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Hello Hello~
Nothing, that exciting, but whatever. c:
Naruto Soap Opera part2
~part 1~
I ran as fast as my feet could take me. I didn't turn back, I didn't stop. I ran for about five minutes, then stopped in the middle of the woods, completely breathless. I turned around to see if he was following me. Nothing.
I sat down on the ground in complete relief and tried to regain my breath, then out of nowhere, I saw a black shape come after me, I didn't have enough time to stand up and run again, it caught me. I was frozen. I was forced to move against my own will. I stood up and turned to stare at the shape in the shadows of the trees. The shape slowly stepped forward, showing a boy. He walked forward, forcind me to walk forward as well. I was officially trapped in the Shadow Possetion Jutsu.
"You're mine, now," he grinned.
"Shikamaru," I couldn't move. He stood there in front of me.
"Did you really expect to be able to run away from me?" He asked. I didn't answer him.
"Nobody's going to be able to save you, now," he said as he wrapped his arms around me. I was forced to do the same.
He was inches from me, now.
Just before we kissed, a kunai passed right before my eyes. The jutsu was broken and I fell back and landed on the ground, hard.
I weakly stood up and looked around for who saved me.
"Sasuke?" I looked at him standing in a tree. He jumped down and looked at me.
"Are you okay?" He asked.
"Yeah," I wiped the dirt off my clothes.
"HOW DARE YOU INTERFERE WITH US!" Shikamaru stood up.
"Stay away from my girl!" Sasuke pulled me into his arms.
"Your girl??" I pulled away from him. "I brokeup with you forever ago. I hate you!" I said.
"Wow, that was a pretty big sucker punch for someone who saved your life," Sasuke said.
"My life? You saved a kiss!" I shot back.
"Wich is LIFE," he shot back.
"Yeah, that's something you need to get!" I said walking off.
When I got to my apartment, my door was locked. I dug through my pockets for the key, but I remembered, I accidentally left it in my room!
I had to climb up the walls from the outside to my porch and open the back door from there. I walked in, dropped down on the bed and closed my eyes.
I felt something crawl onto my bed, I opened my eyes and sat up, as soon as I sat up, I saw Shino's face inches away from me. I screamed, but he covered my mouth.
"Be quiet or I'll kill you," he threatned.
"Shino, what's going-" Then our lips met. He pushed me back onto my bed and kissed me even more.
"Your boyfriend wants you," he said as he got off of me.
"What's your problem?! Is that the way you send your messages?" I asked.
"No, you're just hot, and I wouldn't have had a better chance to do that," he shrugged and left.
"What's going on today?" I asked myself as I grabbed my keys and left.
"Hey, Naruto," I smiled as I sat down next to him on a bench.
"I missed you!" He hugged me.
"Shino told me you wanted me?"
"Yes, really badly," he said as he kissed me. I smiled.
"You know what I mean," I said.
"Yeah, there's a problem, we need to talk," he said taking my hands into his.
"MY BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK!! What's my present?" He asked.
"I'm not telling you," I said taking my hands away from him. He laughed.
"What do I have to do to get you to tell me?" He asked.
"Tell Jiraya you love him more than me," I answered.
"Okay!" He said as he stood up. I grabbed his jacket sleve.
"No! You're mean! You would really say that?!" I asked.
"Aw, babe, you know I would never mean it," he said as he kissed me on the forehead.
I left Naruto and went down to the lake to find Shikamaru. On my way, I saw Neji hiding behind a bush. I saw him looking at me. His byakugan was activated. I watched for a second, then stopped. I walked up to him.
"You pervert!" I said about to slap him, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to him.
"It's not my fault that your destiny was to have such a hot body," he grinned at me.
Right before he could kiss me, someone shouted from behind us, stopping him and making him look up from me.
"Don't kiss her or you're dead!" A boy said.
"What're you going to do about it? Cry and hug your little puppets?" Neji asked. I turned to see Kankuro.
"Whatever," Neji let me go and walked off.
"Thanks, Kankuro," I smiled.
"I only saved you because it would be painful for me to see you be kissed by Neji," he said as he hugged me. I smiled.
"Okay, well I have to go now," I said trying to walk off.
"How rude, no thankful kiss?" He asked. I sighed and gave him a kiss on the cheek, but a fraction of a second before I kissed him on the cheek, he moved and made me kiss him on the lips!
I didn't expect him to do that. I ran off so that he couldn't say anything.
I finally stopped at the ladder of a building. I always went to the roof to hang out and relax up there.
I checked behind me to make sure that there was nobody below me before I went up the ladder so nobody could see up my skirt.
Before I got to the top, where my head was level with the ground, a face popped up and kissed me.
I was so supprised about this, I accidentally let go of the ladder and almost fell back, but he grabbed my wrists and refused to let me leave his lips.
He finally pulled back and pulled me up to the roof.
"Shikamaru, what just happened?" I asked.
"I don't know, but it was nice," he grinned.
"Today's been crazy. I keep getting kissed by everyone," I sighed as I sat down.
"I could understand. You're totally hot, I'd be supprised if there was someone who doesn't wanna kiss you," Shikamaru replied.
"I have a boyfriend, does anybody seem to care?" I asked.
"Not at all," he grinned.
"Thanks for saving me anyways," I smiled.
"Yeah, no problem, do I deserve another kiss for a thanks?" He asked.
"No," I said leaving. I tried to find somewhere safe.
Right when I turned the corner, I saw Lee. I crossed my fingers and hoped he wouldn't kiss me.
"Hey! Lee! Can you help me?" I asked.
"Sure, what do you need help with?" He asked.
"I need help on my training," I explained.
"Alright, let's go!" He grabbed my hand and practically dragged me down to the training posts. Nobody was there.
"Okay, show me your punches, just punch me, and I'll see what's wrong with your punching," he smiled. I threw a punch at him, as soon as I threw the punch, he grabbed my wrist, but I twisted his arm around.
