even the slightest chance that she won't be able to play a videogames for a while, she will sit down and grab a harmless game and play while she can. Her favorite pre-withdrawal games are Nintendogs, Little Big Planet, and DDR.
However, since she rarely leaves her PSP, DS, various gameboys behind, chargers, and batteries. She once went into withdrawal when she was 13. She was sent to juvie, the game she had played last had been RAMPAGE 2, and had to see a psychologist for a while. This was also when she discovered her addiction. Yv never left a videogame too far behind.

Occupation:: Videogame tester, if she can get it. Her sharp critique allow her to return to this post. She only got this job because she is a reknowned videogame champion, online and otherwise, and a videogame snob. Since it doesn't pay as much as she'd like, she's also trying to get a job programming or designing videogames, but has been unsuccessful, for it is difficult when you don't have a College, or even highschool deploma. For now she works at a Nerd Squad for an electronics store where she is actually Head Nerd. That is her title... But it pays enough for her share of rent and food, as well as other necesities.... I.E. videogames.... Other than that she is broke.

Other:: She found out about her addiction when she was 13. He first game was "Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo. She played that game when she was 10, though she's been playing videogames since she was 3. Nintendo was her first and most beloved developer, however she also enjoys the Playstations and Xbox as well. Arcade games are never forgotten, for if she isn't raving, playing at home, or working, she's in an arcade playing sappy nerds for their quarters.
She dropped out of highschool at 16 for her job as a videogame tester, though now she's practically a consultant. She's working for her GED, but has a hard time focusing. She takes the bus to work, she can't afford a car, or, if she's in the mood, skates.

Personality:: She's almost completely crazy. Though the videogames don't affect her brain, or body, they have twisted her personality. She has violent tendencies, and has been desensitized(?). Yv has a very dark sense of humor, and enjoys the thrill she gets when she's fooling with someone's emotions. However, often times, when she hurts her friends she hurts herself, but she doesn't know how to apologized. She alienated her friends, and only has her brother, Ichigo, Mairi, Kakeru & Takeru from across the hall. She is not close to any of them. She would love to find someone who could keep up with her cruelity.
Yv is almost to the point of solitude that she lives in her own world, she also has an affinity for sweets, which makes her hyper. She loves to rave, and she is a terrible tease. Yv enjoys playing with guys over WiFi, and other means. Even though she dropped out of Highschool, she is extremely witty, and dangerously clever.
When not playing videogames, she is pulling pranks.
Yv enjoys flaunting her mature figure, which she takes care of with DDR and wiifit. Her favorite parts of her body are her breasts, size C-36.

Fears:: Yv doesn't trust anyone who wears too much of anything in the pink family, she finds small dogs annoying and frightening ((she's been bitten several times by those annoying little buggers)) and she's terrified of dark water, i.e. deep oceans/lakes/ponds. Though she would never admit it, she doesn't want Jiiten, her brother, to leave her.

Background:: She was a latch-key kid, living with her mother and adopted brother of the same age. Her Mother (deceased) was a kind and generous woman, and loved Yv and her brother very much. Yv had a healthy enough relationship with her mother, but after being sent to Juvie and then dropping out of school, a rift opened and their relationship. They did not speak of Yv's decision after Yv began to bring money into the household. Yv's mother understood her addiction, but did not care for violent videogames. Yv now lives with her brother in an apartment near her work. Jiiten, her brother, is human and thinks her addiction is unhealthy. However, he works part-time, goes to school, and does his best to rein in Yv. They don't get along much, Yv is a total geek in Jiiten's eyes. Jiiten is on the fast track of getting a basketball scholarship to somewhere and is desperate to leave his shared apartment and his dorky sister.

Side note:: Yv has a temper, but thanks to her mother's teachings, does her best to control it. It is safe to be in some sort of bunker when someone cheats against her at whatever game she is playing. Her favorite earrings are the green and red ones in her left ear. They're are the A and B buttons from the first N64 remote she took apart.

Favorite Games:: Too many to count, but rest assured she's tried most everything. At the moment she is into Zombie games such as Resident Evil, Land of the Dead etc.

Least Favorite Games:: Anything that sucks hard.

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