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School For The Gifted



Power: Pheromones Secretion and Manipulation

Name: Primrose Clarke

NickName: "Flair" or "Prim"

Personality:shy, keeps to herself but is an open book when you get to know her, get upset easily, mischievous and nosy, energetic, fun, outgoing, nature lover, likes to help people, and can be treacherous at times when angered.

Beloved Items: a locket with a picture of her twin brother in it, her hiking stick, and her book of poetry.

Description: Prim is a mature-for-her-age 16 year old girl with a sad past. Her elbow-length golden blonde hair has two streaks of purple in her bangs and feathers braided in. (she only does her hair fancy for special occasions) her piercing eyes change from icy-blue to grassy-green to tell her emotions. she likes to wear skinny jeans,a t-shirt, and flip-flops most of the time- sometimes a dress- but what most stands out is her nails and her aroma. her nails are like a mood ring- they change to tell her mood. and her aroma can be anything. she uses her aroma-or scent-to control people. but she basically refuses to unless its for the good of someone or something. she will only use her powers unless she feels someone's in danger, someone asks her and it a legitimate reason, or her emotions get the best of her. she does not wear makeup- she doesn't need to, she's gorgeous and she can make anyone fall in love with her! Prim has a terrible crush on her teacher, Joshua Calic, and she tries to get over it. Her only and best friend,Duncan Sty, who she's known since she was 6, to comes to school along with Primrose. Duncan has a crush on her- without her using her powers- and he wishes she realized it. they share everything together.

Bio: Born in England, Primrose Clarke was a lonely child as for she was always, how do you say, different. She would always be outcasted by everyone. only her twin brother, Harry, would love her. she loved Harry unconditionally. She often overheard her parents talking about whether to put her up for adoption or not. her parents eventually did. Harry was devastated at this point. Prim went into foster care until she was 6. then she met Duncan Sty, (a different RPC)the only person she could find who understood and was nice to her. Duncan and Prim grew up together- playing and talking and telling jokes. once she and Duncan hit 11, they sent them to an American foster care where the adults were even crueler to the kids than in England. once when Primrose was 13, the headmistress was beating her and she got overheated. Prim grabbed her hand and started to breathe heavily, emitting weird fumes. then the headmistress started breathing slower and slower, until she collapsed, not breathing. Prim got so scared that she ran out of the room to meet up with Duncan. He saw her bruises and was really angered. she told him what happened and they decided to sneak away before any other mistresses or masters found out. when they left, they were discovered by a man named Joshua Calic one of the teachers at "The School For The Gifted". he saw them and immediately knew they held "gifted powers". Joshua took Primrose and Duncan to his school and registered them into the system. she was the stay in room 2001 and Duncan in room 2002. once they got settled, they took their powers test, to find out what their powers were. Prim found out her power was Pheromones Secretion and Manipulation. after a couple of years of learning regular school subjects, at age 16, plus how to tame and use her powers, Prim received a package from home. the package contained a picture of Harry, his locket with a picture of her inside- that matches hers which has a picture of Harry inside-, and a letter. the letter read that Harry has recently died in a car accident. at this point, Prim started being quieter and keeping to herself more. Duncan knew she was devastated and didn't give up on her. he eventually developed a crush on her. besides Duncan, Joshua was the only one who understood her. he was 18 and not only was he a teacher, he had powers too! he brought the fun into her again. he was fun to be around and he was nice to her, she developed a crush on him, even though she knows its terrible. Prim tries to stop loving Joshua by using her powers to make him only like her as a friend. Duncan sees that Primrose is being fun and outgoing again so he nicknames her "Flair", to match her personality. Flair,
Duncan, and Joshua become best friends.

i do not have an image for her- can somebody help?

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  • [04/09/12 12:16am]
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