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Random thoughts of the Wolf Girl
You get the idea.
Pain and Heartbreak
You were once a golden shade of my heart
An immortal love brought by four seasons apart.
Beating scarlet passion through my veins,
You lifted my heart until it felt fain.
Your hair soft and tender,
My love at your surrender,
I would have been there for you…
Always and forever.

But with appalling alacrity,
You took advantage of my amorous sanctity.
Your words were slicing gales unto my wrists,
The blood flowing with your kiss.
You suddenly lost rhyme…
Suddenly lost reason.
You no longer flowed with harmony,
We were at war… And my feelings treason.
I watched us rupture apart
Like Antarctica in Hell
Like a cookie in water
Like a prayer for lust
Like poetry, confused and unorganized.
Losing its flow.
Losing its glow.
Losing its synchronization.

And now…

I’m Losing step, Losing stride.
Tripping on falsity, falling with dementia.
You’re everywhere I turn, nowhere to hide.
Your love is discombobulated absentia.
An absurd monument to my folly.
The flowers blossoming in my head demand silencia
My essence budding swollen with melancholy.

The anger scribbles in torrents
Doodling through my core.
The depictions force me to swallow my abhorrence
As each propagates a thousand memories or more.

My spirit is bleeding hysterically,
And I am mindlessly trying to stitch it up.
You have sewn me with wires and needles.

My dreams are a recurring ill reminder
Of your vile indifference.

You were a choked breath down my throat,
A sinister chill unwinding along my spine.
Not even hell itself could match your morose glances
Gnarled by odium.
The perverse sick ********
Of your lips articulating surges of fictitious desire
Inebriated my reason like opium.

There was formerly a correlation
Between our minds.
Intertwined by divinity and intervention,
A holy idiosyncrasy made malevolent
By all of your deliberated cerebral defecations.
You’re a ghastly case of schizophrenia,
A catatonic blend of unraveling misery
An exhale of sub-zero breathe.
In a characterization of DNA
You’re a genetic disorder,
A transmissible anomaly of irrationality
Exemplified by your twisted insecurities.
I can’t believe I allowed your psychosomatic
Infections dissolve all of my words.
Your impossible supercilious ostentation
Was a megalomaniacal
Jam on my jaw,
Thorn in my paw,
My heart has frozen over

You swirl in my eyes like a rush of purged abomination,
My blue hues becoming less angelic with every reflection.
This world has yet to see damnation…
But my heart has experienced its predation.

You’ve played my heart like a drum
Its been beaten senseless with melodious ire.
There’s nothing left of you and me
We clung to one another only to satisfy desire.

Your life is an anthology of fraudulence,
Tell me some more about it.
I’m dying to hear more of the s**t you crack off.
I see you snorting deceit
Your own lies make you so ******** high.

I have a xenophobic revulsion of your presence in my domain,
Get the hell out of my life.
Can you sense the irony?
Thank God, whoever the ******** he is
I no longer have to deal with your tyranny.

You’re an insatiable itch,
My finger nails like knotted razor blades.
Your embrace is a plastic bag over my head
I swoon so quick…
and fall dead.

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