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The Mind of Catalin™
You are now entering a world of strange thoughts and unimaginable craziness.You are now entering.....the Mind of Catalin™! *Twilight Zone music plays*
Reindeer Assassin Part 5
Santa and the reindeer drove for what seemed like 15 seconds.Santa had fallen asleep in that long amount of time.The reindeer looked out of the window and saw a 'Hi Welcome To Greece' sign."S**t"the reindeer said.Just then Santa woke up."How the f**k did we get to Greece?!?!?!"Santa shouted."I must have made a wrong turn in the United States....."The reindeer replied."How the f**k do you make a wrong turn in one country into another contry on a different continent?!?!?!?!"Santa screamed."I don't know,but we better get out and ask for directions."the reindeer implied.So Santa and the reindeer got out."The nearest town is a place called Sparta...we should ask for directions there."The reindeer said.Soon they arravied at Sparta at the short time of 15 hours.When they arrived,they saw a person at the entrance.This is what the guy looked like.

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"Hi welcome to Sparta!Over there you'll see the Pit of Death,and over to your left you'll see where I cut a guy's arm off,if you want to see it,we posted it on Youtube,oh yeah comment my page."The guy said."I'm the king of Sparta and I'll be killing your waiter.""What was that last part?"the reindeer asked."I'll be your waiter."the king replied,"Oh over there is where I raped my wife....""What?"Santa asked."Over there is where I married my wife."the king replied,"Oh and that's our studio where we filmed our movie 300,that was a real movie by the way.""Wait didn't you die in the movie?"the reindeer asked"Yes I did,in facted I have no idea how I'm alive right know."the king replied."Oh and in those woods is where I meet the penguin from Happy Feet.He's a pretty polite penguin what with kicking me over and stuff.Well,I'll get you a tour guide and I'll let you guys be on your way."In a few seconds a tour guide came out."Hi there!"the tour guide said,"I'll be your guide!"The tour guide looked like this.

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"Your looking delicious today!"the tour guide said to Santa."I see your the fat american type,that turns me on!"the tour guide said."I'm sorry I don't like guys or girls,I only like cookies."Santa replied."Oh,scuse me while I go see Spartas scientist to go turn me into a cookie."the tour guide said.

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commentCommented on: Sat Feb 02, 2008 @ 03:31pm
Hi I read your post to come read and comment this!This is very funny! 3nodding Not to mention I love reindeers! Do you think you could add me I'm new and don't have any friends..... crying Maybe I could sponser your journal to get more people to read!Then when I'll get all the stuff to look like Reindeer Assassin I'll enter it in the arena and that will get even more people to read!Please!


commentCommented on: Mon Feb 04, 2008 @ 07:05pm

Sailor Neptune621
Community Member
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