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welcome to my nightmare
Darkness is where the fears of your mind become reality.
Gun Slingers Rough Form- a small part from around the middle of chapter one, *SPOILERS* yes it does contain some, but not much, so if you'd rather wait it's fine.

All the men were all locked in place, their gun barrels set unmoving with all their attention was focused on the only door that led into the large spacious factory room littered with conveyer belts and boxes with electronic mechanisms all around the ground floor. Above were metal-framed observation walkways and a control room where the entire room could be seen. There were two large double doors that led into a single hallway with only one way in and out and no other rooms to duck into along the way. The men had been sent here for a trade off, they had recently kidnapped a governor’s daughter and were asking for a hefty ransom for here safe return. Now they were waiting to see if the governor would follow through with the deal or not, and they weren’t planning on letting the girl or the person who delivered the money leave alive.

The trade off was supposed to be at 4:30 P.M. and it was getting extremely close to the dead line. The men were getting anxious. In total there must have been at least thirty men all posted at different angles and spots each one ready to let the bullets fly.

In the control room, a large burly man stood with his arms crossed across his chest his fingers impatiently rapping on his arm. He had a fair even tan and strong bold facial features, a pair of dark sunglasses hid his eyes from sight and he held a glowing cigar tightly against his lips. He was wearing a sleeveless white shirt to show off his intimidating muscles and wore long blue jean with the knees ripped out and a pair of military hiking boot were strapped to his feet. On the side of his hip he had an extremely large magnum pistol tucked into his jeans. It was a menacing weapon that looked like it needed to be held with two hands just to keep it up.

Sitting quietly next to him was a young teenage girl who had a nice slim body and if she had chosen she could have been a model. She had her arms tied behind her back and strip of silver duct tape keeping her mouth closed. Her blond hair was drooping over her face hiding her tears of terror. She had been kidnapped right from her school, so her uniform was still on. She had pure fear in her eyes and she dared not look up at the man who hovered over her like executioner.

“I don’t think anyone’s coming boss! It seems like the girl isn’t as valuable to the guy as we thought!” A man who had been posted up in the rafters shouted down the lead boss to say what he knew was on everyone else’s mind.

“They have five more minutes before we rid ourselves of the girl, if they don’t come by then we’ll kill the girl and move on to another one who has more sympathetic parents,” The man’s powerful voice matched his appearance, and projected over the entire area and all the men laughed at the cynical joke.

Just then an ear piercing static screeched through the air and all the men gripped their ears from the unexpected sonic scream. Then everything went silent and nobody moved, they didn’t even breathe. They had all been on edge, because earlier that day they had almost been foiled by a young boy who had been more of a demon than an actual human, but if they had been on edge before, what happened next would drive them to the brink of panic.

A hush had come over the room, but now a quiet whisper was leaking from the P.A. system and it was beginning to increase in volume. It sounded by the hum and the tune that someone was singing and the sound was one of the men’s judgment. For the voice was one they had heard earlier that day, it was the voice of the boy who had almost single handedly taken down their entire task force. From behind the door and over the P.A. system came the sound of hard-soled shoes hitting the floor in an aluminous hymn. Then the lyrics became crystal and echoed off the walls of the factory room and hung in the air like a song that would be played at a funeral.

La di da di da
Od di do di do
La di la di do

It’s time to start the show.

The bullet hits the brain
and the blood it starts to drain.

When the blood begins to spray
I just up and walk away.

La di da di da
Od di do di do
La di la di do

Now let’s enjoy the show.

The bodies hit the ground
and instantly are drowned

in the sea of red that flows
from the dead lined up in rows.

The bodies pile high
and make a stairway to the sky.

All the clouds now have turned red,
and I see millions laying dead.

La di da di da
Od di do di do
La di la di do

The red curtain ends the show.

The music and the footsteps stopped and all that was left was the sound of silence. Any man in the room who hadn’t had stretched nerves was now sitting with a silent horror and would be gripping their gun so hard, their hands would turn white from the loss of blood circulation. In the control room the leader had bitten his lip to control his complexion and he was now bleeding a trickle of scarlet slightly out of the corner of his mouth. The boy was playing head games with them, he wanted them to be on edge and make them lose their focus. Unfortunately for the commander though, it was working. The men were looking at one another nervously and they weren’t keeping their old hardened features and were now starting to crack under the pressure.

For a moment nothing happened, and the men started to think that it was nothing, but then the double doors exploded and a raging red flower blew them off their hinges and sent them soaring across the room having one slam into a wall and crumble to the ground and another smashed into one of the men sending him crying in agony to the floor.

For a moment no one opened fire and there was a brief moment of silence and then all hell broke loose. A grunt had gotten a little trigger happy and opened fire on the opening and like panicked dominos the others fell in suit. The lead rain flew with immense force and started to demolish the entrance sending dust and debris into the air and having dust begin to create a large smoke screen that covered the air.

The leader ran out and began to shout orders to stand down to his frightened men who only barely heard the man’s voice over the tremendous explosion of gunfire. The men started to clam and the gunfire ceased and the dust began to settle floating silently through the air trying to find a place to rest. There was no one behind the door. It had been a decoy.

An air conditioning vent cover burst off and a teenage boy flew out of it and landed on his feet with two handguns that looked over sized in his hands. He was wearing a Kevlar vest and a long brown over coat that was open and exposing his front, he was wearing what looked to be a set of dress pants and shoes that seemed to be covered in dirt and looked tattered. Short dirty blond hair was spiked slightly up and his face looked hard and was in an intimidating angered look, his dark hazel eyes viewed the room and all the men were looking at him, he gave a smile and dashed to his side.

