• "I am a silver tongue to a lost generation, So i do not speak". I created this phrase as i have realized what i do/am. i am just a person who lives out my life, but i feel concerned about the other people out there who can't find a way to be themselves. For those who do not understand my qoute i will break it down. " i am a silver tongue" means words come very easily to me i understand them and control them to float my whim. i use words to pursuade people and to make them actually use the brain they were born with. "Lost Generation" fairly easy to decribe it's "US" we are the lost generation we don't need to find anything all the milestones have been met we are just coasting trough life getting everything handed to them. "so i do not speak" it's an ironic ending to the qoute for i am using words but am not speaking them, i see the trouble in the world and whats wrong with everyone but i do not help them. so again, "I am a Silver Tongue to a Lost Generation, So I do not Speak", very simple words that could send a powerful message to someone who understands their meaning.
    For now that is all i have to write till the next time it is written,