"NO MORE MAKING MOVES ON ME!" I said as I knew he was going to grab my wrist and pull me close to him and kiss me.
"Well, I know you have good reflexes," he smiled.
"I do," I smiled.
"Now, when you punch, your hands are all wrong, your fists, they're not as tight as possible," he said taking my hand.
"LEE! What are you doing to my girlfriend!?!" Naruto's voice flooded the forests.

~part 2~
"N-N-Naruto! I wasn't doing-"
"Yeah right, BUSHY BROWS! I know you were trying to make a move on my girlfriend!" Naruto acused.
He shows up the ONE time I don't need saving from another guy... what great timing, Naruto!
"Don't worry Naruto, he's only teaching me how to punch," I explained.
"Why didn't you just ask me?! I'm GREAT at punching!" Naruto said.
"Naruto, don't take it that way," I said softly.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to over exadurate," he said hugging me.
"It's okay," I smiled and hugged him back.
Naruto took my hand and lead me to the park. We sat down on a bench and talked for a while. Then out of nowhere, "HEADS UP!"
I looked up to see a frisbee coming strait at me. Naruto stood up and caught it right before it hit me. I looked up at him and smiled.
"What kind of aim is that?" Naruto asked. I looked to see Kiba standing there with Akamaru. I waved to him and smiled.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to do that," he appologized to me, ignoring Naruto.
"LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!" Naruto said in bewilderment.
"Naruto, it's okay-" I tried to calm him down.
"NO IT'S NOT OKAY!" He shouted back at me.
"He could've hit you! You would've gotten hurt! I would've never been able to forgive myself if I couldn't protect you from a frisbee," he said his eyes starting to get watery.
I almost started crying seeing someone so strong and confident about to cry right in front of me. I stood up and hugged him.
"It's okay," I softly whispered to him. He held onto me like a five year old holding onto his mother after a nightmare.
"Wow, he must really love you," a voice said from behind me. I turned around, not letting go of Naruto. I saw a man hidden in the shadows.
"Who are you?" I asked.
"You wouldn't need to know, now you're going to quietly come with us, or we're going to have to force you to," he said.

~part 3~
"What if I don't want to go?" I asked. Naruto moved in front of me in a protective manor.
"Run," he ordered.
"Are you stupid? I'm not running and leaving you here all-"
"GO! They'll get you if you don't, I'll be fine," he said. I stood there in shock for a second and started running.
"If you don't go with us, your little boyfriend will be killed," the voice said. I turned around to see a man with black clothes and a mask, so I couldn't see his face. He was holding Naruto with a kunai to his neck.
"DON'T! GO!" Naruto struggled.
"I don't want to leave you to die!" I said getting mad.
"So are you coming or not?" The man asked, pressing the blade to Naruto's skin.
"LEAVE HIM!" A voice said from behind me. The man slowly backed off and retreated. I turned around to see who had just saved us.
"PERVY SAGE!" Naruto shouted.
"Thanks for saving us," I smiled.
"They'll be back for you," Jiraya said setting his hand on my head. I brushed his hand away.
"Don't touch me," I laughed. I stepped back to Naruto and he wrapped his arms around me.
"Yeah, she's MINE!" Naruto stuck his tongue out at Jiraya.
"OH so THIS is the hot chick you were telling me about!" Jiraya pointed at me. I looked at Naruto. He was blushing.
"Shut up! You can leave now!" Naruto said dismissing Jiraya.
"Nope, Tsunade told me to be her body guard, so I'm not letting her leave my sight!" Jiraya pointed at himself.
"Of all people, Tsunade," I said to myself.
"Well, I've gotta go, Naruto, bye," I said kissing him on the cheek and leaving. Jiraya followed me.
When I got home, I layed down on my bed. Jiraya went outside to my porch and sat down watching outside.
While he was out side, I got up and looked around for something to do. Then something covered my mouth out of nowhere.
"I told you, we'd have to take you by force," the voice whispered to me and started draging me outside. The door to the porch was closed, and it was glass, so Jiraya couldn't hear me!
Soon I couldn't breathe, and everything started fading away. Then I completely blacked out.
When I woke up, I looked around. I was laying down on a bed in a nice room, but it wasn't mine. I stood up and walked to my door, but before I could reach it, something yanked on my leg. I looked down to see a rope attatched to my ankle. I was three feet away from the door. I looked down to see that there was no knots in the rope, it was just plain rope that attatched to the bed! I couldn't untie it!
"So you're awake," a voice said from behind me. I turned around to see a blonde girl sitting on a table in the back of the room. She got up and walked over to me.
"What do you want from me?" I asked, kicking my leg as if the rope would come off if I did.
"If I told you," she said taking my chin and lifting my head, "I'd have to kill you," she whispered in my ear.
"Are you trapped here, too?" I asked.
"No, I have to stand guard, I'm going to be a much better body guard that that retard, Jiraya," she explained.
"Whatever," I said flopping back onto the bed.
"You have a nice body," she said standing at the end of the bed.
"What? Are you a lesbian?!" I asked sitting up.
"WHAT!? I'M A GUY!" He shouted at me.
My eyes widened in supprise. "What? But your hair-"
"I'm a guy, end of descussion," he said crossing his arms across his chest stubronly.
"What's your name?" I asked him.
"Deidara," he answered. "What about yours? The leader never told me," he said.
"My name is-"
"HEY, DEIDARA! NO TALKING TO THE GIRL!" A voice from outside the door shouted at him. He slowly made his way back to the table and leaned up against it.

~part 4~
I sat back on the bed and decided to make Deidara mad.
"Why am I here?" I asked him. He didn't answer.
"Why can't you talk to me?" I asked.
"Do you really wanna know my name?" I asked. He started to look iritated.
"You really want to talk don't you?" I asked sitting up.
