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Bio Name: Vernia Do'Urden Age: Unknown but looks 18-25 Race: Dark Elf (slight MoonElf and Avian Blood added) Appearance: A Young and Appeling looking Elf Madian with dark skin (like avitar ) Alternate apearance: Glowing read eyes, slight featherin

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Chapter 1 (a new beginning 4)
stressed "well Monk I am waiting for your answer", I know not why I demanded all this from the man just something inside just snaped all the hate and anger at everything that had happened and at myself now surfaced. The judgement he passed on me had hit the rage at the unfairness, who was he to pass judgement he knew nothing.
The monk change demeter slighly and was silent for a while we stared each other down and my demand hung in the silent air between us for the longest time.
"I am called Nickodemus. Vernia, for what ever reason God has spared you and placed you in my care. As for what to live for, that is something you must find for yourself, no one can give you that. However if you seem to regret so much why not make amense for those regrets. Find a way to rectify your actions."
"Did you not here me Nickodemus, I have killed countless people for my goddess, I was a high pristiss for her for the hundreds of years of my life. How would one rectify that monk. Why would my brother not kill me right on the spot for not only causeing his suffering but killing our father, who did nothing? why would he even hear my words?" I had lost all thought I felt all the rage coming forward and fulling me, I could not stop my acusations or myself. "Why do you care anyway monk?" I felt my body crack and pop and change, the pain of it all, this burning sensation in my stomack and skin.
"O my God, what have I done?", he droped to his knees
"what have you done to me!?!" , I screamed as my transformation completed. I saw the water basson had fell to the floor and shattered I managed to chech a glimps of my reflextion in the puttle on the floor. I knew not the vile creature that staired back. "what have you done to me?" , I asked again trying to control myself and comprehend what he was saying.
"I finished dressing your wounds and realized that you had lost a great amount of blood and that you needed that blood replaced. However I did not have Dark Elf blood so I had to work with what I had." he collected him self as if reliving the event. "I knew that elf bloods can megle fine so I gave you the only elf blood I had on myself at the time."
"which was?", I bearly managed to form the words.
"Which was Blood of the Moon Elf , unfortanatly I found that it was not enough so I also had to mix some other blood to help the 2 bloods work, to hold them together the only other blood I had that would work was Avian Blood."
"You mixed my blood and made me this!" I screamed "This monster! Look at me Monk!"
"I realized my error only after the task was complete. Since then, I have
been praying for your forgiveness.", he then bowed in respect as a gentalmen. "Please Vernia Do'Urden, forgive an old and foolish mans folly".
"what?", I asked not knowing what to do, I could only stair. I felt instantly drained and colaspt on the bed. I felt my body changing again though this time when I glanced at the spilled water I saw my self looking back, but did see markings on my face but I cared not I was normal again and I closed my eyes. I pondered my next words, "Fear not Monk for I have been rightly punished for my ages of crimes, and actions towards others especally my family. I of all people will not condem you." So tired I could feel the call of sleep.
"Verian, I..," was all I heard.

* * * * *
As Nickodemus wiped the tears from his eye and breathed a sigh of releaf. He found himself blessed from most of the days events. He had been a little worried when she had changed and again when she colaspted on the bed but when he found her pulse and realized she was only sleeping he could breath again. what a intreging elf. He had to admire her thinking. He toucked her into bed and turned to leave. As he reached his room down the hall he tought back to her kiss. it was an odd event, he was waiting for an answer then bam he felt funny then started to get ideas and then he saw her face and felt her lips. He had been kissed before but... this was different, he was shocked to find himself longing once again to be a young man. Then he laughted at himself, She did it to understand and speek our language nothing more old man. Then he prepared for bed and Sleep took him. Dreaming of her eyes and seeing the truths she had told play out in his head. He knew not what to do or feel from what he watched.

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