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    Was fooling myself
    his deceptive delusion
    sickening imagination
    mountains of lies
    poisonous lust
    of corruption

    his landslide
    built of pe - do -ph -ile
    promising emotion
    any size
    any type
    of prey

    Throwing criticism
    camouflaged compliments
    mouth filled
    beyond bedevilment

    taking innocence and
    safe zone confidence
    Parasite of sweet vessels
    consumption rituals

    his dark tunnel heart
    like a caved bat
    flea of sight
    in light’s faith

    No longer part of me
    now let me be
    free from his face
    My lips at peace
    dancing my heart away
    with headphones
    A crazy person
    dancing alone

    Ended consent
    of his venomous blade,
    Karma will suit him
    without me.