"This isn't the job for you if you get irritated by a young girl like me," I sighed laying back down. I took a glance at him, his teeth were clenched, he was trying to calm down.
I snapped and sat back up. "What-"
"SHUT UP!!" He shouted at me.
"MAKE ME!" I shouted back.
"DEIDARA!!" The man from outside called to him. He shut his mouth and clenched his teeth. He looked up at me and took his finger and slit it across his neck, showing me the "you're dead" sign.
I grinned at his threat and stuck up my middle finger, showing him the "eff you" sign.
He glared at me, I just grinned back. He looked away from me, trying not to lose it.
I layed back down on my bed and rested knowing I won our little battle.
I heard a noise and sat up again. A man walked into the room, wearing a black cloak with red clouds. The same one Deidara was wearing. I looked at his eyes.
"GEEZ!! When was the last time you slept?" I asked in bewilderment.
He looked down in iritation.
"Heh, so it only took you five seconds to get annoyed by her! It took me five!" Deidara grinned.
"I'm Itachi," he said in clenched teeth, "and if you don't want to get yourself killed, I suggest you keep your trap shut," he added.
"Yeah? What're you going to do about it?" I challenged.
"Hmm... maybe I should use my special jutsu on you," he said looking up. I looked away from him, knowing from rumors, looking at his eyes or ring, I'd be caught in genjutsu.
Then I felt someone's hand take my chin. He turned my head to his.
"Look at me while I'm talking, I wasn't really going to," he said in a low voice.
"I'll friggen bite your damned fingers off if you don't let go!" I said jerking my head out of his grip.
"Hm, you're just as rude as my brother described," he sighed.
"What? Since when do you two talk?" I asked.
"We talk behind everyone's back, we only fight so the fangirls will love us," he said flipping his hair, acting like the Itachi everyone thinks he is.
"You're so full of it," I said looking away from him again. I looked over to Deidara.
"Hey! Why do you get to talk to her and I'm not allowed to?" Deidara asked.
"Because, I'm in charge of this mission!" Itachi pointed out.
"Hmph," Deidara sat back again.
"Where am I anyways?" I asked.
"In the dungeon," Itachi pointed out.
"Hey, what's your name, anyways?" Itachi asked me.
"Itachi! You were told not to talk to the girl, as well, now let's go," a blue shark-ish guy said from the door.
"I'll talk to whoever the hell I want, Kisame!" Itachi shouted at him.
"You don't have to get so mad, but whatever," Kisame sighed, "if we get in trouble, I'm blaming you," he added.
"Anyways, you're here because-" Itachi started, but my stare was capivated by a piece of paper I had found on the table. It told me why I was kidnapped and taken. Where I was, who the people around me were and everything.
"HEY! Look at ME when I'm talking!" Itachi shouted at me. I looked in another direction away from him.
"I'm sorry, did I hear something?" I asked to nobody in particular.
"God are you annoying! One can of a** kicking, coming right up!" Itachi said coming after me. I didn't move.
"The note says nobody's allowed to hurt me," I read off the note. Itachi froze.
"Give me that!" He snatched the note from me. "Oh, so the leader says no hurting," Itachi read.
"We can kill her without any pain," Deidara pointed out. Itachi grinned at me.
"Read the next sentence," I sighed in boredom.
"No killing wihtout pain, either," Itachi read dully.
"We could..." Deidara sat and took a while to think. Itachi stared at me.
"Take a picture, it'll last longer," I said making a motion of a camera. He looked taken abback.
"You are one rude girl," he said getting up close to me.
"NO MORE MOVES!" I shouted kicking him away from me. I dodged my kicks and ended up behind me. I froze.
"I'll make all the moves I want, because that wouldn't be hurting you," he pointed out. I didn't move or talk.

~part 5~
I didn't move. I kept my mouth shut.
"Hm," he rested his chin on my shoulder. I didn't turn to look at him. "I knew that would shut you up," he laughed in a deep tone.
"Don't tease me like that!" I said moving forward, making him fall on the bed.
I stood up and walked around the room pacing around like a nervous dog.
"What if I don't want to be part of the akatsuki?" I asked refering to the note.
"We're not going to force you to," Kisame walked in. I saw his massive sword wrapped in bandages, "but we'll have to kill you because you know too much, now," he grinned with his sharp teeth.
"You piece of jacked up sushi! I'll eat you for dinner for talking to me like that!" I flipped him off starting to lose my temper. Itachi held back a laugh. Deidara didn't even try to hold back his laugh.
"Why you!" Kisame ran at me.
"You're not allowed to hurt me," I sighed.
"I don't care! I won't take something from a shrimp like you!" He shouted.
"And YOU'RE calling ME something related to seafood? I'M not the one with gills," I pointed out.
"This is why we want you in the Akatsuki, you're just so rude and heartless," Deidara said.
"No, I'm only rude to people who mess with me," I shot back.
"Hmm, what if I like it when you're rude?" Itachi asked. Then he disapeared from my sight. "You're cute when you're freaked out," he said from behind me. I spun around to see him. He grabbed my wrist and kissed me.
I grinned. "I'll admit that I liked you better than Sasuke," I said.
"Oh really?" He asked in intrest.
"BUT," I added, "Sasuke's a better kisser," I said walking off.
"Why you!"
"No hurting!" I said sitting back down on my bed. "I might consider being in the akatsuki after all," I smiled.
"So my kiss worked," Itachi declared.
"No, just the fact that bugging you guys is fun, so I'll join for my entertainment," I smirked.
"Maybe getting her to join wasn't a good idea," Kisame growled.
"I was only kidding, I don't want to join," I said as I sat up.
"Why not?" Deidara asked.
"Because, hanging out with you losers as a living would be boring after a while," I pointed out.
"Well, what about the fact that you get to hang out with hot guys like me?" Deidara asked as he walked up to me.
"I can deal with that," I smiled.
"What does he have that I don't have?!" Itachi asked.
