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My poetry!!!!! aha!!!
OK!!!! I DONT GET THIS CRAP WHATSOEVER gonk !!!!!I was just thinking about how stupid Downloading songs are!!!!Its like they're saying oh yeah you can buy the CD and listen to it but if you let a friend borrow it after you rip it(Ripping=copying onto computer to put on mp3 or ipod) Its illegal.... sweatdrop Isn't that a funny concept they would rather put you in jail with killers twisted instead of just taking down the websites that allow you to download for free In the first place!!!I can't believe how contradicting this is stressed !!! Myspace had resently cut off all playlists on profiles because the celebs didn't like it......I mean i understand i would have a fit too if my sales were bad because people could listen to it for free online too but still thats a lil too much.....I don't know if anyone knows but If That was the worst crime then the whole world wound be convicted of it!!!I mean come on what has the society come to these days everything you do is illegal...If you buy something and give it to a friend to borrow thats just as illegal as what i had said earlier!!!I mean people can buy burn't cds from other people and Thats bad i understand but if it is Why does almost every electronic store sell the audio disks in the first place!!!I mean you can get audio disks in the first lil supermarket you see 3nodding !!Oh and you know what the best part is!!! People nowadays have the little TV recording thing that let you record pause rewind and crap!!!I guess that means if a friend wants you to record a show for them and put it on a disk I guess that they're outta luck huh sad !!!Oh but here's a good thing about it if you really don't want to record something or let your friend borrow your CD just because you don't want to you can say "sorry i can't it's illegal" xd lol funny huh?I wonder if celebs ever regret bein celebs anyway I mean the seventeen things i would hate if i were a celeb are...
1:You can't do what you want without being criticized redface
2 razz eople follow and take pics of you at your worst and put the pics on the front pages of a magazine. burning_eyes
3:You don't get the chance to hang out with old friends. crying
4 razz eople who think they know whats going on create scandal when in actuallity its not true. wahmbulance
5:The places you used to love you can no longer go without being trampled on by fans!!! emo
6:If you do create scandal then even if you deny the whole thing your career is practically done...... emo
7:you can't see the real friends from fake..... mrgreen biggrin
8:Love is terrible because you worry about your social status for a guy/girl....but so does your agent right..... heart
9 razz eople use you!! mrgreen
10:Celebs are the only ones who probably even if they tell you different don't get what they want..... cheese_whine ..
11:Even when people buy your CD's they don't really listen to the songs....Like songs that mean something.....Or actors even who want you to feel the emotions of a certain event that they want you to enjoy or remember...... lol cry
12:If your friends with another celeb it is only to raise their career stare
13 biggrin o one thing wrong or say one thing wrong you don't get a second chance because Fans will turn against you.... evil
14:celebs have very little secrets they can keep to thenselves...... ninja
15:They tell the world every move you make.....
16 razz eople copy what you wear..... cool
17:If a celeb dies Every reporter will be at the funeral showing disrespect to the dead just for a word with family and friends trying to get a scoop!!! dramallama (No privacy for crying family & friends)(what i hate the most)

Let me be the one to tell you as soon as you become a celeb your looks cool social life and talent idea are the only thing people care about....These days people who have real talent and creativity don't get the chance they deserve like stars who don't have any talent that smooth by with just beats or tunes......Im not the one who is all good either because trust me i like to brag and do crazy things that people around me want to get away from......but enough about me I just think that todays rules are a load a crap!!! Everyone has got problems whether its religion ,Bills ,Love issues ,drug problems ,economy ,Plague ,Death ,Jobs ,world chaos, Its basically every problem in the book you could ever have everyone has them...Even celebs.....as much as i hate bush he has a very big burden to bear....look at the fact he has to make decisions that everyone could hate him for......He has to lie to keep us calm........But i do think he made alot of stupid decisions but can we really blame him for most of them.....No matter what the decision there was consequence either way....so i think i have drifted off a little too far from the main topic but thx for reading my blog!!!! ^_^


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