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You cut yourself like cheap coupons and throw your life away. You blame everyone else for your own doing and 4 that you think of suicide. You think you have no point in life and torture your family by leaveing them to wonder if your dead or not. You dress in all dark clothes and think of Hell. But in the end, all that work you put into being an emotional wreck, you turn into a regular person and you dont even think of those times you used cut yourself like cheap coupons and tried to throw your life away.
As the rich and the famous sits around and does nothing to help the helpless, the needing, the homeless, the victims of rape and theft, the innocent, the desperate, the sick, the poor, the dead, and most of all… themselves, they act like everything’s going to be alright. Oh how wrong they were. When they just sit there, people are dieing of sickly diseases and murder. They act selfish and spend their money on worthless necessities such as jewelry, fur coats, electronics that are expensive beyond belief, when they can be putting that money towards the orphanage, or the children’s hospital. It makes me sick to even think of the rich and famous people buying stupid things that they don’t even need. Once I get at least 7 comments on how this makes you, the reader, feel, I’ll consider adding onto it.

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commentCommented on: Tue Mar 25, 2008 @ 07:34pm
... crying

commentCommented on: Fri Aug 15, 2008 @ 05:58am
Hmm.... the rich
To think they get it easy
They do nothing and get money
While we work to make honey
THing we need
We don't get
Thing they want
They get
But why must it be this way
I wounder day by day
To say you make me sick
So pampered
So self-centered
While we're dieing
And crying
But what can i do
Nothing but sue
To make them lose there money
so they can see
Oh how hard
Life can be
Should we really
Yes we should
Take their money
Make them like us
See if they can survive
And you know they probally can't
So even though they have to easy life
We are better then them
We can live the hard life
So i say to them
Have fun now why you can
Till another day
When its all gone and then your damned

Xo Teh Loveless oX
Community Member
User Comments: [2] [add]
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