"A pretty face," I answered.
Deidara grined at Itachi. Itachi glared at Deidara.
"Boys, it's time to take her to the leader," a creepy old man at the door said.
"Alright, give us a few minutes to get ready," Kisame said walking outside the door.
Deidara went to the closet and took out a pair of hand cuffs and put them around my wrists, tight. He cut the ropes on my ankle, then I suddenly felt stupid.
"Why couldn't have I done that?" I asked taking out one of my kunai. "Now I feel stupid," I sighed.
"Don't feel stupid, feel unintelegent, it's a bigger word," Deidara grinned.
Deidara lead me outside with Itachi behind me. The old creepy man was to my right, Kisame was to my left. They escorted me through the forests to another place. I was too busy making funny faces at Kisame to notice where I was going. I noticed he stopped and crashed into Deidara.
I looked up to see a man who looked more like a plant.
"The leader couldn't make it, so he told me to tell you to put the girl in the dungeon here and keep her here until the he can get here," the plant guy said. Everyone left to their places. Deidara took me to a real dungeon, dark and gloomy doom as usual. I looked around as he lead me into a cell. The dungeon looked more like a jail, but I didn't care. I just followed Deidara.
"Just one thing before I lock you up," Deidara mentioned. He turned around to face me, then kissed me. Then he locked the cell door. I sat down on the bed inside there, it was the crappy springy bed you see in movies of jail.
"I think you're the best kisser," I said to myself trying to say it loud enough for him to hear.
Then I heard him leave.
"Now, what happened to me?" A voice said from the barred window in my cell. I turned around to see Sasuke.
"Sasuke?" I sat up in the bed.
"I thought I was the best kisser," he said at the bars.
"What are you doing here?" I asked.
"Saving you, again," he answered.
"Yeah? How? You're dealing with the akatsuki, they'll kill you," I said laying back down.
"Not if they don't see me," he said, "or anyone else," he said moving aside to reviel Naruto and Sakura.
"SH! Naruto, they'll hear you!" I shushed him. He whispered to me.
"I'll kill that stupid Itachi, and Deidara!" Naruto said.
"How long have you guys been watching?" I asked.
"Ever since you and Deidara got into that fight, serously, you thought he was a girl?" Naruto asked laughing.
"Shut up!" I threw a rock at them.
"Alright, we're getting you out of here," Sakura said as she easily bended the bars with her insane strength. I climbed out through the window and stood up. I struggled a little with the hand cuffs on my wrists, but I finally got out.
"Wait wait!" Naruto made a clone and it transformed into me, then it climbed down and layed down on the bed.
"Good idea," I smiled.
"I missed you!" He hugged me so tight I thought my head would explode.
"Can I get these off?" I asked raising my arms with the cuffs attatched.
"We don't have time, let's go!" Sakura said bending the bars back to where they were. We took off as fast as possible.
We finally stopped when we arived safely at Konoha.
"I'm so glad you're okay! I missed you so much!" Naruto said hugging me again. By this time, Sasuke and Sakura left. Now it was just Naruto and I in my apartment.
"Yeah, I missed you, too! The whole three hours!!" I said sarcastically," he laughed. "Can you take these hand cuffs off now?" I asked. He looked down at them then smirked.
"Not yet," he said kissing me.
"Stop fooling around, Deidara," I ordered. The Naruto sitting in front of me dissapeared and Deidara apeared.
"How did you know it was me?" He asked.
"I recognize your kisses," I answered.
"Well, anyways," Itachi entered the room. "Did you really think that those brats could help you?" Itachi asked.
"Yes, I did," I answered.
"Well, right now, being held hostage, but we have to ask you something," Itachi said.
"Who's better? Deidara or Me?" Itachi asked.
"Deidara," I answered without thinking.
"You're so mean," Itachi said in a pretend hurt voice.
"Yeah, I know," I said without any simpathy.
"Anyways, that wasn't the real question, the real question is: Will You Join the Akatsuki?" Itachi asked.

~part 6~
"I don't have a choice, do I?" I asked.
"Not really... if you don't, we'll kill you, and your friends," Itachi answered.
I sighed.
"Then my answer is..."
Right before I could answer, a huge bird came down. I ducked to try and get away, but it's claw grabbed me and Itachi and started flying off.
I squirmed around, trying to get away while I sitll could, but it was too late, the bird was too high in the air now, I wouldn't be able to survive such a fall.
"GREAT!! Because of you, I'm being dragged off to god knows where by a GIANT BIRD!" Itachi yelled at me.
"HOW IS IT MY FAULT!?" I shot back.
"It just is!" He said back.
"Nice, great reason! Totally amazing! You're a total super geneous!" I shouted at him.
"I know," he smiled.
"Not a compliment," I explained.
"What? But you just said-"
"Nevermind!" I shouted at him. I tried to get away from the bird.
"You'll be killed if you fall!" Itachi shouted at me.
"I'd rather die, than be stuck with you," I shot back.
"Yeah? Well I'd rather LET you die, than be stuck with you," he said back. I sighed.
"You're just-" I couldn't think of a word to describe him.
I looked down to see us over the sea. I didn't move. I didn't want to have to swim all the way back to Konoha.
The bird flew out for quite a while. I just watched over the glistening water as he flew throught he skies.
Then I noticed a small speck of land in the middle of the water, then out of nowhere, I felt the bird's claws let go of my arms. I started falling.
The fall was long, but finally ended with a huge splash and I wasn in the water. I swam up as quickly as I could so I could go up for air. I frantically waved my arms and legs around to swim up to the surface.
I was only inches away from the surface, when I felt something wrap around my ankle.
I looked down to see my ankle attatched to ropes wich were attatched to a wooden crate.
I squirmed around, trying to get my ankle out of the loop, but it only got tighter. I started panicking and tried to quickly untie the knots. I started to run out of air.
