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The Mind of Catalin™
You are now entering a world of strange thoughts and unimaginable craziness.You are now entering.....the Mind of Catalin™! *Twilight Zone music plays*
Reindeer Assassin Part 8
Catalin27(Meh!) : Hiya Peeps! =D I'm making gewd progress huh?! >:3
Anyway!On with teh story!

Narator: After there very uber meeting, Gramp ninja and Santa traveled together with two other retarded looking men!

Reindeer: -_-

Billy: ToT

Narator: Yep..those to hidious guys..Who are so ******** ugly they made the dinosaurs die out!They are so ******** ugly they.....

Reindeer: WE GET IT! scream

Billy: gonk

Narator: Gewd! 4laugh

Reindeer: Can we get on with it! >:/

Narator: Your so mean! T-T

Santa: Damn will you to b***h stfu!?!Gawd I'm trying to eat my damn cookies in peace! >:0

Me: -to TrxX13- I think this ish going along nicely!~ :3

TrxX13: ?:3

Narator: OMG! If we don't finish now we won't be able to watch Bakugion! O-O

Santa: OMFG No! D:

Narator: So we left off when....

Grampa ninja:Wtf care about the re cap's!?!!?

Narator: -sniff- Fine.... T3T

Narator: Grampa Ninja,Santa,Billy,And the Reindeer countinues to walk when after the third step Santa fainted of being so damn tired.

Santa: X_X

Grampa Ninja: This reminds me of Rival... T-T

Billy: Oh no not again! ToT

Reindeer: ..?

Santa: WHO THE HELL IS RIVAL?!?!!?!?

Grampa Ninja: Well Rival was super bad a**!Here's a picture when he was younger! :3

(Now if you Have ever read my brother main story [Grampa Ninja] You might have already seen this.. =D )

User Image

Santa:-crys in Rival's uberness- He's so damn awesome! crying

Grampa Ninja: -crying too- Damn right! crying

Narator: Santa and Grampa Ninja countinue to cry....

Reindeer: ....Billy....Your pretty strong for your age to keep a possitive attitude through their idiotict conversations...

Billy: Actually..I keep my feeling's locked up in side....It's not healthy but I know that one day it will kill me and hen I will finally be rid of my life...Sometimes I think about killing myself and burning and cutting...But then I cry becuase I know that it will never happen....I just wish someone would put an end to my pethedic life and then I cry myself to sleep at night while listening to the most awesome band alive....Death Goat....(Oh yeah!I added meh own band[in my dreams] into it! xD Death Goat shall pwn you all! >:3 )

Reindeer: Um thanks for sharing that! sweatdrop


Reindeer: OO'

Me: Well...that's all...for now! >:3 Part Nine coming soon!~ ^o^

Grampa Ninja: User Image
Billy: User Image


Santa: User Image


Reindeer Assassin: User Image

"Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do." -Isaac Asimov
o( ・ q ・)o

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Aug 31, 2008 @ 03:52am
XD you made billy an emo?!?!?! well kinda? and i think rival looked better in the original grandpa ninja................and rival better come in this story STD studios is gonna sue!! (EVEN THOUGH YOUR A MEMBER OF std STUDIOS :SWEAT: ) (wtf caps lock was on -_-) (well then ill fire you!!!!!!! scream ) (but if i do STD studios will be screwed sweatdrop ) (oh and have you helped me adsvertise in the forums?) if you need something to write just go to herpes man part 3 and soon to be part 4 and copy the paragraph i say)

(ill do it for you -_-)

commentCommented on: Mon Sep 15, 2008 @ 03:31am
since when did grandpa ninja have a grill?

Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Sep 23, 2008 @ 02:23am
what is this...willis this story has nothing to do with big hairy men shooting poor inicint raindeers ur a monsta jester fair maiden found by the capes of oblivion(subway)

User Image

join the unificial clan
cause why not
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