• In times of grief
    In times of sorrow,
    We give and breath
    Our happiness borrowed.

    From the brght rays
    Of the bright golden sun,
    To gloomy nights atop the moon
    A better tomorrow we hope for one.

    From a baby's first laugh
    To a mother's mourning cry,
    We attempt to prevail
    Although we are left to fry.

    All alone in the world
    Through the fire and flames,
    We try to stand tall
    Just to be pushed down again.

    Tp the bright side, or dark side
    Of the silver lined moon,
    To go on? Possible.
    Better luck sometime soon.

    We may never feel a mother's loving touch
    Or a gentle raindrop caress your cheek,
    Although the one thing we may never find,
    Is the love, emotion, purity, we truly seek.