I tried to scream for help, but forgot I was under water. I took in some water and started choking.
I couldn't take in air while I was coughing and took in more water, then everything started to fade. My body felt weak and I couldn't move.
I couldn't last any longer, everything went black.

~part 7~
I saw a bright light out of nowhere. I decided to sit back and not go to it or I'd die, then the light started to get brighter and bigger. So if I don't go to it, it'll come to me, eh? I didn't move. I saw a shadow in the middle of the bright light.
I closed my eyes so I wouldn't freak out as bad. I couldn't stand not knowing what was happening, though, so I opened my eyes and saw the shadow, it was bigger now.
The shadow started to come into focus. I looked at it, then Itachi's face formed. He was only inches away from me.
"Mouth to mouth will be the only way," he said to himself. My eyes opened wider in shock.
"NO NO NO!! Get off!!" I sat up and scrambled away from him. He jumped back and landed hard on his butt.
"What? You're awake?" Itachi asked in supprise.
"I'm alive?" I asked myself. I jumped up. "I'M ALIVE!!" I shouted. My voice echoed through the seas.
"Where are we?" Itachi asked.
"I think we're stranded on this island," I said looking around. There was no land near by. Only water. I kicked the sand. "DARN!! I can't believe I'm stuck on an island... and of all people, I had to be stuck with Itachi, WHY!?" I got down on my knees and shouted at nobody in particular.
"I'm stuck here... with you... NO!" He layed back down on the sand.
"I'm going to go explore," I said getting over it quickly. "Not like there's anything else to do," I added glumly. I turned around and looked at a palm tree. That was it. The land was so small, there would only be room for ten people and it'd be crowded.
"We're gonna die," I said leaning up against the tree.
"I'll make a fire," I said breaking bark off the tree. I set a huge pile of bark on the ground and left it there.
"Aren't you going to start it?" Itachi asked.
"No, not until it gets dark, stupid," I sighed. I sat down on the sand. Itachi leaned up against the tree hard, then a coconut fell down on his head.
"OW!!" He covered his head. I laughed at him.
"Shut up! That hurt! I think it cracked my head open!" He said rubbing his head.
"I think you cracked the coconut," I said picking it up and spliting it in half. I gave him one half.
"Thanks," he smiled and sat down next to me and started eating. I didn't feel too hungry, so I left it there.
"How did I end up here?" I asked.
"I swam back to see you caught in some ropes, so I cut you loose," he shrugged.
"Why didn't you just leave me there to die?" I asked.
"Well-" he started to blush, "if I didn't save you, then I'd have nobody to hate," he said looking away stubbornly. I smiled.
"Well, thanks, anyways," I said standing up.
"Where are you going?" He asked.
"I don't know," I said laughing and sitting back down. As I sat down, a small stinging shot through my index finger.
"Ow," I looked at my finger. There was a splinter in it. It was pretty deep too.
"What's wrong?" He asked.
"I have a splinter," I sighed. I tried to take it out, but I couldn't.
"Here," he took my finger and took out the splinter easily. I smiled.
"Thanks again," I said looking at my finger, it was bleeding. He started sucking on my finger. I blushed.
"You're blushing," he grinned as he took my finger out of his mouth. I pulled my hand back.
"Am not," I said in denial.
"Liar, I can see you blushing," he said back.
"No, it's just hot outside," I said turning away from him.
"Hey," he took my chin and made me look at him, "look at me when I'm talking to you," he said getting up close to me.
Right before he kissed me, I pulled back.
"What? Do you not like me?" He asked.
"No," I said looking away. He took my chin again and made me look at him.
"You're lieing," he grinned.
"You're going to kiss me and you don't even know my name," I pointed out.
"Well then waht's your name?" He asked.
Right before I could say my name, someone shouted Itachi's name. I looked up to see a gian bird. I saw a blonde girl standing on it.
"Deidara," Itachi stood up.
"I thought he was a girl again!" I shouted at myself. Itachi laughed, he helped me up.
Deidara finally landed on the sand with his bird.
"What took you so long!?" I asked.
"Nice to see you, too," he said sarcastically.
"I'm only kidding," I smiled.
"Alright, you two get on, we're going back home," he said as we both got onto the bird.
"Hey, what about Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura?" I asked.
"Join or we'll kill you and your friends," Itachi said, "but I'd hate to have to kill you," he added.
"Aw, how sweet, but don't I get time to think?" I asked.
"No," Deidara answered.
"Dang, and I thought that would work," I sighed.
"We're not stupid," Itachi said.
"Prove it!" I shot back.
"Hey, no changing the subject," Deidara scolded.
"Why do you want me to join so badly?" I asked.
"Well, if you don't join, you could tell everyone our secrets and stuff," Itachi explained.
"Then why don't you just take out all my memory of the Akatsuki?" I asked.
"Too troublesome, it would be easier if you just joined," Deidara answered.
"Why me?" I asked to nobody in particular.
"Well, what's it gonna be?" Itachi asked.
"I'd rather marry Itachi than join," I answered. Before they could get me, I jumped off the bird and landed in the middle of the woods.
I sighed and realized how stupid I was for doing that. Now Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke are in trouble.
"I'm so stupid!" I said slaming my head on a tree.
"Don't feel stupid, feel unintelegent, it's a bigger word," I heard someone say from behind me. I turned around to see Naruto.
"Naruto!" I hugged him.
"Why did you do that to your head? Now you're bleeding," he said wiping the blood from my forehead.
"How did you escape?" I asked.
"I didn't," he answered. Then he vanished. Itachi appeared.

~part 8~
"What do you want?" I asked.
"I'm not letting you go that easily," he said taking my wrist before I could leave. He took my other wrist and pinned me to the tree behind me.
"You know what? Instead of killing everyone, if you don't join, you'll HAVE to marry me," he grinned at me.
"What?! That's not fair!" I shouted at him.
