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Infinity's Love Journal :heart:
My name is Danielle, and I'm addicted to FullMetal Alcheimist. My gaia name is Infinity Elric. Now, I have a reason for my name. Infinity is my character's name. As for my "addiction" of FMA, its a long story.
Weeks ago
Ok, if you had been keeping up with my jornals, you'll probably remember when I said that I would FINALLY go to Darein Lake and to the Erie County Fair in Hamburg, NY, with my best friend. Well, yes, I finally got to go to Darien Lake and to the Erie County Fair, with a couple of other good friends, and it was a lot of fun.

We started the day with taking a group picture as soon as we got inside of the Fair. Yeah, that was a waste of our time. lol lol Anyway, then we started to go and get our free ride wristbands. That took even more time out of our day, but it was worth it. So, we then had to wait until about 11:00 to start going on rides. Again, big waste of our time, but again, well worth the wait. Then, we went on a Rok-And-Roller, which is a ride that you sit in, and it rocks u back and forth, while you go in a circle. I got a little motion sick, but didn't puke, so proud of myself lol lol . Well, as time went on, we went on more rides, and had a lot of fun. I even got a green, glass heart and it's got some white swarls in it. Then, we saw a parade and got some bead, and no, i didn't have to flash anyone for them. Perverts lol lol . Well, we saw this show of amazing dogs that did all sorts of tricks and it was the coolest thing ever whee . As Roy Mustang once said..."I LOVE DOGS!!!!!!" lol lol . Later, we had to stop at my house for some overnight things because we went to Darein Lake the next day.
At Darein Lake, we went to the Mind Eraser, that's a ride that your feet hang from the seat and you go on loops, corkscrews and...it hurt my head, and the other half of my childhood is gone. lol lol jkjk. Then, we went to the water park and went on this really awesome slide, went to the Lazy River, and after we dried off, we went on the Superman, or as they now call it the "Ride of Steel", but I've always known it as the Superman. We didn't stay for the Laser Light Show, though sad . I was a little disappointed, but my best friend and her dad had to work the next day anyway, so I could understand that. I slept over my best friend's house for one more night, then had to go home in the morning.
Right after I got home, my mom said that she didn't go to work that day so we were gonna go to an another amusment park called Martin's Fantisy Island, and my older brother doesn't go to work on Wednesdays anyways. Well, I didn't want to go because I was just too tired and I didn't want to go on anymore rides, but I ws forced to go and spend some time with my family xp lol jkjk lol . I just wanted to see the shows and go home. Well, I kinda got my wish. We went on the Ferris Wheel, and the Siver Comet, which is a wooden roller coaster ride and it's really bumpy and just really isn't safe, in my opinion, and saw this "Fairy Tale Land" show and it was kinda cute. I think it had something to do with a kingdom being under attck by a demon-looking guy and his plan was thowarted by a guy named Captin Skyhook (no relation to Captin Hook lol lol ). We went to a souvonier store, and my older brother bought some stuff for his girlfriend and we went on the canu (yeah, ik my spelling sucks) ride twice before going to the "Golden Nugget" and saw this show of these two guys and a girl singing western songs. I kinda knew some, so I started singing to the songs too. Right after that, right outside was the Gun Slinging show, that's where these three "bad guys" are "stealing" the gold from the amusment park and the "deputy" shoots the bad guys and saves the gold, or something like that. Again, cute show and I liked it. After that, my mom wanted to go on the Silver Comet again. My older brother and I didn't go on again because we just didn't feel like going on again. My younger brother did, though. He kinda likes it. After that, we FINALLY left.
That week, within itself, was the busiest and craziest week I've ever had lol lol .

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