• Am I blind,
    Or do you see too well?
    Am I deaf,
    Or do you listen too closely?
    Am I mute,
    Or do you talk too much?

    I hear voices in my head,
    But you don't listen to yours.
    I see things that you say aren't there,
    But you miss things that I say are there.
    You tell me not to daydream,
    But do you even nightdream?

    You stare
    Into my face
    with contempt
    But I stare
    Into your mind
    with pity
    And curiosity
    About how all that knowledge
    You claim to possess
    Fits into that tiny, narrow chamber,
    And how it even got in
    Through that thick, heavy, closed, chained,
    Padlocked, bolted, and barred iron door?

    You stare
    As if I have nothing to offer society,
    But what can you offer?
    You have exactly what everybody else has:
    An attitude,
    And a suitcase.
    Society has had her fill of all that,
    And if you were gone,
    She wouldn't miss you.

    So is my point of view unrealistic,
    Or just too real for you?
    Do I need to be locked up,
    Or do you need to be set free?
    I'm not an oddity,
    You're Boring.
    And I'm not crazy,
    You're just too sane.