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Xalphamin Origins: Weblog of Auphon Kriovek

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Chapter II: The Morning Cannot Live Forever

The next morning, Auphon had awoken to a severe pain in his chest. He had yet often felt quenches behind from where his heart would've been. At that moment, tears ran from his face and he began to cry. Suddenly, he had grasped onto his chest and reached in. A small ember, gold with astonishing light poured into his very hands and a small whisper rang from within it. Much to his concern, Auphon had looked down at the flame and smiled as it said to him, "Thank you for letting me go. Your reward will be paid sometime in the mere future." From then, it ascended into the air and flew out into the morning sky. The sun rose gently behind the clouds and opened up from a new day.

Upon arrival in the rocky streets, Auphon strolled down to greet an old friend he so long desired to chat with. He wanted to tell him the exciting thing that had happened to him the previous night. His eyes glowed in rush excitement until he finally came to a stop before an old door. Its appearance was most stunning for it had possessed four different locks upon it. Auphon smiled, and reached into his pocket. A small, brass key laid in his hand and he held onto it firmly, shifted it into one of the locks, and turned it briskly. Click! The first lock snapped open and so did the next one. Finally, as the third one broke of rusted age, the fourth one remained thus. Auphon thought and thought, and finally reached the consensus that it could be broken with a large key. Auphon pulled out his Keyblade and slashed upon the lock. Alas, the last lock broke open and the door slowly swung open. Auphon sighed with relief and went inside.

As he had stepped inside, dust had ascended into the air. Yet, a glimpse of miniature images arose impartedly in the mist. Auphon peered out into the darkness and continued walking in, until he had stepped on a small, faint object below his feet. A picture frame laid thus, crackled in shattered glass and glowed an iridescent luminescense under the sunlight. He kneeled down and picked up the photo. Upon it, beheld two faint figures holding hands. A voice broke out within the silence and the photo fell into the ash below.

Auphon picked up the broken frame within his hands, trembling. Four small droplets of blood slowly prickled onto the dusty ground. Recoiling in pain, Auphon shook in shock. A voice came out from underneath the silence. Its raspy disposition gave evidence that the person was very ill. A tall figure crept beneath the darkness and a chill ran throughout the room. Auphon began to shiver in fright, until a ghastly hand reached out towards him.

Suddenly, the hand jerked his shoulder and shifted the boy the right. A small grin bore underneath the moonlight. Auphon gasped and reached for his Keyblade, fearing that the figure would attack. Instead, the creature recoiled with a shift to the right, and backed away into the shadows.

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