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The Magic Series 3
Last time on The Magic Series...

Seriously, i thought i dealt with this last time! I'm goin to the Complaint Department.

*bman is sitting under the hot sun, with a hat over his face, looking like he was asleep*
bman: *snores loudly*
*ok, maybe he is asleep*
email: *from out of nowhere* Hey!
bman: *startled, he jumps up to his feet, and his hat comes off* You gotta stop doing that!
email: Why? It's fun to see you jump up when you're startled.
bman: Well, It's not fun for me.
email: I know.
bman: Anyway, It's really hot out today. *sits down next to tree*
email: Yeah, It is. *sits down next to him and looks over to the side of bman* Hey, where's your journal?
bman: I left it at home.
email: Oh.
Evil Dude: *hiding in the bushes and says in a whisper* Heh heh heh, that foolish mortal, just saying where his magic journal is, not caring what evil dude could be hiding in the bushes.
Evil Minion #1: *in a whisper voice* Yeah, he's stupid. By the way, who is the evil dude in the bushes?
Evil Dude: *whisper* It's me you twit! *hits minion #1 on the head*
bman: I think i heard someone in the bushes over there.
Evil Dude: Way to go moron, you blew my cover!
email: Yeah, me too. *bman and email walk over to the bushes*
bman: Who's there?
*Evil dude throws a smoke pellet out in front of the bushes*
email: what the-
*smoke clears up and Evil Dude and minion race to where the smoke once was*
Evil Dude: HA! I'm the Evil Dude! I was just hired to play this role! And since you just told me where your journal is!
Evil Minion #1: Yeah, where it is!
bman: Again, what the-
Evil Dude: Now, goodbye! I'm off to steal your journal! *throws smoke pellet on ground and disappears*
bman: Again, What the-

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