"Life's not fair," he sighed. He grabbed me by the waist and started carrying me by force back to the bird. I was looking at everything behind me.
"Could there be any less apropriate way to carry me!?" I asked getting mad.
"Yes, do you want me to carry you that way?" He asked me.
"No," I sighed.
"Are you going to join?" He asked.
"NO!" I said stubbornly.
"Well then, get ready for your wedding because you're marrying me," Itachi said as he jumped onto the bird. He sat down and held onto me so I wouldn't escape again. I sighed. What'd I get myself into?
"Why don't I get any say in this whatsoever?" I asked.
"Because you already did and you said the wrong thing! So this is the consiquence," he sighed. "Look at the bright side! You're marrying me!" He smiled.
I stopped for a second. "I don't see what's so bright about it," I shrugged.
"Well, you're marrying me weather you like it or not! So where do you want to go for our honney moon?" He asked.
"Hell," I answered glumly.
"I can agrange that," he said glareing at me.
"Well, we should go somewhere romantic and beautiful!" I said wraping my arms around him. "Just kidding," I said going back to my original spot.
"It's not all that bad, I'm a lot nicer than you think," he said wraping his arms around me.
"Yeah? You must be REALLY nice, killing your parents in front of your brother," I sighed.
"Can you at least try to get to know me better?" He asked.
"Why?" I asked.
"Because you'd probably really like me," he said happily.
"Do you like me?" I asked.
"I accually... love you," he admitted.
"Well then why won't you let me go? If you really love me, you'd do what's best for me," I explained.
Itachi sighed and released his arms from me. I smiled.
"You go, I'll tell them you got lost when the bird took us away," Itachi whispered to me.
"Thanks," I smiled and jumped off the bird. I landed in the middle of a field. I started cheering.
"YES!! I'm free!" I jumped around and ran towards the door to Konoha.
"Name," the man at the door asked.
"HEY!!! I MISSED YOU!!!" Someone from behind me hugged me from behind. I turned around to see Naruto.
"Naruto! I missed you too!" I hugged him back. Behind Naruto, I saw Sasuke and Sakura running up exhausted.
"When he wants something, he'll never stop!" Sakura said finally stopping at the doors.
"We're all chunin from Konoha," Sasuke said as we all walked in.
"How did you guys escape?" I asked.
"They let us go! Itachi showed up and let us go!" Naruto grinned.
"Doesn't that seem susupicious?" Sakura asked.
"Nah, we're fine," I smiled.
"LET'S GO GET SOME RAMEN!!" Naruto shouted.
"Race you there!" I said running off.
"Wait, can I talk to your girlfriend for a second?" Sasuke asked Naruto.
"Sure," Naruto said ordering some ramen for everyone.
I followed Sasuke behind the building.
"What is it?" I asked.
"You're coming with me," Sasuke said taking my wrist. His grip was strong and hard.
"Ow, Sasuke, let go! That hurts!" I tried to get away from him.

~part 9~
"Sasuke, let go! That hurts," I said as he kept his tight grip on my wrist. I thought if he held on any tighter, he'd break my wrist. "Where are you taking me?" I asked.
"To Itachi," he answered.
"What? NO!" I stopped and started struggling to get away from him.
He pulled me close to him,"You're comming with me, stop making it troublesome," he said in a deep voice. Before I could start strugling again, he stopped me and came up to me from behind. "I told you not to make it troublesome," he said. That was the last thing I heard him say.
I opened my eyes to see a girl with blonde hair standing above me. I opened my eyes wider and saw Deidara.
"Sorry Deidara, I thought you were a girl again," I said sitting up.
"Again?" He asked.
"Where am I?" I asked back.
"You're in Itachi's room, soon to be yours," Deidara smirked.
I layed down, only to smell Itachi's scent. I sat back up and got out of his bed. I took a step forward and felt something around my ankle. I looked down.
"AGAIN? You guys need some creativity," I said jiggling my leg at the ropes.
"We have creativity!" Deidara pointed out. He walked back to a table in the very back of the room and lifted up my weapon belt and all my other weapons that I could possibly use. I checked myself. I was wearing one of their cloaks.
"You guys undressed me?" I asked in bewilderment.
"Itachi did," Deidara answered.
"What else did you do to me?" I asked.
"Let you sleep for a day, you sure do sleep a lot," he murmured.
"Really?" I asked with no enthusiasm.
"I was ordered to watch out for you incase you managed to escape," he sighed.
"Yeah? Well, you guys are just going to kidnap me again anyways, so I find no use in it," I yawned and sat down. "Why is this so short?" I asked adjusting the cloak. I didn't notice how short it was. It was mid thigh lenght. It had a red ribon around the waist, the sleves were really long, longer than my fingers.
"It's the girl's size for our cloaks, we made it specifically for you," Deidara explained.
"You're not making me wear this for a wedding, are you?" I asked.
"That would be rediculous and unreasonable," he said.
I would've come up with a comeback, but I wasn't in the mood for starting fights.
"Okay," I stood up and looked around at the room. "Itachi's pretty messy," I sighed. I picked up a pillow from the ground and set it on the bed. I cleaned up the whole room out of boredom.
"You'd make a great wife," Deidara pointed out.
"Just because I'm a girl?" I asked.
"No, I didn't mean-"
"Just because I'm good at cleaning and I'm a girl doesn't mean I'd be a great wife! It only means I'm a girl who can clean!" I pointed out.
"Yes, I'm sorry for-"
"So you'd assume that I obsess over how I look, as well don't you?" I asked.
"No," he answered.
"Whatever," I sighed. I looked around. Itachi had a bathroom and a huge walk in closet, but nothing in it, a few set of clothes. A lot of Akatsuki cloaks.
"I'm so bored!" I fell back onto the bed.
"I'll entertain you for a while," a voice from the door said. I sat up to see Itachi.
"Oh, it's you," I layed back down.
"Nice to see you, too," he said sitting down next to me.
