• Therein lies a symphony, flesh upon my flesh—
    A shudder within my very core, the life inside my breath.
    Slowly words would fade away and leave me empty still;
    A freezing fear runs among my blood, weakening my will.

    Among the ashes of my dreams lies a burning fire,
    And on the horizon of my hopes I run across a wire.
    For if I fall, I shall only break along the rocks of doubt—
    And if I make it to the other side then I suppose I’ll still be out.

    If you try, then you can see your way into my arms;
    A simple smile that hides the lie, a withering in my charms.
    Hollow is the one that holds me, and marred is their soul—
    Catching stars within my reach to watch them grow old.

    There is the pitter-patter of a heart never meant to beat
    And within that haunting sound, the means to my defeat.
    So I lay, among the branches and shadows cast down below;
    Never was I meant to be—never was I meant to know.

    Fingers curl around the handle of a silver key
    Still I know, as the chains clench tight, it will not set me free.
    So I have but to wonder, as I feel your fading touch—
    Was it all for lack of love, or a heart that loved too much?