• I love you!

    You're all the parts I'm missing your the completion of my world. I see you and cry, not of sadness yet of joy. I care for you more than ever now that you're gone.

    I've cried now for five days sraight 'cause your not in my arms. I screwed up I didn't mean to hurt you like I did and it was a mistake. Now I can't feel anymore.

    I've tried to die but chicken out everytime. My arms are red from the pain I've caused myself for you. I cry more now. I feel dead inside and I want to die fully. My breath is gone.

    The water fills my lungs and I can't hear you anymore. I'm sorry the tub was too full. I thought you hated me and now you cry.

    You cry because I died, I thought you hated me but you loved me. I thought I screwed up. No, you forgave me and before you could come and tell me you found me dead. I can no longer feel you, hear you. No longer can I see you. But if I could I would say,

    I love you!