• Tsubasa

    As the glow of the sun scorches the remnants of black powder of a cannon fired by a single hand and as the mechanical tones of artillery and motors continue to blare as a stentorian announcement of conquest. I began to be one with these symphonies of man and their spawns of metal and fire.
    For I have seen what these instruments are tuned to, and for what ambition they are bred to have.

    For countless millenniums I have believed I was one with these consonance that men have bred for conflict, swayed by the tone deaf rings of ancient mans endless bloodlust.

    until I met you

    as the darkened and scorched soot of the earth that flames of ancient civilization have scared into the land continued to grow and consume my senses. you were the indigo hydrangea that arose from the shadows of the ground we once sought to protect

    You were the one to see past the blasing inferno that is my inner psyche, and found my true eyes, bloodshot and blank as I was blind for all my time in this plane of existence

    You cleared my vision with your words and offers of generosity that I was convinced I did not have the facilities to contain nor warrant. you stared into the abyss of anguish and burning flesh, and you met with it with a curtsey and a kiss

    A kiss that continues to haunt my lips and undivided being

    I cannot tell you in words alone how often these actions clear the echos of the inner clashes I have experienced and make up the being that holds you now

    You were the only one who could achieve this, the only one who could whisp away the smog and smoke of these metallic instruments with a single phrase of kindness

    is it not so ironic how war is able to love with such vigor and compassion

    and is it not the stings of fate that made us meet on that day

    No amount of art or action, no song or poem is able to contain these feelings I have been deceived of believing I could not experience them.

    I can only say this In a way you could understand, but still has the most capacity to handle this feeling I have for you, that continues to grow

    I like you too