The gunfire started to fly and all the men were not hesitant about killing this boy. He dropped down and slid underneath a conveyer belt and coming to a stop on the other side out of the men’s line of fire,

Quickly he assessed the situation, he was on the bottom floor, and her had to make his way up to the central control room with out getting killed, and trying his best not to kill anyone in the process. The bullets stopped and a voice began to speak as if it were being projected through a loud speaker.

“You did good to get this far boy, I must admit you’re pretty clever to get this far, but this is as far as you go. You are surrounded and there is no way out. As I see it you have three options. One, you surrender and we might consider making your death only slightly painful. Two, you continue down your heroic path trying to save the girl and get mowed down. Three, you kill yourself and prevent us from killing you.”

The boy laughed and called the man out, “Well as I see it you only have three choices. One, you let the girl go and everyone’s happy and no one has to get hurt,” at this every man in the room burst out with laughter, the boy had foolishly come into a battle and was in no position to be giving orders.

“Two, you try and resist and end up pissing yourself out of terror,” The leader gritted his teeth at the insolent boy’s comments, this boy really thought he was getting out of here.

“Three, you kill yourself to prevent your painful agonizing end,”

“Kill that kid!”

A hailstorm of bullets started to smash into where the young man was hiding, he ran to the side and with great skill and accuracy started the fire at all the exposed men, but not a single bullet he fired hit any of the men, the bullets hit the gun causing them to be thrown back onto the ground. He dodged bullet after bullet and disarmed at least ten men before a large Hispanic man stepped out from be a crate just in front of the boy and at close range fired, but he had see the attack coming before it had happened and dropped down to the ground and lashed upward with the heel of his foot and caught the man under the jaw and sent him flying to the ground.

Picking himself up quickly the boy dashed for a cane that extended up to the second level and quickly climbed up to the top bullets ricocheting off of the metal around him and when he reached the top jumped from the metal and hit the metal floor rolling and landed between two men who turned in amazement just in time to see the boy spin the guns in his hands and smash the butt of the gun into the backs of their heads sending them withering to the ground.

Not wasting any time the boy ducked down lower and started to run forward letting the steel railing be his shield to protect him from the bullets. He dashed forward seeing a group of men who were stationed on the upper stair way turn and aim their guns in his direction. The boy lifted his gun and aimed it at a fire extinguisher on the wall that exploded in a white freezing smoke that caused the men to reel back long enough for the boy to dash forward and with precise blows kicked a man in the stomach, causing him to double over and took out the other two with a sweep kick.

He dashed forward the main observation deck was just up a head, but just then a bullet smashed into the wall just inches from his nose. Spinning around he saw the sniper who had called out earlier posted in the rafters taking aim for a second shot. He ducked down and felt the bullet graze his hair. As he fell he lifted his gun and fired the sing shot soared directly through in a straight path towards its target, there was almost no way it could miss.

The sniper saw the shot and dropped from his knees and hit the beam he was on flat on his stomach and the bullet slipped past him by inches. The man brought his rifle around quickly and aimed at the boy for a third shot. The boy was flat on his back completely exposed and their would be no near misses this time, but before he could get the shot out the bullet that the boy had fired had collided with a sprinkle head over head and a blinding torrent of water exploded from the nozzle and the sniper lost sight of his target and cursed loudly.

The sprinkler had set off a chain reaction and all the other sprinklers were now spitting out gallons of water making all the surfaces slick and wet. The boy rolled over and then started to run in a crouched position still not knowing if the sniper could still possibly see him, but there was no possible way. Luckily the water from the sprinklers had provided him the cover he needed and other than a few stray bullets that pinged off the metal railing far off the gunfire started to cease.

Now moving faster and more confidently now that the barrage of bullets had slow he neared the central observation deck and was moving more swiftly without any more men along the railing. Apparently they weren’t expecting anyone to make it this far. In seconds he had reached the door and was about to crash through it, when a huge figure burst from the door. It was the leader looking infuriated that a boy had made such fools of them. His gun was raised with one powerful hand and the trigger clicked and the bullet flew from the barrel with a fiery blast and momentarily sliced through the air before burrowing into the boy’s shoulder and then dug it’s way out the other side smashing bone and severing muscle in it’s violent path.

The boy was thrown back was thrown backwards as the powerful force slammed into his shoulder and fell to the metallic ground. Unable to keep a grip on his guns on flew out of his hand and slid over the edge of the railing and the other dropped to the ground a couple of feet away. Gripping his shoulder in pain the boy looked up to see the blood lust in the man’s eyes as he readied a second shot.

“Did you really think that you were going to make it out of here alive? Did you really believe that you were going to save the day and be the great hero? Your just a boy, and let me tell you that you’ll never win against a guy like me.”

The boy looked up and smiled widely and was laughing hysterically, either from the pain or the fact that in any persons eyes this situation looked like the end, but to him he just found it comical.

“Then I’ll just have to try and see won’t I?”

“Die you stupid child!”

A single shot echoed throughout the room and a body fell limply to the ground and fell lifeless and silent. He had been right; the boy hadn’t been able to accomplish his goal. The boy stood up and he was holding a small pistol that he had kept under his arm, he had drawn it when he had gripped his shoulder. He looked at the man’s dead body. The man had beat him, he was the better man, because he lay dead and now the boy had to live with his sin, he heard the shell from the pistol hit the ground and gave a sigh.

“With each sinful shell that falls to the ground, I become more and more of a sinful shell myself.”

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