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OMG THIS DAY SUCKS AND SO DID LAST NIGHT! I broke up with Victor last night and i feel so bad and i wish i hadn't but i did so there is nothing i can do now. I feel like i kinda died inside and i am Sorry he went to sleep crying cuz of me and i never heard him cry except for last night crying Next badish thing i think i found my dad on myspace last night. I sent him a message saying dad?? so i am gonna see if he answers. I know it is him cuz his face makes me sick to my stomach the only reason i messaged him to ask him why he left me and my brother when we were 2 & 3 and then after he saw us once after that November 19, 2004! crying Next thing i feel so dead i am kinda moping around and kinda ignoring sami SORRY SAMI! *hugs for sami* anyway why does life have to be so bad! I really never knew i was gonna break up with victor i thought we were gonna be together for a long time.................but this strong feeling told me it wasn't right so thAt feeling was getting so strong it was like going to kill me now that that feeling is away I have dread and misery over me but everything will turn out like it is suppose to right? I am sorry for hurting u i never meant to and i still love u heart I ended be ur girlfriend(4 now) BUT I WILL NEVER STOP BEING YOUR FRIEND! That is not a threat that is a PROMISE! (if u even care to read my journal anymore!)

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commentCommented on: Fri Mar 21, 2008 @ 11:03pm
I will always love you as well. I hope we can be friends no matter what happens. You will never leave my mind for a second. Don't be sad, I had the same exact feeling.Cheer up. smile I love you heart heart smile smile

commentCommented on: Tue Mar 25, 2008 @ 10:06pm
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww now CELESTE you know that everything turns out goood in the end trust me i know even though i have mad a coulple bad choices while ive been gone but i will not be back to give advice for a while sooooooooo i am soooooo sorry that i was not online when this happened

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