"What do you want?" I asked.
"To see my soon to be bride," he smiled.
"That's sweet," I said without enthusiasm.
"Don't be so down, it'll be nice to stay here," he wraped his arms around me.
"I bet Naruto's panicking about me being gone again," I sighed.
"No, look," he turned my head to his and made me look into his eyes. I saw a bright white flash, then saw myself standing in Naruto's apartment. I walked to his room and saw him sleeping.
"He's not worried at all?" I asked myself. I walked over to him and tried to touch his cheek, but my hand went strait through him as if I were a ghost! I took my hand back. I saw a white flash and came back to reality.
"See? He's not worried," Itachi said.
"That's supposed to make me feel good?" I asked. "He's my boyfriend-"
"Ex," Itachi added.
"Fine, he's my-" I paused and looked at the ground "ex," I finished. I felt like there was a knot in my throat. Tears started to come. I tried to hold them back.
"It's alright," Itachi said in a soothing voice. "You have me now," he said tightening his grip on me. I refused to cry, but I turned to him and rested my head on his chest for a minute.
"Well, our wedding is tomorrow, so you can look forward to that. I am going to spen all day with you today, okay?" Itachi asked. I nodded. "You can take some time off and think about things," he added. "Does that sound good? We'll go to the beach," he added. I nodded again. "Speaking of beach, what's your name?" He asked.
"What does that have to do with my name?" I asked.
"Now that you've brought it up, what's your name?" He asked. I laughed.
"You brought it up first," I pointed out.
"Well?" He asked.
"My name is-"
"Itachi, we need to talk to you for a minute," Kisame said from the door.
"I'll be back," he smiled at me. He let go of me and left.
"What is it?" I heard Itachi's voice from outside.
"It's-" the door shut. I sighed.
Itachi came back in a few minutes later.
"Hey, you wanna go to the beach now?" He asked.
"Can I wear my regular clothes?" I asked.
"Sure," he smiled. "Speaking of that, you have a really nice body," he smirked and went to the table and handed me my clothes.
"I can't get dressed with the rope on," I pointed out. Itachi looked down.
"Oh yeah," he cut the rope.
I went to the bathroom to change. I wrapped bandages around my stomach and chest, put a baby blue baby tee over and a baby blue skirt with shorts under. I brushed my black hair with gold tips and brushed my teeth.
When I finally came out, Itachi smiled.
"You take forever to get ready," he laughed.
"So you are obsessed with your looks!" Deidara said.
"So are you? If you do your hair every morning," I grinned.
"Alright, let's go," Itachi said taking my hand and pracitcally dragging me out the door.
"WOW! It's so pretty!" I said sitting down on the edge of the rocks on the shore. I watched the water glisten with the reflection of the sun set.
"Just like you," Itachi smiled down at me. He sat down behind me and wraped his arms around me.
"You broke your promise," I said out of nowhere.
"You said you'd spend all day with me, not evening," I explained.
"I'll be spending most of the day tomorrow with you, and a lot more for our honey moon," he said.
"I want our honey moon to be here, it's pretty," I smiled.
"You mean you're accually willing to marry me?" He asked.
"You're my last resort," I grinned.
"That was mean," he said tightening his grip on me.
"Since Naruto doesn't care about-"
"Don't you DARE say I don't care about you!" A voice from behind me shouted. I turned around to see Naruto.
"Naruto?" I stood up.
"I thought you-"
"I wasn't sleeping! Itachi lied! I spent all night looking for you!" Naruto said breathlessly.
"Naruto! That's so sweet!" I ran into his arms.
"I missed you," he sighed in relief. "I was worried about you," he added. "I love you, I would never let anyone else marry you!" Naruto said holding me tighter.
"Do NOT interfere with us," Itachi warned.
"Naruto, go get help, you can't take him on by yourself," I whispered to him.
"No, I can over kill him!" Naruto said stepping in front of me protectively.

~part 10~
"Naruto, that's rediculous, you can't beat Itachi, he's so many levels better than you," I tried to reason with him.
"I've beaten a LOT of people of higher level than me!" Naruto shot back.
"Could you beat Sasuke?" I asked.
"No," he said lowering his fists.
"Sasuke couldn't beat Itachi, do you think you could beat Itachi now?" I asked.
"N- I can do it!" Naruto said putting his fists up. I sighed.
"Very well, you asked for it," Itachi said walking at Naruto.
"I TOLD YOU SO!" I shouted at Naruto. Naruto stared at me.
"I would totally do something to you right now, but I'm kinda tied up at the moment," he said looking down at the chains around him.
Naruto ended up being tied to a column after being knocked out by Itachi.
"Hey! You're not supposed to be in here!" Kisame came after me.
"Whatcha gonna do about it?" I asked.
"Get out of here," he ordered.
"Make me," I sassed him.
"Fine," he sighed. Then two people from behind me took me by the arms and dragged me out.
"I swear, as soon as I marry Itachi, you're the FIRST to go!" I said pointing at him.
The men put me in my room and Deidara had to chain me to my bed this time.
"Oh, so you took my advice?" I sat down, the chains jinling.
"Yes, you like? Chains, so much more accurate," Deidara smiled.
"Damn my big mouth," I sighed as I layed down.
"Wait wait, not yet, I have to show you something," Deidara said. I sat up again and looked at him. He held a black dress. It had red ribbons on it. It was frilly with a nylon skirt.
"What is it?" I asked.
"Your wedding dress," he answered.
"I'm wearing black to my wedding?" I asked.
"Why not? It's not against the law, is it?" He asked. I shook my head. "Then you're wearing it, tomorrow," he smiled and set the dress down.
"Boys are SO wierd," I sighed and layed down.
The next morning when I woke up. I sat up to see Deidara sleeping sitting up against the wall. I decided to wake him up. I shook my ankle so he could hear them. He snapped and woke up.
