• The Sun's warmth and Earth's icy cold represent the symbols of Where we wish to be
    The Sun's warming touch is our Heaven
    The Earth's cold hug is our Hell
    Although these are Paradise, we are were we need to be

    In the End we hope God will accept us into Eden
    As days pass we commite sins and think we are saved
    Then as we lie to sleep for all eternity God rejects us
    God will only accept those of a righteous nature

    Even Earth's icy hug is a welcome Paradise
    She will rid us of all emotion to let us wander
    Though She can be cruel and unwelcoming,
    Many accept Her gentle embrace

    We see these symbols everyday
    We hope to feel each one's embrace
    And everytime we do they tell us one thing
    We may wish to be there, but this is where we need to be