"STOP THAT!" He stood up.
"Wakey wakey! Time to wake up! You HAVE to wake up!" I threw my pillow at him.
"You're SO obnoxious you little-"
"Don't insult my bride!" Itachi showed up at the door.
"Yeah! Don't insult his bride!" I said pointing at myself.
"Anyways, what did you need?" Deidara asked Itachi.
"Just wanted to talk to my bride," Itachi sat down next to me.
"Yes, I have something to ask you," I said stareing at him.
"What did you need to ask?" He asked.
"Why did you lie to me about Naruto not careing about me?" I asked.
"Because I- because I thought that if you thought Naruto didn't care for you, you'd forget about him and like me," he explained.
"That's NOT the way to get a girl," I scolded.
"Wedding is in an hour, everyone needs to get ready," Kisame said from the door.
"Alright, I'll see you later," he smiled at me and left.
"Get dressed," Deidara ordered.
"Make me!" I said sitting down.
"Alright, but Itachi will kill me," he said walking over to me.
"NO! I didn't mean it!" I said backing away from him.
"Then get dressed," he ordered.
"Then unlock the chains," I ordered back. He sighed and went to get a key.
"Go go go!" Kisame said as he opened the doors. I refused to. Kisame shoved me out into the aisle with Deidara next to me. I stopped and didn't move.
"Come on," he whispered at me.
"NO! I refuse!" I said sitting down in the middle of the aisle.
"YEAH! SHE'S NOT MARRYING YOU, ITACHI!!" Naruto yelled from the colomn he was chained to.
"Okay, now let's try this again," the preacher smiled at me. I stuck my tongue out at him.
I was chained to a colomn in the front. Naruto got duct tape put over his mouth.
"We've come together this day to unite Itachi and-"
"BLAH BLAH BLAH!" I interrupted. Itachi glared at me.
"Let's try ONE more time," the preacher said smiling at me. I couldn't stick my tongue out at him this time because my mouth was duct taped shut.
I fell asleep while he was talking, until someone from behind me poked me.
"Do you-" The preacher waited for me to tell him my name. I couldn't tell him because of the duct tape.
Deidara pulled the tape off my mouth.
"Your name?" The man asked.
"******** YOU!" I shouted at him. Everyone looked taken aback.
Deidara replaced a new piece of tape over my mouth.
"Do you, Itachi, take her to be your lawfully wedded wife?" The man asked.
"I do," Itachi said looking at me.
"Do you take Itachi to be your-"
I shook my head furiously. Deidara grabbed my hair from behind and forced me to nod my head.
"Are there any objections to why this couple should not be married?" The man asked.
I nodded my head.
"Anyone who matters?" The man added. Nobody answered.
"Very well, you may kiss the bride," the man smiled.
Right before Itachi could kiss me, a loud clash sound was made and someone yelled.
"NO! I OBJECT!" I turned to see Naruto. He had broken through the chains and got the tape off.
"Too late!" Itachi laughed and turned to me. Before he could kiss me, I shook my head.
"Oh yeah, the tape," Itachi laughed.

~part 11~ last one!~
Itachi ripped the tape off my lips. I let out a loud scream, echoing through the church. Itachi covered his ears, along with everyone else.
"THAT HURT!" I shouted at him.
"I'm sorry," he apologized. "Want me to kiss it better?" He asked. He got closer to me.
"No! You can't! I won't let you!" Naruto shouted. He started running towards us.
"Too late!" Itachi turned to me and his lips came crashing down onto mine.
"DAMNIT ITACHI!" Naruto ran at him with his kunai. His eyes bleed red, his chakra was getting at a high level, so high you could see it. It surrounded him in a tornado like motion. Everyone evacuated the building, unitl it was only me-chained to the colomn-, naruto and Itachi left.
"You can't beat me, you're way too weak, and besides, she's mine now, there's just no way," Itachi lowered his fists, knowing he won.
"What if I wanted to devorce you?" I asked.
"You have to wait a certain amount of time," Itachi answered.
"DANG! That's not fair!" I said hanging my head in defeat.
"You can't have her," Naruto calmed down. Everything got quiet, tears streamed down his face. He suddenly collapsed to the floor.
"I love her," he sobbed.
Itachi froze. "I can't believe this," Itachi said in a dazed voice. He stared at the empty room. Finally his gaze moved to me. "I guess I can't make you do something you don't want to do, no matter how hard I try, I'm never going to get you to like me," Itachi said walking over to me.
"I never said I don't like you," I corrected, "I like you, just not LOVE you," I added.
Itachi didn't reply, he unlocked the lock, chaining me to the colomn, the chains fell to the ground and I could finally move.
"Thank you," I smiled. I quickly kissed him on the cheek, then ran over to Naruto. I got down on my knees and lifted his head, tears flooded his eyes. "Naruto, I love you, too," I smiled at him. His face lit up. I wiped the tears from his face and hugged him.
"I'm so glad that you're okay!" Naruto smiled cheerfully at me as we passed the gates to Konoha. The town flooded with people at the market.
"I am, too," I smiled back.
"Hey!" Sakura ran up to us.
"Hi, Sakura," I smiled.
"You guys are back! I thought you would be gone forever!" She hugged me.
"Yeah, I know," I laughed.
"Let's go get ramen!" Naruto cheered.
"Again?" Sakura asked.
"Ramen's fine with me," I agreed.
"Fine," Sakura sighed. "We'll have ramen, again," she started walking.
"Hey!" Someone from behind me shouted. I turned around to see Itachi.
"Itachi, what are you doing here?" I asked looking at the people who all didn't notice him.
"I just had to ask you one last question," he said breathlessly.
"What is it?" I asked.
"What is your name?" He asked.
"Okay, fine," I sighed. "If you insist, my name is-"
The End! *evil laugh*

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YAY PART TWO XD O; you make awesome stories >//< xD

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totally me want to write more ' w '
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